Top 10 Habits in Men that are Major Turn-Off

Men, men, men. Girls and guys, equally, are either crazy over them or for them. Who doesn’t like a good old tall- dark- and handsome man? I know I do! So what is it about men that makes them attractive? There are too many qualities to name. It can be their chivalry or their good looks; their manners or their protectiveness. But have you ever wondered what makes certain men unattractive? There are certain qualities in men or certain habits that are a complete turn-off. And no, they are not as simple as burping out loud (although that’s a turn- off for most women too). These habits may seem innocuous to other men but trust me, women take them pretty seriously. So guys, here are ten habits that mostly turn women off. Be sure to read them so that you are better prepared the next time you go on a date or hold a long conversation with a woman you like.

10. It’s not all about you.


Okay, you gotta stop talking about yourself all the time. Did you seriously think only women are inflicted with this condition where they just talk about themselves? Apparently not. It’s always good to share about yourself but don’t overdo it. You can’t just keep on bragging about yourself. Modesty is a very important virtue in all human beings. Boasting will only earn you negative points in the long run. Try to get to know the girl you are dating. You should have that curiosity in you that makes you want to learn more about the other person. It’s all about give and take in the end.

9. Don’t check out other girls on a date.


Seriously, that is just plain rude! Even if you are on a first date with a girl, you absolutely need to keep yourself in check. Ogling other women will only annoy your date. It is insulting to see your date checking out everyone but her. If you have gone on a date, you need to spend that time with your date. There are so many things and possibilities that you both can try together. Who knows, maybe you’ll just end up being together forever?

8. Smell matters!

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No, I’m not talking about sweat and all the masculine smell. Although, that comes under this sub- heading too. It’s not like you have to smell like a garden all the time. Sweat too, is natural and in mild tones, it doesn’t smell that bad. It can even be a turn- on for many women. But too much of it is a complete turn- off. So is too much cologne. A touch of cologne is all it takes to smell good. Don’t put on so much that it irritates your girl’s sinuses. Honestly, nothing smells better than a freshly bathed, clean male. If you are not a fan of colognes then, just make sure that you are clean. You’ll just smell like “you” then.

7. Don’t be too possessive.


Possessiveness should be shown in moderation. Okay, every girl likes it when you become all protective about her but it should be kept in check. Protectiveness and possessiveness have a thin line between them and some lines should never be crossed. You can’t dictate your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend to do certain things in the manner only you want them to do. Every individual has a right to make decisions in her own life. You can guide and give advice but the ultimate decision should be left to her. It shows your trust in her and her capabilities. Too much of possessiveness can also lead to frequent arguments or worse, a break-up.

6. No perversion allowed.

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Perversion can never be tolerated. It is natural to desire the woman you like/ love but there’s absolutely no excuse for perversion. If you are especially just getting to know your partner then, it is imperative that you make her feel comfortable at all times. Study her body language before proceeding with any new move. And if she wants to back off, you need to let her. Remember, consent is very important. Perversion is not only reflected through your actions but through your thoughts too. Make sure, you do not use any inappropriate language around her. This can totally turn- off a woman.

5. Chauvinism.


Chauvinism is an attitude that makes you believe that your own sex is better than the opposite sex. Let’s admit it, many men are chauvinistic in our society. They are not be blamed entirely. They have been conditioned that way. But there are those men too who understand that men and women are on an equal footing and thus, they treat them with equal respect and trust. Chauvinism can be a serious turn off. No woman would want to be with a man who considers her inferior. So guys, you may want to change your attitude before you decide to woo a girl.

4. Too little or too many compliments are bad for health. texting-flattery1

Yes, you got it right. Your partner does need regular doses of compliments but don’t over- do them. You don’t want to be accused of flattery, do you? At the same time, you have to remember that less compliments will only earn you frowns and not pretty smiles and kisses. Let’s admit it, we all love genuine compliments. You don’t have to go out of your way to compliment your partner. Just pay attention to her and voice your thoughts whenever you think she looks or does something good.

3. Dressing it up or dressing it down?


So, it’s date time and you can’t decide whether to dress up or dress down? If you dress up too much then, your date will have more of a formal vibe. You wouldn’t want that to happen on a romantic date. It will completely put your date off. Similarly, if you dress down, it will make you look unprepared and uncaring. It’s imperative to strike a balance. Dress casually but take care about what you are wearing so that you look relaxed and comfortable but not lazy.

2. Lack of chivalry.

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This is a serious turn- off! Yes, we get it that girls want to be treated as equals but that doesn’t mean you’ll let go of basic manners. Pulling out a chair for a girl or opening the door for her are sweet gestures. These are little things that make a girl appreciate you more. Using abusive language in front of the girl is a complete no-no too! It’s not only about girls. Everybody likes chivalry more than anything!

1. Ego.


No wonder this makes to the top of the list. Ego is a nasty emotion. It makes you over- confident and over- sensitive. Pay attention, guys! Don’t wear your ego like a second skin. It’s a complete turn- off. Your girl doesn’t want to butt heads with you over a minor issue. Keep calm and be sensitive to your partner’s needs too.

I’m sure if guys were to read these ten points and make sure that they don’t end up doing any of them then, they’ll find themselves at a better place with girls. Try to establish these points in your life and notice how it changes women’s opinions of you.

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