Top 10 Homemade Remedies for Most Common Illness

No matter how healthy you try to keep yourself, there are a few common diseases that you cannot escape from. In the daily humdrum of life, you often find it difficult to go visit a doctor for minor illness. Most of the times, you think it’s too minor to even bother visiting a doctor. In this fast-pacing world, it is of utmost importance that you take good care of yourself and keep yourself immune from common illness. These easy homemade remedies will make your life just a wee bit easier. You will not require to make appointments with a doctor for the common diseases that you can cure at home. Not only do you save time and money, but also learn so many things about your own body. Let us have a look at these common ailments and their natural homemade remedies.

#10 Toothache

Toothache is only the commonest of dental problems that all of us face some time or the other. There are various reasons why you have a tooth pain. It can be caused due to unhealthy eating habits or vices like smoking and drinking. Sometimes when you eat something very hot and drink something cold afterward, you might end up having a toothache. Tooth-decay, sensitivity and what not can cause this unbearable pain in your teeth. You need to worry no more because there are some easy homemade remedies for this.

• Wash a few peppermint leaves and dry them. Once dry, grind them into a fine powder and add salt to it. Apply this mixture on the tooth that is paining.

• Take equal portions of sugar and black pepper, grind them into powder form. Apply this mixture for relief.

• Apply clove oil directly on the tooth that is paining for instant relief. It will numb the pain and you are good to go in no time.

#9 Dizziness

Dizziness or feeling lightheaded is not something you need to worry about if it passes within a few seconds. However, if it is prolonged, you need to take some measures to keep yourself fit. Dizziness could be due to heavy medication, consuming alcohol, vertigo or migraine. There could well be several other reasons, like not eating food properly. Having long intervals between meals, eating small portions or skipping breakfast could also lead to you feeling dizzy. The cure for this common dizzy feeling is simple and easy.

• Have carbohydrate-rich breakfast and snacks. It keeps you stronger for a very long time.

• Keep a bar of chocolate handy to overcome this situation instantly. Ripe bananas have also proven to be helpful for dizziness.

• Add juice of 1 lemon in a glass of water with little sugar. Drinking this will help your dizziness stay at bay.

#8 Stomach Pain and Food Poisoning

Stomach pain is on of the most common ailments we all suffer from. There are various reasons why you have stomach pain – like stomach flu, indigestion, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), allergies and food poisoning. However, studies have shown that indigestion and food poisoning are the most common reasons. Women suffer from menstrual cramps every month and it is not always possible to go see a doctor for such small reasons. There are some easy remedies you can follow for instant relief from this.

• For stomach pain – squeeze the juice of 2 lemons in a glass of water. Crush a small piece of ginger and add to the water with black salt. This mixture will give relaxation momentarily.

• For food poisoning – drink a glass of freshly made basil leaf juice with honey. You should drink this juice several times a day to get rid of food poisoning. You could also crush a piece of ginger and have it with honey. Both these remedies are extremely useful.

• For menstrual cramps – Applying heat on the lower abdomen helps soothe the pain. Drinking chamomile tea is also known to reduce the cramps.

#7 Constipation

Constipation is the most known digestive issue that we all go through. It could occur due irregular eating habits, less consumption of water, less fiber consumption or eating very heavy and spicy meals. There are many homemade remedies that you can use to overcome constipation. It is one of the most irritating feelings you can experience and you feel constantly bloated. Let us have a look at these natural remedies.

• Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a tablespoon of olive oil. You should have this mixture everyday in the morning in an empty stomach.

• Soak a tablespoon of flax seeds in a glass of water and leave it for a few hours. Have it daily before going to sleep. This will activate the fiber in your body and ease the digestion process.

• Eating stewed apples without skin on them also help in overcoming constipation.

• Drink a glass of kiwi and orange juice every morning on an empty stomach. This fiber-rich drink will trigger the digestion process.

#6 Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is another common illness that is prevalent all over the world. It is nothing that we take very seriously but a prolonged or continuous nasal blockage may lead to sinus or severe headaches. The homemade remedies for this are very uncomplicated and will give you instant relief.

• Boil 1 tablespoon of crushed carom seeds in 1 liter water and use it for steaming. Remember to cover your face properly and you will feel relived immediately.

• In a glass of water, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and honey. Drink it after resting it for a couple of minutes.

• In a pot of boiling water, add the mixture of  bay leaf, sage and cinnamon. The strong aroma of this will help in relieving your nasal congestion.

• On a clean handkerchief, pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Inhale this aroma few times a day.

#5 Headache

This is a very common and often experienced ailment which we all have suffered from. Studies have shown that there are many reason for having a headache but stress is proven to be one of the most common reason. After a long day of strenuous work, it is only natural to feel a little headache. Usually it goes away after a good night’s sleep but repeated headache needs tending to. Also, another known reason for a splitting headache is hangover after consuming a lot of alcohol. All these have natural remedies which will save your time and make you feel better in no time.

• Apply a fine paste of betel leaves and water on your forehead for instant relief.

• In a dry and clean handkerchief, put a few crushed dry cloves. Smell the aroma whenever you get a headache.

• Make a mixture of crushed garlic (1 clove) and honey. Consume this mixture to get rid of headache.

• Slice potatoes and put on your forehead for 30 minutes.

• For hangovers – you can have a strong cup of coffee. Coconut water has also proven to be very useful as it contains electrolytes.

#4 High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Whenever your blood pressure reading comes as more then 120/80 mmHg, it is considered to be high. High blood pressure, if left untreated, can lead to several serious health issues like heart attack or kidney damage. Increased blood pressure puts your entire system at risk because of the higher amount of blood that gets pumped. It is always better to visit a doctor when it comes to this but there are many homemade remedies you can try at home.

• In a cup of homemade yogurt, soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and leave it overnight. Apply this on your head in the morning and shampoo to keep your high blood pressure in check.

• Ginger-cardamom-cinnamon tea also regulates your blood pressure and reduces your hypertension.

• Flax seeds are also known to reduce your hypertension. Have it with water or on top of your salad. You need to include it in your meal somehow everyday.

• Having dark chocolate can also reduce your blood pressure level.

#3 Type I and Type II Diabetes

Diabetes has been one of the fastest growing diseases. We all know at least someone in our families who suffers from diabetes. It can lead to a number of fatal health issues including blinding and even death. Type I diabetes is when your pancreas stops producing insulin. Whereas, Type II diabetes is globally the most common of diseases. Obviously it is better to consult a doctor when it comes to such a serious illness. But there is so much you can do at home to keep it in check.

• For Type I Diabetes – Make a juice out of fresh bitter gourd (karela) without the seeds. Have this every morning on an empty stomach for best results.

• For Type II Diabetes – Include vegetables like okra, sage, broccoli and fenugreek in your diet. You could also make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of ground bay leaves, turmeric and aloevera gel. Mix this with water and consume it before and after your meals.

#2 Fever

Fever is a very common illness which we all have suffered from. Consulting a doctor is always advised but you can natural remedies to reduce fever hassle-free. However, if the body temperature does not go back to being normal ar 98.6°C withing three days, you need to consult a doctor. Its homemade remedies are very easy, let us take a look at them.

• Crush 1-2 cloves of garlic in a cup of water and boil it. Strain the water and have it while warm.

• In a cup of water, add fresh peppermint leaves and bring to a boil. Add black pepper powder and honey. Drink it while warm.

• Add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar to your warm bucket of bath. Leave it for 10 minutes and enjoy your bath. Repeat this process whenever you feel your body temperature is a little high.

#1 Cold and Cough

These are probably the most common of diseases and are prevalent all over the world. We almost usually overlook them because they are so recurring. Going to a doctor each time you get a sore throat is not possible and you think it to be too trivial. However, their homemade remedies are as easy as you get caught with them in the first place. Even today, most households try to cure them at home instead of consulting a doctor. The best thing about these homemade remedies is that they come without any side effects.

• Having a cup of warm ginger tea is always useful for both cold and cough. You could add honey to get rid of the dryness in your throat.

• Taking steam for cold has proven to be one of the most useful methods. It unblocks your clogged nose and leaves you feeling refreshed. If you are having dry cough, the steam will add moisture and heal you faster.

• Milk and turmeric make for a very strong anti-oxidant and cures many minor illnesses that you maybe suffering from. Cold and cough can both be healed on drinking a warm cup of milk and turmeric.

• Gargling with salt water is also another useful technique to get rid of cold and cough. You can add some turmeric to it see a better result.

• A solution of warm water, honey and lime water is very effective. Also, this has been used for ages together to cure cold and cough.

Hope this article helps you take care of common diseases sitting at home. Now you do not need see a doctor for every little discomfort you feel. However, you must visit your doctor if things get serious even after these homemade remedies without fail. Do comment and share!

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