Top 10 Excuses to Leave Work Early

A drab of a back breaking week or perhaps just a Monday you’d rather was a Sunday, you’d not have to keep telling them your car broke down and go unheard in response. It is absolutely human to want to break through the fetters of that chair (which is almost prison) and make it in time for the One Direction Concert, or maybe just the exclusive footage of Grand Prix that you just have to see. Searching for excuses which are believable to the boss? Try your hand at these and thank me for them later!


10. Take the Pet to the Vet

Grandma’s hospital appointments have been so frequented that your boss would rather that she remains sick or admitted at the hospital full time. You know who is calling for medical help this time? It has to be your 4 day old kitten, your very old dog or perhaps the both having attacked one another! If they have a pet, they’d know exactly how important it is to take them to the vet. If they don’t , good for you, You’d never have to  reply to the queries about your pet’s treatment. Or get caught!

9. Pipes leaked, Sewage Overflew

If you tell them that your neighbours called to tell that your apartment’s pipes broke or perhaps the septic tank overflew and there’s sewage in your backyard, Boss would buy the excuse and let you leave. Nobody would be inhuman enough to keep you at work when your place of residence is at risk and you’ve to figure out a way to get done with the emergency ASAP.  If you’ve tried the pipe trick once, maybe this time your neighbour saw smoke escaping your apartment and you’re unsure what it might be. Fire maybe?

8. Sick? They’d drop you home

If you’ve got the right disease and good acting skills, you can call sick and maybe one of them is even willing to drop you home, just in case your condition worsens on your way! Just make sure that you call in sick with an excuse which need not be too evident (like a stomach bug perhaps) and easily curable (18 hour virus anyone?). Again, you cannot be calling in sick every second day, so use your opportunity wisely.

7. Spouse’s Birthday, or your neighbour’s!

You have to leave early because there is a special occasion you CANNOT miss. If it is your spouse’s birthday, well then, no boss ever would want to get you messed up by holding onto you until late. But if you’re convincing enough you can call for a cousin’s birthday, neighbour’s birthday, or a neighbour’s cousin’s neighbour’s birthday who you met once when you were four. The point is that there has to be an anniversary or a birthday and you must have to be really close to the person – even if he’s the stranger down the street.

6. The Court Summon : Play the Witness

No boss ever will keep you back when you have civil duties to respond upon. Tell them you have a court summon and you ought to rush early. Make sure that you check on the court’s closure dates and times though. You may as well have been called upon by the Police station to provide your side of the story for the hit and run accident you were witness to last evening. Or maybe you can say that your ex girlfriend has registered a case against you with baseless accusations. As long as you’re able to convince them, the reason does not matter.

5. Burglary at Home : Neighbours called in.

You are never expected to be at work at the cost of personal safety. If you call in on emergency and say that your neighbour called in and said they think robbers broke into your house, you would always be allowed to leave, and not without a million suggestions on how to be safe and careful of the burglars. On work, the next day, you may infact spin your own yarn or just say that it was a pipe repair guy who the neighbours thought was a robber. They’d take your word on it, no questions asked.

4. Woman Issues : He got to take it

If you’re a woman and the boss is a man, two words and you have your way. Just say there are girl problems and well, he’d never take the risk to question whatever they might be. 1% if they do, say you’re PMSing or having bad period cramps. End of Story. The lady boss however may just offer ibuprofen out of her drawer. Now for the gentlemen, never say you got to be home because the wife is on her PMS – Boss would recommend staying back for your own good – and well, he wouldn’t be entirely wrong. So girls, that time of the month does not have to be bad, always!

3. Family 911: When Emergency Calls

There is no greater emergency than when family calls. It may be your cousin’s sudden labour pain, the girlfriend’s car broken down in some unsafe neighbourhood, the kid running a fever, granny needs to be taken to the doctor or your parents may be in town and are expecting you over. None of these excuses can ever be a flop. They’d know how bad would you pay for it later. And if you’ve tried all of these, say that the in laws are over and have called you in or maybe the girlfriend’s dad needs to meet you to discuss matrimony. Guaranteed success!

2. Moving Places : Packers and Movers at your doorstep

This one you could call for like once in an office space or at least not more than once every six months but no boss can be heartless enough to keep you working when you need to shift places. Say that the old landlord was being a pain or the old place you lived in was good just for singles and your partner is shifting in. Say that you requested the Movers and packers to come in late but they called in that they are outside your door and have no other slot empty. Just make sure you take no offers to get you help for moving.

1. Zoned out: Need time off

Perhaps being the most honest. Just say that you’re slightly stressed and zoned out and unable to concentrate on your work. Chances are that they’d not want to keep you to spoil the broth than make it with your zoned out and lost approach. It is only courteous to offer though that you’d compensate for the working hours later or maybe just work from home and get the work done on your end as soon as you feel better. You’d be honest and get your time off. Victory Dance anyone?

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