Top 10 Gifts Ideas for the Secret Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town….

And it’s time for you to play the secret Santa again. Now the thing about being secret Santa is that they won’t know who sent the gift. Moreover, you’d be randomly assigned the name so there are chances you’d not know the person too well either. AND it’s Christmas and you do not want them disappointed in their presents and maybe you need to buy the Secret Santa gift with the intention of them being useful. So, if you know the person, you be the best judge, but if you don’t, maybe you can count on this list for your Secret Santa gift ideas on a budget. So Santa Claus will still have his pockets intact!

10. Travel  Coffee Mug

travel mug

There’s no one who’d not use this gift. Believe me on it! They don’t have coffee? Maybe tea, green tea or simply fruit water. There’s always that one time when you ought to travel with a mug but you don’t own a travel mug! Plus, they get the Starbucks bonus for getting their own cup! Is not that a super saving and super useful gift? They’d reap the benefits until long after.

9. Coffee Gourmet Hamper

coffee hamper

No doubt it would make for a wonderful gift. I’d marry the person who knows exactly what kind of coffee to gift to me. You can gift a hamper of differently ground coffee from different places with some infused with an irregular flavour. You can also personalize by adding a few flavoured powders to add to their coffee like hazelnut, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Or cookies and chocolates do just as well with your coffee hamper.

8. A trending DVD/Album

album or dvd

You can gift them something they were most likely going to buy and save onto a lot of their money. I don’t think there’d be any person who’d never buy album CD’s or a trending film DVD or maybe just another PSP game. Decide depending on the person allotted and gift them their share of entertainment this Christmas. How wonderful is a Christmas night lazing around with loved ones with a movie to entertain. Believe me, they’d thank their secret Santa secretly!

7. A New Year Calendar and Diary

new year diary

I refuse to believe that there’d be any person who won’t use the two of these. Why? It’s simple. The universal truth is that once Christmas comes, New Year would too and there ain’t one person who can still use their last year’s calendar when it’s the beginning of the New Year Already! Plus, it’s always a very appreciable gift when someone would use it through the year. Accompany with a Diary to help them track their year and their new resolutions too! Maybe , that way, you’d help them make memories.

6. Traditional Christmas Candies


Unable to think of anything else that the gift taker might like and use? How about going slightly traditional and sending in Christmas candies with a Christmas candle to send them all the bright joy of the years to come?  Christmas candies are pure love. I am yet to meet one man who can resist the temptation of one candy after another until they empty the entire box. Also, if the person you’ve to gift to lives nearby and you do not have to send days ahead for the courier to reach, maybe you can deliver anonymously some home baked Christmas cake with plums and raisins to wish a very merry Christmas.

5. Large Jar of Nutella with Wafers


Alright honey, there’s been too much sweet talk already but this sugary jar is sure to give them the best of Christmas feasting well  ahead of time. Nutella, like ice cream is never a no with anyone who is true to their taste buds. Yes, spare those poor beings who’d rather keep their hands off than store it in a beer belly, they’ve spent the entire year dieting not to indulge in this sin over Christmas. But well, want to make for a lovely gift? Gift a jar full of Nutella with wafers and gummy bears or cookies and strawberries and see them jump in delight.

4. A Cologne/ Body gel

Bath and Shower Gel

A more conventional way to go about Christmas gifts, you probably know by now that body gels and colognes you end up using almost always unless you are allergic to the ingredients or the fragrance is too strong for your liking. Also, these are also those very few gifts you’d always grab great deals on because there’s no one skincare store that doesn’t run the best Christmas sales ever. Gift in a cologne or body gel or simply a gift voucher from a reknowned skincare brand. Who doesn’t like smearing their arms with a palmful of Burt’s Bees Shea Butter lotion on a cold Christmas night.

3. Glass Bottle with A Fruit infuser

fruit infuser bottle

Detox and vitamin water has been such a rage of late. I have not seen too many people keeping away from the attractive looking citrus fruit infused water. So, gifting to someone who is conscious of how they look? Gift them a more convenient way to detox. A bottle with a built in infuser to add the fruits and reap the benefits of all their vitamins. So the next time their body shows no signs of toxins, they’d thank the person who gave them a wonderful opportunity to detox!

2. A Slanket


Probably the most unique but most comforting of the lot. There’s no one who likes it out of their blanket on a cold Christmas morning. Gift in a slanket. Now what is a slanket? It is a blanket with sleeves, almost like a blanket type of robe which you sleep in and then walk straight to the kitchen without getting cold. Is it not the best gift ever? Who said you need to be out of your blanket to be out of your bed? Not anymore!

1. Book of Bible with Audio CD with Christmas Carols


There ain’t no Christmas without Jesus and the celebrations with Christmas carols and the Bible. You know that the person owns a copy of the Holy book, but well, it is perhaps that one book of which they won’t mind extra copies of. Gift them Audio recordings of Christmas Carols to resonate in their house for years to come. Isn’t it always a better Christmas when you’ve gifted the joys of Christmas.

So this Christmas, be the secret Santa and gift joy and happiness of Christmas! Merry Christmas!

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