Top 10 Intelligent shopping tips everyone must know

One thing that is a sure-shot mood changer for anyone is probably shopping. For someone it is a passion, for others a need, for many it is an addiction. In one way or another, from poor to rich, everyone shops. The evolution of shopping has been amazing from being a necessity to a form of art, buying from local markets to purchasing it online as it has seen many changes over the years.

If you want you can also compare shopping from farming a field. You can’t always shop the same thing, you need variety. And so you almost always shop. But what if you are being cheated? What if you are not getting the quality you are paying for? What if the same product is available for fewer prices elsewhere? There can be many dilemmas when it comes to shopping and thus we decided to help you with some tips that can help you save when shopping in the future.

10. Research

This is one of the most underrated parts when it comes to shopping. Research is most needed when you shop for durable products like electronic items, cars, etc. You have the advantage of the internet today, so now is the time to put it to some good use! There are multiple sites where you can compare the products, know their specification, learn about their performances. So it is always wise to look online and do some research before going to shop the items.

9. Always have the best company

Everyone loves to shop with someone as it gives you more options and opinions. But it is more important to choose the right person to accompany you. Everyone loves compliments so you will always want to hear some good words whenever you try the outfit. But not all outfits look good on you, and this is where a good company comes handy. They won’t hesitate to tell you that the outfit doesn’t suit you. Additionally, this might also help keep your wallet in check. Not a bad tip, right!

8. Know your needs

This tip is for those who don’t want a large shopping spree and always have to shop according to their budget. It is advisable to know the items you need to purchase so that you can always shop within your budget. This doesn’t imply that you need to restrict yourself but rather know when to control yourself.

7. Spot the difference between ‘fake’ and ‘genuine’

This is easier said than done. Everyone believes that they are buying the genuine stuff and they need not worry about the quality. And this is where a shopkeeper might fool you and sell you the fake stuff. There are plenty of tricks available online which you can learn and use it in general stores to identify whether the product is genuine or not.

6. Bargain

Bargain refers to the negotiation between the buyer and seller. It can be a very light-hearted connotation rather than a dispute. This tip is especially necessary when you are shopping from a new place. The reason is you might be accustomed to the prices of that place and the shopkeeper may also try and take advantage of this situation. Bargain also prevents you from spending more.

5. Beware of the discounts/freebies

Everyone’s eyes light up whenever they see a discount or sale written in the shop. Another one of the schemes shopkeepers put up is BOGO famously known buy one get one sort of schemes. Generally, these schemes are put to attract the customers, clear the old and remaining stock, etc. What a shopper needs to understand is where they don’t get blinded by the scheme, rather they should check other details regarding this scheme. There might be a case where product expiry is 2-3 days away and that is why the discount has prevailed. Thus, this is one important tip that every shopper must remember.

4. Lookout for advantageous cards

There are many shops where we frequently visit to buy items. Many people have their favorite gift shop, some favorite restaurants; some have their favorite clothing store. Then why don’t we become their loyal customers and look for these advantageous store cards wherein every time you shop some credit points gets add into your account and you can redeem them all at once whenever required? This one might help you save some extra bucks as well!

3. Do not shop when you are angry

This one is an advice rather than a tip. Although shopping can overcome your depression and enlighten your spirits, reversal of this can also be true. Specifically when you are angry or frustrated. Anger can many times make the person do things that they regret later. This holds true for shopping as well. When you angrily shop you might buy or purchase an item which you didn’t want in the first place. You may also buy something that you are never going to use ever and this may lead to the loss of the money. This happens because at that time your decision making is not rational and not much makes sense for you. You may also not read the terms and conditions clearly which are going to affect you in the future.

2. Don’t let the ‘reference price’ scramble you

This is one of the most common practices adopted by the shopkeepers around the world to earn more profit. This ‘reference price’ is a marketing term that is used for the customers to believe that the prices of the product are same as before. For example, you might buy a packet of chips and you pay 20 rupees for it thinking it is the same price as before, but the weight of the packet might have been reduced from 100 to 80 gm. Thus benefitting the shopkeeper and the customer is at a losing hand. Sure, many times you will be in hurry and might not compare the weights from before. But we thought that a bit of awareness regarding this sleight of hand trick may help you in future.

1. Do not buy on credit

Do not carry a debit card and credit card with you; instead, carry only cash along with you during shopping. Once the list is prepared, take only that much of cash which is required. There are two advantages to this tip, first is you will avoid the hefty charges levied on these cards. There happen many times when you go above your card limit and you have to pay the fee. If you opt for a special card you have to pay an annual fee. Another advantage is you will save the money.

These were some of the useful tips that could help you in saving money. We do hope that you keep many of the above points in your mind and do hassle-free shopping. If you use any of the tips from above you can share your experience in the comment section below. Happy shopping everyone!

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