Top 10 Largest Hotel Chains in the World 2014

Santa Claus is coming to town. I know there’s an entire month before that short stout man makes the world roar with joy and laughter but if you want the best of it, its probably too late already. Don’t know why? They say Christmas is best spent in London and New Year in either New York City or Sydney, unless of course you’re the party animal who wants to gamble all night at the Venetian, Las Vegas. So why is it too late? Because if you do not live in London and have somehow managed to procure a visa to the UK, you will be disappointed to know that most of the luxury havens or hotels are booked and overbooked already.

While compiling the list I happened to just search for their properties in London and check for bookings and some had sky-high prices that might just make me afford an entire average hotel and else I almost cursed my luck when I missed onto the last room while I was still reading what they have to offer- oh yeah! The list is pretty long too. So here are the companies that have time and again added the luxury and comfort element to your even average vacations. No matter how tired you are, if you return to Westin Heavenly Bed as the Starwood Group has chosen to name it, you’d be asleep and in dreams in a matter of seconds. They are that good, the bad part is they charge for it.

Anyways. Here are 10 hotel chains you must try to experience at least once in your lifetime, because they are the largest hotel chains that the world has right now. And I bet if you’d count by revenue then a number of casino resorts would out-power entire chains but the presence worldwide we judge by number of properties and number of rooms it houses.

Disclaimer: All figures and Rankings are based on data and statistics as on 1st January 2014. There is no reliable data on any new properties which might have sprung up in 2014. The Hotels Association New data will be compiled only in January 2015

10. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Number of Properties: 1079

Number of rooms: 168927


Remember all the Radisson Blu s’ and Radisson Red s’ and Park inn and Country Inn too? No, shocking as it might be they are not owned by different chains or are competitors, in fact all the money you’ve been spending on these sub-chains and more (In all seven) has only made Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group deliver a yearly revenue of $7.5 Billion. Now I wish the owners had an heir and I knew him well. Anyways, they have been constantly growing in terms of World Class Hospitality and ensuring that each of their property is better than the last.

9. Home Inns

Number of Properties: 2180

Number of rooms: 256555


So they don’t promise you luxury for that was never their claim to fame. You’d be surprised to know that they’ve had a steep growth graph for they’ve only grown since their establishment in 2002. They’ve taken pride in being one of the most widespread economy hotels in the World and mostly in China where they also took over another economy hotel chain known as Motel 168. SO now you know on who to rely on while planning a vacation on a budget?

8. Best Western

Number of Properties: 4046

Number of rooms: 314318


So while their tagline says that they’re the World’s largest hotel family, I stand by it that they’ve been most considerate while grading their properties as Best Western, Best Western Plus and Best Western Premier. It is undoubtedly the fastest growing hotel chains in Middle East and Asia. So you now know which properties would be most inviting to you and at affordable prices too. They are in no sense inexpensive but they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7. Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Number of Properties: 1161

Number of rooms: 339243


The more I say is less, for its only for the grandeur they believe their properties should have that they rest so low (rather so high) in the list. Each of their property averages at around 300 rooms, now that is humungous. They’ve been catering manking with nine hotel brands each better than the other. Don’t believe me? They’ve got Four Points, Element, Aloft, Sheraton, Westin, Le Meridien, W Hotels, The Luxury collection and also St. Regis. So it’s like even if the properties are less, the delivering of promises is more and beyond. And as for the staff, they are most careful recruiters and there staff would always leave you smiling.

6. Accor

Number of Properties: 3576

Number of rooms: 461719


So they’ve got all the Sofitels’ and Novotels’, the Ibis and the Mercure and they’ll never ever leave you disappointed. Their hotels are not ultimate luxury places where you’d be treated like Royalty but definitely places you’d be most comfortable returning to after a long day. They happen to be one of the most popular chains for business groups and Corporate Employees who tend to travel a lot. No wonder they get so productive at their work then

5. Choice Hotels International

Number of Properties: 6303

Number of rooms: 602663


The Comfort Inn, The Quality, The Sleep Inn and the Clarion are a few of their properties I’m sure you’ve heard of. There properties make you feel home alongside making you experience an almost luxurious stay you’d never regret spending your vacations for. They’ve got a huge number of tiny to normally sized properties which makes them easy to spot at almost any tourist destination you visit.

4. Wyndham Hotel Group

Number of Properties: 7485

Number of rooms: 645423


So the Wyndham Grand you’ve been raving about is their’s and Wyndham Garden Hotels too. Even TRYP and Wingate and Hawthorn and all those Ramada Properties you’ve booked now and then. Knights Inn and Travelodge happen to be their busiest properties for their easy access and affordability. The Wyndham Hotel Group has one of the best guest loyalty programs, you know why you must book them now?

3. Marriot International

Number of Properties: 3783

Number of rooms: 653719


With the number of Properties they have under development I won’t be surprised to see them top the list next year or maybe the next, they’ve made their presence felt in over 72 countries and are perhaps most about luxury with The Ritz Carlton, Bvlgari Hotels and JW Marriotts as their brands, also they have courtyard, Fairfield, Renaissance, Autograph Collection and more and more. Over 17 Brands and one to cater almost all budgets. Never miss a chance to stay at Ritz Carlton, Montreal. I mean NEVER EVER.

2. Hilton worldwide

Number of Properties: 4115

Number of rooms: 678630


So all those who believe if Paris Hilton could make it why can’t we would be rather pacified to know she’s got it as legacy. Legacy like that which you give your hands and legs and heart for…Heart quite literally. Hilton Hotels, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Curio, Canopy, Double Tree, Embassy- it’s all in the legacy. They’re perhaps one hotel chain that gives you best bargains all year round and why not? They’ve got something to offer to each one of us.

1. IHG- Intercontinental Hotels Group

Number of Properties: 4697

Number of rooms: 686873


How can they not top the list, I mean that is simply not possible. You ask why? Because the Intercontinental Hotel Group is responsible for giving us the most magnificient Venetian- Not the Venetian is heaven and nothing short, believe me, Visit the Macau one if not Las Vegas. Pretty Please? All the Crowne Plaza Hotels- they’re pretty awesome too, but make sure if there’s one Crowne Plaza property that you ought to visit, it is The Avenue Crowne Plaza Chicago Magnificient Mile. There’s no regret involved there, even at escalated rates. Other hotel brands handled by the IHG include Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn hotels and resorts, Candlewood hotels, Staybridge Suites to name a few. But Venetian is Venetian and never miss it for anything, Not even Disney Hollywood resort, I guarantee it is that good. Really now, so visit these properties and be sure that your money spent is money well used.


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