Top 10 Ideas for your Valentine’s Date Night

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and that means lots of plans! Not sure about what exactly you want to do? Confused between having a fancy date or doing something simple and sweet? Do you feel like Valentine’s day has become a little boring and that you have been doing the same things forever? Don’t worry! We have done some work for you. Below is a list of 10 amazing Valentines date night ideas that are sure to impress your sweetheart. We have everything planned for you to have a very special night and create beautiful memories.

1. Recreate your first date

This gesture is sure to make your significant other feel really special. All you need is a good memory and a little work. Walk down the same old streets where you first kissed and that coffee shop. Maybe go to the bar you went together and have a nice drink! Take a trip down the memory lane, relive those fond memories, remember those stolen kisses and the initial playfulness. End your day with a nice dinner and get to know each other even better.

2. Cook for your loved one

Start looking for good recipes and get all the ingredients. If you have time, it is better to practice ones or twice before that actual day. If you are not confident about doing this alone, both of you can even cook together and turn it into a romantic atmosphere. Cooking for someone or even cooking together can be a big turn on and you can create a great meal without spending too much. You can dress up well and have a nice candle light dinner in that cosy dining room.

3. No-phones night

In this fast-paced world, we are not really together even when we are together. There are always emails to check, messages to see and what not! So, for this one night switch off of your phones and just concentrate on your better half. It might sound a little boring…but trust feels amazing! Spend that night talking to each other, about each other or watch a movie, just, stay away from those phones.And if you have the whole house to yourself, then even better! Turn the house into a romantic stage where you can see your fantasies come true.

4. Fun time at a Karaoke bar

Karaoke can a great as an informal and inexpensive date. There is something really intimate about going out and singing like Chris Brown and Rihana. It will be incredibly fun and allow for a deeper bonding. Also, once you have a few drinks in you will come to terms with the fact that you might be making complete fools of yourself. Also, a lot of Karaoke places rent private rooms which are very cheap during off hours. Plus, it is like a private makeout room!

5. A hotel night

Bored of staying at home? Does it remind you of 1001 other things you have to do? Then, take a night off. Check in to a hotel for that special day and stay away from dirty laundry, dishes and what not! Many hotels even have special Valentine’s packages which could be ideal for you. Or maybe just enjoy a day at the spa and then a nice romantic dinner at the hotel and some cosy and relaxed time in your hotel room.

6. Netflix binge date

Sometimes we are just too tired or don’t have time to plan an elaborate date for our partner, but we still want to do something to make them feel special. Netflix Binge date is the solution! All you need is a Netflix account, some printed challenges and your favourite snacks. Select a few movies or series that you would want to watch together and give your partner a cute invitation to the event. Create a few challenges that you would want to do together and write them on a piece of paper or print them. These could be anything crazy fun to super cheesy and romantic. Put these in a bowl and get ready. After every movie or show, or maybe every half an hour if you enjoy it, randomly pick up a challenge and do it together. Remember no moving forward until the challenge is complete!

7. Play Games

Sometimes, due to busy schedules, you do not have enough time for an elaborate date and want something fun and simple. Take out some old board games that you enjoyed as kids and slow down for a while and enjoy. A fun game can reconnect you and your partner, enjoying little things that you did years ago. Some games that you can play are 2-player card games, ludo, snakes and ladders, battleship, Life, Twister. If you are a fan of arcade games, then go out and have fun night racing cars and playing street fight!

8. Picnic date

Take a break from your daily life of city noise and work. Go out to a nice, quiet garden or picnic spot and spend some quality time with your bae. Pack a fun picnic basket with some sandwiches, juice, fruits and whatever you like. Take some outdoor games like badminton or frisbee along, or maybe board games. Also, bedsheets are essential if you plan to stay until dark and star-gaze. If you are a couple that enjoys stargazing a lot, then you can even consider doing a pic at night and carry candles and lamps along to create a romantic and pleasing environment. Many hotels also arrange such things for their customers.

9. Go out and eat

If both of you enjoy eating a lot and trying new places, this is the thing for you! pick a few locations or any food street and go out and try new dishes or street food. Check if any food festival/ carnival is happening anywhere close. That would be even better. Forget about dieting and eat to your heart’s content! This idea is great for foodies and does not involve a lot of planning. This also ensures that you can eat whatever you feel like and do not have to stick to some restaurant just because you made reservations.

10. Fill the whole day with random fun activities

Say no to plans! A fun and hassle-free way to enjoy valentines day is to not make any plans. Just take your partner out and do whatever comes to your mind. feel like bowling followed by dinner? or maybe go to a club? or lazy enough to just stay home and cuddle? sure, why not? Do whatever that comes to your mind. This would ensure that you won’t have to do something you are in no mood for that day just because you have made the reservations. You can also use some fun ideas from this article and mix them up to create a fun date night according to your preferences!

Enjoy your date! And do tell us your special story!

Keep Loving 🙂

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