Top 10 Ways To Save Our Environment

Phone beeps *10% battery*. You rush to charge it. You plug the charger, switch it on and when it is considerably charged, you disconnect your phone. But your charger remains there, plugged. Next time your phone buzzes with a similar notification, you will go and connect your phone to, the already plugged in, charger. It saves you from the extra labour of finding and plugging it everytime your battery drains but did you know that it jeopardizes the earth. You must be horrified, “How can my little charger endanger a planet of some sextillion tonnes?” Well! The truth is, it does! Not directly, though.
Let’s take a quick glance at some things you regularly practice, unaware of the fact that it would ever effect the blue planet, negatively.
10. Save The Blue Sparkle

You wake up every morning, longing to sleep more. You don’t want to part with your best friend, your bed. Oh! It’s calling, “Come back, baby.” And suddenly your cell phone rings and you get a reality check, meeting in an hour. Rush, dude, rush. You jump down, enter bathroom, grab toothpaste and brush. Pause here. Look down. Noticed something? While you give you teeth a cleaning therapy, you are certainly wasting something for which a kid, hundreds of mile away, crosses two desserts everyday. Yes, it’s WATER. Never thought it would be so valuable? Well, it is. So save water.
9. A New Shopping Partner

Who doesn’t love to shop? Shopping is for every season and emotion. It has become such an integral part of our lives that we take everything about shopping for granted. Even the polythene bags. Did you know that a polythene bag takes over 100 years to recycle naturally and when swallowed by stray animals can kill them? Also, they are made from crude oil and natural gas, which are both non- renewable. There is nothing good about using them. It’s high time that we stop using and accepting them.
8. Abandon That Treadmill

Technology has augmented to varied dimensions of life, from telephones to airplanes. You do not want to go out shopping, order your stuff online. Technology can now provide an alternative to almost everything, including physical exercise. A lot of people nowadays are heading to gyms. But they fail to comprehend that it is defeating the very purpose of exercise. How can sweating on a treadmill be better than running across the length of a lush, green park that Not only exercises your muscles but also helps you clean and fresh air? Not only that, it also consumes a lot of electricity. Using a resource if it provides you something in turn is very normal, but this is nothing less than wasting it, which should be avoided.
7. Pitch In For The Poor

Party! Everyone loves to party. We all have been to or thrown a party. Decorations, drinks, music, food, everything sounds so cool. But one thing, that is not so cool about the parties is the food that gets wasted. The leftover food mostly goes to bins and eventually garbage houses. Remember that just because you have access to all the good food doesn’t mean that that’s the case with everybody. There is a little girl who fantasises the burger that you just tossed in dustbin. Look around, the world is full of atrocities and next time you party, give the leftover food to those who need it.
6. Compost The Clutter 

Dig a compost pit. A small compost pit in your kitchen garden can do wonders. Once you do this, you will not have to spend extra bucks on pesticides, herbicides and other chemical fertilisers keep your plants healthy. You can put vegetable peels, waste paper and other bio-degradable household waste in it and make your own manure. This manure is natural and thus far more better than those chemicals. So, bid bye to chemicals and say hi to naturals.
5. Mechanic, Not A Mechanical Engineer!

“I want to become a mechanic.”, said a child. “Why? Dear”, aksed his mother. ” You go to office, rushing. Driving your car at maximum speed, not switching off it’s engine at red signal because it will take an extra second to start it again. This way no petrol will be left till I grow up and everyone will commute by a bicycle. And thus I will make huge profits.” This unfortunate fate can dawn upon your child as well and for that matter our planet. So save fuel, save future. Switch off your vehicle at a traffic signal. You will save 0.098 litres of petrol everytime you do so.
4. Beat The Heat

Come summers and an air conditioner is the only reason we survive. Technically speaking, it’s not the heat but humidity that an AC wipes out. Shocked? Also, it snuffs out moisture to such an extent that if kept running for long hours, can make you suffer from dry skin. But we keep it ON for almost the whole day. Don’t we? And then stupidly rub a moisturizer against our cheeks. So, ultimately it is us who is on the losing end. We lose our money, health and the electricity which an AC engulfs and get only a lot of carbon dioxide which our poor planet can’t deal with. Everything is bad when it exceeds it’s limits and an AC is no exception.
3. Delve Differently

Water is life. That’s what we were taught in schools. Yet we calmly watch it draining out of our RO system’s pipe. Nobody thinks so deeply about something as trivial as this and yet it can save tonnes of water everyday. You can direct this pipe into a bucket, collect the water and use it for household chores like mopping, washing your car or even watering plants.


2. Believe, not bung in His name

In hinduism, lighting diyas is a tradition. Similarly, Muslims light incense sticks. On certain festivals like diwali, gurpurab etc. hindus and Sikhs burn crackers. Burning the corpse of the dead and flowing holy things in rivers is customary in hinduism. All these customs practiced across globe in the name of religions are major contributors to pollution. Delhi, where people of all the religions thrive was declared as the ‘most polluted city of the world’. Life has no meaning when it can’t be healthy and whatever makes it unhealthy is meaningless.
1. Go Vegan

To mantain a balance of life in biosphere, food chain has to function smoothly. Food chain comprises of humans, birds, animals, trees etc. But nowadays, increased consuption of non-vegetarian food by humans has led to disruption of balance in environment. Non veg food provides more energy, carbohydrates, fats and protiens and is thus attracting consumers. Fishes are staple diet across the coasts of the world. Consumption to a specific level is desired, in fact, it is required to maintain the flow of energy across food chain. However, increased consumption is disturbing it and thus the environment. Several celebrities have joined hands with PETA to spread the moto “GO VEGAN”. Treat your taste buds, you never know vegetarian food may prove to be better than non vegetarian food!

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