Top 10 Fun Romantic Date Ideas for this Valentine’s Day

So February is here and it’s the zillionth Valentine’s day that I’ll spend single *sob sob*. Don’t take me too seriously for my words, just try and get the meaning maybe? So its Valentine’s day in less than two weeks and you still have no plans? Like seriously? Get talking to some singles out there and hear how they have plans but no partner (Yeah, the story of their life). Maybe love is in the air, maybe not so much (I’d rather oxygen in the air). So let the valentine’s day spell romance for you, maybe wild romance if you so wish, or else a subtler fun and romantic day to add to the truckload of memories you have already with the special person. Now is the time to tell your soul mate in actions and not in words how much exactly their company means to you. So maybe Mr. Ian Somerhalder, you can lend me an ear? Here’s how you can make this valentine’s day date as special as it could be. Don’t forget thanking me for it… don’t, or else I’ll gatecrash and take my credits because I’d be pretty much free anyways. Your guide to ten most fun and romantic dates for 14th Feb aka Valentine’s day.

10. Tree house chirping

tree house

Believe me or not, it’s fun on its own. Organize for a tree house (a cherry on the cake if it’s like what Troy had for Gabriella in High School Musical 3… Oh yes! The song ‘Right here, Right now’… remember now?). Get the lightings done and I’d advice get a small part of it decorated with photographs of your partner and you and fun times together. Plan in for a cosy dinner or even a pretty casual one where you call for Pizza Delivery, nevertheless romantic because it has you in it. Have a nice time singing along, dancing, reminiscing good times and maybe you could plan for a couch or some mattresses in pillows to crash in for the night. Anything different is worth the efforts and romantic and fun all at the same time. So yeah, get that tree house ready.

9. Away on a Cruise Ride

dinner cruise

Wondering what’s the best place to go to with your valentine? Your answer is here, you might want to invest into taking your valentine on a dinner cruise. It’s almost a dream come true to stand near the deck gazing at silent waves, seeing the shore give way to wondrous blue hues. Even if there are no words said, rest assured just by standing there with your partner you’ve had the most understanding conversation of your entire life. And most places that run traditional cruises have a valentine’s day fireworks programme too, so that is to add to your delight. Have the best valentine ever gazing at the sea and the waves hit the sand. And maybe on your way back, you’ve got love in a shell too.

8. Get Amused at the Theme Park

disney valentines

The most unconventional way to go about it, like seriously, but an absolutely fun and delightful day it’s going to be. And trust you me, if you are taking your lady out on valentine’s day, and if you take her to Disney Land, you’re earning brownie points already. There’s no better click you’d have than candid clicks in front of the castle. Yes, the posing, proposing and the kissing. And while on the roller coaster, you’ll have a time of your life together and also make an unsaid promise of being there for each other through each roller coaster ride, highs and lows and thick and thin. So maybe spend the valentine’s day where Mickey mouse would take Minnie mouse.

7. My way? Take the highway


A gentlemanly wave? Oh I’m watching. A gesture with a gift? Yes, I am getting wooed. A long drive? Boy! You have my heart already. Women have to have something for long drives. Thrilling or gentle, long drives it is all the way. The very idea of spending time with my man in the car, with long roads to watch has an old world charm to it. To add to it a country side destination or a vineyard is a story on it’s own. Nevertheless, take me on a long drive, offer me some wine and bread and have me love you for a lifetime. So yeah.. if it’s my way, it has to be the highway.

6. At a Parisian Café

parisian cafe

Romance to me personally is everything Paris. Alright, wait! Paris to me is everything Romance. One and the same thing? I was maybe suggesting you to spend the ever special evening on the Eiffel, but if I don’t get to go there, no one should. (Pretty please don’t? I don’t even have a Valentine to take to Eiffel). That said, every nook and corner of the world has to have some Parisian cafe or the other. The Vintage-y cafe that spells high street love and deep romance. Yes, ambience can spell romance too. Visit one of those Parisian cafes and relive the stories of romance that Paris has to narrate to you.

5. Crash in on the couch

crash in on the couch

Plans? Not really! Maybe the best plan which yells fun and romance is to crash in at home with a video game to play, some popcorn, some pizza or maybe some strawberry and cream with chocolate. Romance on Valentine’s day is to spend time with your partner and that you’d do best at home undisturbed. So crash in on the couch, and let no plans turn out to be the best plan you could have in store for the two of you.

4. The quick fix? Watch chick flicks


Confess to it guys… every once in a while you get touchy too, and you don’t really despise the chick flicks as much as you pretend to. Or maybe you do, but then once in a while you have to get bored of terminator and star wars and one such day has to be valentine’s day. I’d just as well ask your girl to accompany you to the basketball match and have some fun, but you won’t be too fond of it right? It’s either the game you can watch or her. So make your choice. Alright, chick flick is a wrong term to use, grab a DVD for any romantic movie of recent times, just make sure it’s not all separation and tears. Or maybe just visit the theatre and let the mad teen romance take over your sensibilities.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride


When in Cappadocia, don’t miss the hot air balloon ride. And when it’s valentine’s day, the location doesn’t even matter. You have to go on that hot air balloon ride no matter where, when and how. That’s like having the best of both worlds. Ever thought of taking your partner up into the skies, the chance is now. And if you can afford it, you might as well organize for a short meal on your ride. So yeah, it’s like claiming the skies with your love while the earth looks on.

2. The Romantic Escapade, a Spa and long after


And once in a while you just need to relax together and rejuvenate to a fresh start. Grab a package at a unisex spa and go for a relaxing couple spa together. While you get time to speak your hearts out, your muscles get the much needed stress release. Best of both worlds eh? So get going, grab the best romantic spa package you can. Maybe you can plan a weekend getaway to a spa resort too. Yes, the Valentine’s day is on a weekend!

1. Wine, Dine and everything Fine


As much as everything new excites, the conventional old pickup for a date has to be the best and most romantic way to sweep your partner off their feet. Go conventional, plan the date with red wine and fine dine. Let there be roses, music and dance. Let there be a lovely ambience or just the chill of a gentle breeze. There’ s no way an outing like that turns out to be anything but fun and deep romance.

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