Top 10 Largest And Worst Terror Attacks Ever

We live on a beautiful planet but in an ugly world. It is aesthetic with all it’s serenity yet grotesque because of terror. When trees are chopped like cutlets, it is terrorism. When little hands are made to hold begging bowls, it is terrorism. When autonomy to express is snatched, it is terrorism. When demands are fulfilled at gunpoint, it is terrorism. When innocent souls have to do away with their lives, it is terrorism. Terrorism has no religion yet is done in the name of religion. Nothing can ever justify terrorism; it can never be accepted. Below are a handful tales of terrorism that will give you goosebumps.

1. Wall Street Bombing

Date- September 16, 1920.
Time- 12:00 pm.
Scene- It was a busy district. People were out with their colleagues to have lunch. A horse-wagon walks in street and stops near JP Morgan Bank, 23 Wall Street.
Time- 12:02 pm
Scene- Blood spilled on concrete road, corpses lying around. Howling, shrieking and crying is the only babel to be heard.
What happened in that one minute became a historic affair. For the first time in history, an animal butchered humans. Investigations revealed that the horse wagon contained 45kg of dynamite that blew up killing 38 people and injuring several others. It annihilated property worth $2 million. It surpassed the deadliest terror attack till that date on the US soil, Bombing of Los Angeles Times. It is still a curious case that could never be solved but the US Bureau of Investigation remains highly suspicious of Gelleanist anarchists for this brutal felony.

9. Beirut Barracks Bombing

The plot of this delinquency is no less than a movie’s storyline. Two trucks collided into two buildings at two different locations, on the same day, targeting the same contingent. It was a part of the series of attacks by Israeli army on the American soil and proved to be the deadliest terror attack on American citizens killing 305 victims and 2 suicide bombers. The responsibility for this attack was taken by a shrouded gang branding itself “Islamic Jihad”. The results were politically wretched. The UN withdrew it’s peacekeeping force from Lebanon following this raid storm.

8. Irish Airspaces ( Indian Aircraft- Kanishka Bombing)

Touted as the deadliest air attack in Canadian history, the Boeing 747 named Kanishka, a part of Indian territory, tattered into pieces in Irish airspace at an altitude of 31,000 feet. It was the first of it’s kind as the world had never witnessed a jumbo jet bombard midway. Worn out carcasses of humans were drained out of Atlantic Ocean, south Ireland. As per investigations, one Manjit Singh was indicted with getting the bomb on the plane. However, he never boarded the plane but his luggage did, that allegedly had the bomb. It is said that this mass murder could have been prevented had the Canada Government acted more sincerely against the likely threats that Indian Government informed it about. It was suspected that Sikh extremists had their hand behind this deed and that it was a repercussion of the then ongoing Hindu-Sikh violence.

7. World Trade Centre Attack

“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”, said George W. Bush at 9 p.m. from Oval Office after this lethal attack on 9/11. Not just one, four planes of American Airlines were hijacked by Taliban terrorists. While two of these went past the 110 floor tower, puncturing it, one of them ploughed into the Pentagon. The fourth one rammed into a field in Pennsylvania. All this mania claimed lives of 343 innocent humans and those who were fortunate enough to live, went through Post Traumatic Disorder. Whilst many civilians died inside the skyscraper, some passengers died inside the plane and a few died from the heavy building debris showering on streets. This attack will always remain a dent in American Security Services.

6. Bali Bombing

Imagine yourself in a nightclub, grooving to crazy beats, sipping your tequila. Suddenly out of nowhere, an uncanny man enters with a backpack and then what awaits is the most dreaded of the things- a bomb blast. That was what exactly happened in Paddy’s Pub, Bali on October 22, 2002. The militants belonged to the extremist group- Jemaah Islamiah. This blast took lives of citizens of 21 countries around the globe, including 88 Australians, 39 Indonesians and 28 Britons. One of the plotters remarked that Bali was bombed because it was frequently visited by American tourists. Initially it was planned to be executed on 11th September to mark the anniversary of 9/11. This carefree hangout place was rocked to it’s core that night, the barring music changed into clamouring sirens and the visitors looking forward to an amazing night vowed never to return.

5. Madrid Train Bombing

10 bombs exploded in Spain, three days prior to the National elections, leave a gaping perforation in a Madrid train. It killed 190 and injured about 2000 commuters, leaving the nation stunned. It was a thunderclap to the Spanish security from an Al Qaeda inspired group. The city was on the hop when a cacophony that initially felt like a firecracker transformed into a bomb blast. 10 bombs blew up one after the other in the same train, in the same coach, in closed gym bags, in closed backpacks, leaving a closed train open and a country trembling.

4. Beslan, Russia (School Hostage)

Classes were being held, it was all peaceful, students running ajure in playground, teachers sprinkling rays of knowledge on pupils and as the minute changed, classrooms became battlefield, students still ran but for their lives and instead of knowledge, bullets were showered. This is a snapshot of what happened in School Number One on the first day of the session, traditionally called “First Bell”, and continued for three days. Since it was the “Knowledge Day”, many parents visited the school and hence the number of people was also more. So technically, it was the ideal day for propagating terror. The aftermath was death of 330 people, mostly children. A Chechen liberation group was behind this atrocious act. This assault resulted in a number of legislative changes in Russia, which hasn’t witnessed any such attack since then.

3. Super Ferry 14 Bombing

Many boarded Super Ferry on 27th February 2004, looking forward to a frolic sojourn, little did they know that they will never reach their destination. It was a rendezvous of water and fire when this ferry smouldered into flames. Initially assumed to be an accident, this fire succumbed to the ocean water only after taking 116 lives and injuring 300 others. Investigations revealed that it was a planned attack by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). It is the most deadly sea attack in the world history that left many families and a nation traumatised.

2. Al Qataniuah, Iraq, Bombing

The milieu had debris on ground, darkness in sky and shrieks in the air. There were rescue forces and corpses, superficial above and latent below the debris.The governor of Nineveh province, Duraid Kashmoula, said on a visit to the scene: “This is a catastrophe that cannot be described in words.”the governor of Nineveh province, Duraid Kashmoula said. What exactly happened that was heinous. Two trucks rammed over huts at the stroke of midnight when denizens were peacefully having their night’s sleep. Neither children nor senior citizens, they exempted none. This attack was a means of revenge from Sunni Muslims from Yazidi community after they pelted stones at a Sunni boy for marrying a Yazidi girl.

1. 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

The shores were always busy with vendors calling out to customers, children playing, lovers cuddling and senior citizens strolling. Nobody had ever thought that the same shore will become the ground zero of terror, until when it became. Terrorists shipped themselves into the metropolitan city of Mumbai and went on a violent spree. They were 10 in number instigating an equal number of attacks. They started by bombing a cafe, then Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station. As if the havoc wasn’t enough they headed towards Taj Hotel and The Oberoi Trident, concluding this series with Cama Hospital and Nariman House. This devilish act took lives of 164 people and injured 600 including many tourists. Reminiscing that day is enough to send shivers of pain through city.

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