Top 10 Japanese Beauty Secrets Revealed

Let’s be honest, we all have been stumped when we think about how Japanese women manage to look so radiant and flawless, whatever the conditions around them may be. Is it in their genes or have they been simply blessed? Why didn’t the Supreme God deign the same blessing on us lowly creatures too? Yes, I have been haunted by similar questions (I’m a human too, after all). No matter how old or young he/she may be, it’s rare to meet a Japanese person with bad skin and bad hair. It’s not about their products or even their secret “beauty genes” (don’t worry, such a gene does not exist).  It’s more about the type of lifestyle they live and the type of beauty regimes that they incorporate in their day-to-day lives. Here are ten most common yet most effective beauty secrets that  the Japanese had been holding onto their bosom since time immemorial.

10. There’s no such thing as too much Green Tea


It’s true. Green tea not only benefits your internal organs but also helps you attain that perfect, unblemished healthy skin. Don’t believe me? It is proven scientifically that green tea is rich in antioxidants which not only protect cells from damages but also help prevent ageing. That’s right, ladies- say goodbye to Botox and never ending cosmetic bills and introduce this elixir into your daily regime. It will not only maintain your ageing process but it’s anti- inflammatory properties will also protect you from the harmful UV-rays. Japanese people not only drink several cups of green tea everyday but they also opt for green-tea based skin products.

9. Nothing is too oily.


Apparently, Japanese women love oils. But the key is to remember that mineral oils are to be avoided. Oils are preferred over other products for cleansing and moisturizing. Japanese women use natural Camilla oil which does not clog pores but rather allows make-up, sunscreen and other such products to melt away. This oil has also proven to be effective in fighting the various signs of ageing.

8. Simplicity at its best.


Simplicity is actually the way of life for the Japanese. Japanese women tend to use products that are natural and non-toxic such as rice bran, Camilla oil, Azuki beans and various seaweeds . They don’t depend on too many mainstream products but rather follow a highly organized beauty regime which thankfully, doesn’t involve too many steps. They simply follow the three-way cleansing, toning and moisturizing process twice a day.

7. Health comes first.


It is a rather known fact that whatever you eat will ultimately show on your body and on your skin. Japanese people do not gorge on sugar, meat and deep-fried food. They consume lots of Vitamin-C, fish and other seafood. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which rejuvenates the skin and turns it firm and toned. It also helps in reducing sun burns as the antioxidants present in it protects the skin from over-exposure of sun and the dreaded UV-rays. Fish and seafood on the other hand, are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, essential oils and nutrients. They contribute towards a youthful and supple skin.

6. Beware of the Sun.

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Everybody is aware of the fact that sunlight contains the ever harmful ultra-violet radiation which is one of the most common causes of premature ageing. All of us indulge in expensive sunscreens to avoid imbibing the harmful rays . Japanese women however, tend to ignore sunscreens. They rather opt for much inexpensive and easy preventive measures, like that of carrying an umbrella or wearing a wide-brimmed hat. They also avoid walking into direct sunlight. This may be because of their hesitation in plastering on too many products.

5. Cleanse it away.

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Japanese women believe that cleansing is one of the most important rituals of skincare. It doesn’t matter whether you have make-up on or not, cleansing should be a priority at all times. As it is, Japanese women do not use much make-up to speak of in the first place but they do spend money on a good cleanser for best results. Cleansing at least twice a day keeps the skin smooth and fresh. It also unclogs the pores and allows them to breathe. There is no better thing than a fresh-looking face for it not only fills you with confidence but also makes you all the more presentable to the world.

4. Bath and solitude.

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Yes, the Japanese love to bathe! In fact, they have an unique way of bathing that is a lot different from the West. Unlike the Western Culture, the Japanese do not indulge in cleaning, scrubbing and rinsing within the shower or bath tub but they rather carry out these rituals outside of the tub/ shower , preferring to enter a hot tub for a final rinse and for relaxation. They believe in not contaminating the water. For this purpose, they use a special kind of a bath tub called Furo which originated as a small and steep-sided wooden tub. The Japanese also use bath oils and various kinds of herbs for exfoliation and cleansing. Bath is therefore, considered to be an apt way to de-stress oneself after a long and tiring day.

3. Lotion Mask and The Japanese Skincare Revolution. lotion-mask-1

Chizu Saeki is a Japanese beauty guru who invented the much popular “Lotion Mask” method for skin care. You only need water, cotton pads, lotion and three minutes of your time to follow this method. Chizu Saeki believes that it doesn’t matter which products one uses but it is important how one uses it. All you have to do is soak a five-layered cotton pad in water and then, sprinkle it with your daily lotion generously. Peel off each layer separately and stick them to your entire face with care. Let it sit for three minutes and then, remove it. Voila! You will be left with a super hydrated and supple skin.

2. Not too many products for us Sir!

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The Japanese are of a firm belief that too many products only hinder the natural beauty of the skin. They keep their skin care regime uncluttered and simple and tend to use minimal products. Less is definitely more! Make-up is only used to add beauty to what is naturally beautiful. It is not considered essential in their day to day life. They don’t like to cake on too many products for fear of clogging their pores which will ultimately lead to skin problems.

1. Yes, it’s what’s inside that matters in the end.


The Japanese have a wonderful concept of “unseen beauty”. It is not necessary for beauty to be displayed in order to be seen. Subtlety plays a key role and it also helps if one is always polite, poised and well-mannered. These are those attributes that cannot be bought but must come out from within. One can truly bask in the glow of happiness if one is content from the inside and knows how to savour the little joys of life. Whether it’s a well-cooked meal, a baby’s smile or an act of kindness that triggers this inner beauty , it should be appropriately acknowledged and appreciated.

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