Top 10 Major Reasons why People hate Jews

Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike or prejudice against Jewish people who have faced persecutions , discrimination and expulsions throughout the world in different times and generations. Who is a Jew is a question in itself and is hating them is an influence of the effect derived from history that we’ve become conditioned to accept and follow. Given below is a compilation of one of the root causes why people have come to hate them as a race much like the Kurds and Armenians that were too resented and exterminated.


The Holocaust refers to the systematic murder of more than six million Jews orchestrated by Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) Party in Europe during World War II(1933-1945) during which the Jewish Genocide shocked the world and questioned the human fibre of German authority becoming a license for other colonial countries. The reasons simply known as the preservation of the pure German Nordic race by elimination of the midgets and cycle owners (Jews) with twisted noses and ape-like features(dark haired) were feared and suspiciously looked down upon as lesser humans due to the “strange” cuisine and religious rituals they practised. Hitler’s propaganda leading everyone to believe (including Jews) who represented the economy, media, arts and business services, that Jews were responsible for the misfortunes suffered during the fall of the Weimar government through Nuremberg Laws leading to synagogue(the place of worship for a Jewish congregation) burnings , pogroms(Organized persecution of an ethnic group) and lynched by the espionage brutally in camps, ghettos and pits. The reasons were fear of domination by the scholarly and alien mongrel class of people who followed a distant religion and spoke an unknown language(Hebrew) . This contradicts the theory of considering them evil and powerful where in the past they were wiped out for conflicting reasons.


Jews today have taken over marketing, militia, medicinal, technological, media, industrial, cinema challenges etc. and continue to face the worlds envy through unexplained success stories given their inglorious past and vermin like repression all over Europe , Soviet Union , Asia before the 20th century. They have transcended all barriers of indifference and hatred and continue to represent in majority number sectors of finance, law, medicine etc. People do not like the stats for obvious reasons as a race that’s been subjugated to massacres every 21 years in different places and eras continues not only to exist but with money bags and high portfolios. The reasons are complex yet identifiable. Jews were outlawed from owning land and property in historic times and hence resorted to money lending, business trades, middle class bearing and liberating philosophies which is why we see no farmers today and no poverty either. They are few yet powerful because the misery meted out to them in the past, in time ,turned out to be their most precious possession. Also, history is testament to the cause of the literate masses of “the chosen few” in times of universal illiteracy where Jews sincerely attended synagogues regularly when their second pillar (temple of Jerusalem) was destroyed and their only resistance was through unfailing faith. This gave them an upper hand, secured jobs killed the need to convert for economic reasons , and they continued to flourish disproportionately (given their small numbers) invoking the worlds contempt and jealousy furthermore.


islamic fears

The holy book of Islam has been quite a force in deciding the attitude of Muslims towards the Jews and absence of questioning its confusing stand on “the chosen few”, its led to universal animosity between the children of Allah and Abraham. Quran in some sections maintains Muhammad and his peaceful social contract with the Jews of medina and later a war is waged and the three Jewish tribes of Arabia are expelled for denying prophet hood to Muhammad and called traitors, perfidious and worldliness. What is strange is the fanatic extremities to which the Quran was interpreted and the ruthless treatment of non-Muslims (including Jews) were subjected to for denying Islamic conversion and the right to maintain one’s own faith. Dispute was never about the Jewish temple in Jerusalem since the prophet bowed down before it only once which did not make it a religious property of Muslims as that was to represent amicability between medina dwellers (Jews) and the hospitality they offered to Muhammad but misinterpretation led to a prejudiced world belief. Classical commentators viewed Muhammad’s struggle with Jews as a minor episode in his career, but this has changed in modern times due to external influences. This became the cause of hatred all around the world within Muslim communities as failure to realize the mortality of a prophet and his whimsical declaration posed a threat to Jews from times immemorial and intensified public opinion(uncontrolled Muslim population) around the globe. Jewish people were viewed as a cult posing threat to world religions which explains the anger. A deeper understanding was never strived for as religion became law and law became faith.


Torah consists of the foundational narrative of the Jewish people, their call into being by God, their trials and tribulations, and their covenant with their God, which involves following a way of life embodied in a set of religious obligations and civil laws (halakha). The 613 commandments of the torah(laws of Moses)mostly include morals and self-righteous laws that other people find in contradiction due to the status quo. Jews recognize two kinds of sin, offenses against other people, and offenses against God. Offenses against God may be understood as violation of a contract (the covenant between God and the Children of Israel). Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews have believed that right action (as opposed to right belief) is the way for a person to atone for one’s sins and that explains the situation in Israel. They seem to be claiming back what they feel is rightfully theirs through this understanding of higher moral from the commandments in the Torah as a way to rightly possess what was denied to them and to ease their conscious into committing a sin just because over the years they have been paying for sins they never committed. A movement of world Jewry that arose late in the 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine(Zionism) also sprouted from the Jewish cult’s retaliation to years of suppression, subjugation and discrimination. The holy place of Jewish source being Palestine, the concentrated power in the hands of the Jews and the power monopoly was mere self glorification keeping in with the laws of the Torah. The world therefore hates them for setting two precedents, one, they justify the wrong they do religiously, and two, the general moral standing of Jews that sends the others on a guilt trip since no one wants to be reminded of one’s “sins”.


A belief or sentiment shared by most people or the voice of the people or a belief of the majority is popular public opinion. Does condemning a particular race of people for mutually inclusive reasons become a fact just because it is done by more people (majority) or should causes be contemplated even then? The media’s role in portraying a negative picture of the Jews is a very strong factor determining mass hatred and global views. The traditional role of the media has always been to presents facts, issues and statistics sans judgements. To present the problem and not the opinion is what is required and expected as with power comes responsibility. The politicising of news in general has added fuel to fire and even if someone is ignorant enough not to know what is happening, he/she will hate Jews not because of the trouble brewing but by virtue of the fact that they are Jews. The most hilarious confessions include viewing Jewish minority as both inferior yet dominating, primitive yet successful, nasty but righteous, alien in existence yet “the chosen few”, Internationally supported yet negatively viewed etc. which are nothing but beautiful contradictions , made by people who neither know who a Jew is nor the cause of the problem which is merely a resurfacing phenomenon but with turned tables.


Human psychology testifies how we perceive success in terms of collective aspects. For example the world thinks Indians make the best engineers and doctors, Germans make the best automobile and heavy machinery and Spaniards the best wine! Jews on the other hand have surpassed all cliché barriers and are ruling everywhere. 52% of non-fiction Pulitzer prize winners are Jews, Nobel awardees are Jews, two Jewish doctors vanquished polio disease and removed our fears forever, garment industry with names like Levis, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan ,our computers with names like Dell, software from giants like Oracle, search engines like Google, and social media like Facebook, share the legacy just as Intel and Qualcomm chips and technologies are inside so many of our computers and cell phones. The three largest broadcasting networks — ABC, NBC and CBS were built from the efforts of two visionary Jewish entrepreneurs, David Sarnoff and William Paley. Sarnoff in particular saw the potential to convert “wireless,” then used for ship-to-shore communications, into a “broadcast” medium distributed via a “network.”. In medicine, law, science, politics and education, the leadership, innovation and hard work of Jews have benefited us all. And if they have been successful as entrepreneurs, disproportionately represented among the members of the Forbes 400 and as CEOs of the Fortune 500, that achievement is outstripped by the fact that in philanthropy — particularly for secular causes such as education, medicine and the arts — Jews are even more philanthropic than they are wealthy. Not too hard to imagine why the world hates Judaic people when 9 out of 10 in every scenario are rolling in money and good hearted too ! Global perceptions are defied through these statistics and people do not like what they do not understand because Jews are supposed to be dying, eradicated and suffering like holocaust instead they are flourishing, prospering and invoking sympathies at the same time which becomes quite a lot to digest for Anti-Semites and Anti-Zionists.


jewish usury

Loan Sharks or Usurers are people practicing Usury , a practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans intended to unfairly enrich the lender. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors, but according to some dictionaries, simply charging any interest at all can be considered usury. The Torah (the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit) and Talmud (the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism) are a cause of dispute even today. They suggest that charging interest to Hebrew people is an offense but not if the same is done to non-Jews given that Jews comprised of the merchant class. In the Victorian era and times before, Jews were looked down upon as money mongrels and stiff necked usurers who bribed “innocent Christians” before their ships would arrive at the docks. In medieval times it was universally condemned as a heinous and immoral act by the Christian church. The act of usury was deemed a mortal sin, and its practitioner’s path of greed was understood to end in eternal damnation in Hell. The idea of profiteering from someone else’s’ need , possibly desperate , for money was believed by medieval Christianity to be the antithesis of compassion, generosity, and charity. Christ was upheld as an example of poverty, non-materialism, and abstinence. Common wisdom asserted that those who had surplus money to lend in the first place were obsessed with greed and avarice and needed no more – certainly by usury – for their coffers. And making money for doing absolutely nothing (except having the money available) went against Christian medieval understandings of decency, justice, honest work, and morality. In essence, usury was perceived as a crass system of exponential exploitation by which the already wealthy could get increasingly wealthier for little more than the fact of their wealth in the first place and isolated the Christians from the Jews that manifests itself in Shakespeare’s plays where a Jew is always the devil and continues even today.


israel palestine conflict

The obvious need not be stated-the Jews in Israel are inhuman, the Arabs are the victims, power monopoly and genocide of the Arab race from Palestine and their extreme control of West Bank which is an open Prison are evidence of a situation that needs to be resolved. But the causes are deep rooted and less known. Jews have lived in this land continuously from the time of its original conquest by Joshua more than 3200 years ago until the present day, though Jews were not always in political control of the land, and Jews were not always the majority of the land’s population. Living outside of Israel is viewed as an unnatural state for a Jew. The world outside of Israel is often referred to as “galut,” which is usually translated as “diaspora” (dispersion), but a more literal translation would be “exile” or “captivity.” In the late 1800s, Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann founded Zionism, a political movement dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state. They saw a state of Israel as a necessary refuge for Jewish victims of oppression, especially in Russia, where pogroms were decimating the Jewish population. The Holocaust brought the need for a Jewish homeland into sharp focus for both Jews and for the rest of the world. The Jews who tried to flee Nazi Germany were often turned back due to immigration limitations at the borders of every country, including the United States, Britain and Palestine. Many of those who were sent back to Germany ended up in death camps where they were systematically murdered. The newly-founded United Nations, which developed a partition plan dividing Palestine into Jewish and Arab portions tried to resolve the problem of control. The plan was ratified in November 1947. The mandate expired on May 14, 1948 and British troops pulled out of Palestine. The Jews of Palestine promptly declared the creation of the State of Israel, which was recognized by several Western countries immediately. However, the surrounding Arab nations did not recognize the validity of Israel and invaded, claiming that they were filling a vacuum created by the termination of the mandate and the absence of any legal authority to replace it. The Arabs fought a year-long war to drive the Jews out. Miraculously, the new state of Israel won this war, as well as every subsequent Arab-Israeli war, gaining territory every time the Arabs attacked them. Now the world stands shocked as one race tries to drive another out and they become the persecutors and villains of the 21st century contributing to their hatred furthermore.


americans love jews

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence but if the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel. There has been a growing call around the world for the United States to ‘stop its blind support’ of Israel. Arab academics have even begun to conjure up an image of a cowering United States being the ‘lackey’ of Israel. The possible explanation could be that Jews control the vast majority of wealth in the Western World. All the banks and media companies in America, from health care to the garment industries and law firms are predominantly Jewish with their representation or their stamp. Americans are careful in procuring the best technological and ammunition deals with Israel as the last thing they would want is the Arabs running to the Soviets for support and therefore it is a hush hush affair. Also a great deal of Jews(one of the largest minorities) resides in the US and the new heights of success US has witnessed is their gift to them which they maybe feel obligated to respond to through their unfailing support to Israel and their cause. Israel is a useful country to them with resources, important people, great beneficial consequences and the latest technology in all fields which is why the superpower feels the need to look after its own interests before others leading to provocation in the eastern world who now say America had no right to intervene even in Afghanistan and Iraq with its screwed up notion of “corrective intervention”. Any country, race or ethnic group that is rightly condemned by most of the world for terrorizing its populace with a powerful giants support is bound to make them hate it even more which is what makes this issue so delectable



Jewish deicide is a belief that places the responsibility for the death of Jesus on the Jewish people as a whole. The implications of this have been huge- the accusation was frequently stated, and used to exhort violence against the Jews. Many of the most violent pogroms (attacks against Jews), were as a result of a local priest preaching on this theme at Easter. Thus this claim can be linked to numerous persecutions of the Jews. The Dominicans were very active in preaching on this accusation – and the murder of 4000 people in Lisbon in 1506AD is directly attributed to preaching by Dominican priests. The Christian Bible says the Romans killed Jesus, though Jews are mentioned as accomplices (claims that Jews killed Jesus came several hundred years later). How come the accomplices are persecuted and there isn’t an anti-Roman movement through history? Jesus himself said, “Forgive them [i.e., the Jews], for they know not what they do.” The Second Vatican Council in 1963 officially exonerated the Jews as the killers of Jesus. Neither statement of Christian belief lessened anti-Semitism, because Christianity records the historical fact that the Jews crucified Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory. Each individual Jew, as the Bible teaches, shares in the Corporate Guilt of the murder of Jesus Christ. Thus the Jews, both individually and corporately, must repent of their sins. The largest world faith is Christianity followed by Islam and unaffiliated faiths and all three hate Jews for reasons already stated and that’s why most of the world hates them. This is the biggest and most revealing cause of Anti-Semitism which to some extent exposes the irrational and theocratic undercurrents in both Christian and Islamic faiths.


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Rhea Samyal hails from paradise on earth Jammu and Kashmir and derives her flair for sensitized poetry and diverse writing from the war and conflict that exists amidst ethereal beauty and love. She is a first year law student at the ILS law college , Pune. With the infusion of travel mania in her, Rhea loves to read people, cultures and lifestyles. A lover of animals, music, classics and sitcoms, Rhea always strives to make a difference wherever she can with whatever little means. Her greatest passion is to weave tragedy into words and redefine philanthropy through actions.

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  • The Lord sent the Jewish people Jesus by refusing him the world did see his love and grace for them from the Jewish people, but saw them going with the powerful people not the common people of the world.

  • 11. For the same reason why the British Empire is hated; they created a religion, which is Jewish supremacy and that branched out into 2 more abrahamic religions which are still fucking everything up.

  • 2 Jew Dr.’s fucked me up and are trying to cover it up. I believe they even tried to take me out with a drug combination that my pharmacist brought to my attention, when i tried to fill my prescription the computer there said cant prescribe together because together they are highly toxic. And my disability lawyer is Jew ,disability judge is a Jew. I tried to sue, guess what? Jews wont sew Jews. So i did some research. Jews are destroying america, they are more of a threat than ISIS, and Al Qaeda combined. Almost all media is controlled by dirty Jews, They are brainwashing american citizens,(american peasants), and lining the pockets of our government officials, and our troops are dying fighting their holy war. I now agree “death to Israel” is the only solution. The JEWS may have got away with killing Jesus, they fucked when they tried to kill me, you cant kill the devil, they will meet the business end of my horns before my health fails me> that’s a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s because throughout history they have been. Educate yourself, you knob. By the way – I am not a Jew, just an observant person, so don’t bother going there.

      • They have been the victims only to those actions provoked by their sadistic actions. It seems you are neither educated nor observant. The probability that a single people be kicked out of nations roughly 109 times without probable and justifiable cause is nearly negligible. Many of the greatest minds of all times were aware of their characteristic seemingly pathological anti-social behavior.

        Their “victimization” is largely overstated (they love hyperbole, historically).

        “The Jew cries in pain as he strikes.”
        Palestine can attest.

        • funny, i thought he laughed in delight at the poor defenceless Palestinians suffering.
          (note the sarcasm)

      • Not all old jews were educated. Kike was a derogatory name for an uneducated jew given to them by their own people. Their obsession for education has come hand in hand with their need for their survive. You call me a Kike my friend then I call you a Kike as well.

    • because if you blame another nation, someone will always that you are wrong. blame the jews and all are happy.

    • Why have the Jews been kicked out of 88 different countries worldwide, why did they (NOT) want them colonising America, to stop it being destroyed, Jews build Nothing they don,t work, they destroy like parasites do. Did the Jew do Uss Liberty, study that, Did they do 9-11? Study that, who stupidly let them back to England? Crommel who took over Englands banks study that, who faked the holocaust study that. Ooh the poor Jew gets blamed for everything. Thats because they did it, its called the TRUTH. Do you actually know that word? What it means,
      1)The true or factual state of the matter.
      2)Conformity with fact or reality, verity.
      3)A verified or undesputable fact
      4)The state or chatachter of being true
      5)Actuality or actual excistence.
      6)An obvious or accepted fact; Truism, Platitude.
      7)Honesty, Integrity-Truthfulness.
      I hope that can make it clearer 🙂

      • You are hilarious. Honestly, how do you neo-Nazis come up with this stuff? I would love to know what goes through the mind of low-lives.

        • I use shaming tactics now and then as a joke, and then, I feel a little ashamed of myself.

          A good woman is extremely hard to find. Unlike the rare good woman, a bad woman uses shaming tactics.

          Jews use shaming tactics against all negative comments, whether their critics are ignorant bigots, or well mannered scholars. Their incessant use of the term “anti-semite” now sounds hollow, doesn’t it? Rather like the overprescription of antibiotics, their shaming language effectiveness is waning.

          Controlled opposition will break down at some point, mark my words. People are not yet hungry or desperate enough. But addicts – in this case the “Global Elite” – hungrily, and quite blindly and stupidly, and OPENLY, grabbing for ever more power and influence, can by definition NOT CONTROL THEMSELVES. This is the direct cause of the financial turmoil in the Global Economy, and it can only get worse in the current configuration. Mere shaming, propaganda, and marginalizing is the equivalent of begging a firing squad not to shoot by insulting the lengths of their penises. The outcome at that point is certain.

          Avarice will be the downfall of those on a runaway train of flaming doom, and it will sweep everyone tainted by it, even the innocent, into the dustbin of history. It actually already has, and will rinse and repeat until cleansed.

  • Poorly written and grossly inaccurate. Redcross records clearly show that only 271,000 jews died in Germany, mostly from Typhus. Not a single autopsy shows evidence of gassing. Ground penetrating radar shows no masses of bodies underground. Cremation takes 4 hours per body and would be impossible to burn more than 60,000 bodies in the timeframe, not to mention aerial photography from allied forces never showed smoke coming from the work camps. Wake up people. The holocaust is a giant lie. Jews are hated for being liars that feed off the rest of humanity (whom they refer to as Goyim or cattle)

    • Please read more history books. Read translated books from different countries. Read the meticulous records the Nazi Regime kept of their progress of racial cleansing. Please don’t publicly state that 2% of the worlds population has tricked many of the countries in the world that the Holocaust was the genocide of 6 million Jewish people. Were the other 5 million gypsy’s, gays, mentally disabled, etc. massacred a lie as well? Did they also lie to the world as minorities and trick billions of people into believing their far tales? Also, “Goyim” is from the Old Testament and means “the nations” referring to the other nations that are not of the Jewish faith. Not cattle.

      • Wow. How blatantly inaccurate you are. There are no “Nazi records of racial cleansing.” If you wish to refute, point me in the direction of this “evidence.” The rest of your drivel is built upon fallacies aplenty.

        First, the fallacy of personal incredulity; you cannot possibly imagine how such a small group could have perpetuated an untruth so large, that it couldn’t possibly be so. In fact, it has been done many times in the past, even relatively recently. The Katyn Forest Massacre is one instance.

        Next, you create a false equivalence.
        Those groups you described would likely not know what the Jews had purported to be a lie, due to either comparatively less large group cohesion (Gypsies) or to the lack of personal connection found in superficial characteristic categorizations (gays, disabled, etc.).

        Lastly, you finish with an etymological fallacy. “Goyim” historically is translated to mean what you have said. But recently, it has an undoubted pejorative connotation. Even further, because many people (even Jews themselves) associate the word with cattle, it has evolved to mean largely such.

        I assume you are a Jew. The characteristic rhetorical style is comparatively uncanny; using hyperbole to the extent of oblivion, attacking strawmen, and appealing to emotion (usually guilt) to divert and deflect.

        Sooner or later, the White Western nations are going to wise up and realize the utter affliction that is the Jew within their society. It is beyond lamentable that we must constantly relearn this lesson.

        And I await your cries of “racism,” “bigotry,” or even better “anti-Semitism.” The Jew is nothing more than a sadistic parasite, and he would be nothing without his gracious host, the White man.

        Also, the Nobel prizes as a whole are a joke. The fact that Jews use their high percentage of winners as intellectual superiority is laughable. Although what can you do when you have hardly contributed any great invention?

        • If the “Goy” ever get full knowledge of what the Joos are up to (I already know), what will happen will make Hitler look like a choirboy. I wouldn’t want to be a Joo.

          • i doubt you even know that the hebrew word “goy”, means nation. when jews use that word, they are merely saying, that you are of a different nation and have different beliefs.

          • funny, and you would hardly know whom Rashi is, never mind be able to read his works, nor those of another commentator on the torah, like the Talmud.

          • Love me some Bob, but the Talmud (along with Kabalism), and the Zohar, are among the most evil books written by man.

          • That is entirely incorrect.

            The term ‘goy’ translates to a single ‘nation’ or ‘people’, simply in reference to the nations of the world (Goyim being plural). Contextually it is often used today to refer to members of a nation that isn’t Jewish. Even Jewish writings, however, refer to the Jewish nation as a goy as well.

            Ignorance breeds hatred.

          • I am Muslim who will never accept the marriage with dog , as Arab I cant mixed my blood with dirty blood
            your husband definitely not an arab

          • Ha ha why don’t you go kill yourself so you can meet your 72 virgins, pshhhh your blood is just as dirty as your ridiculous Arab believes.

          • DNA research has shown – no – biological or physical difference between Israelis or their Arab neighbors, in any way. Any perceived difference is entirely in your own racist mind.

          • You idiot, she never said “arab”. Why are Muslims always taking credit for Arab inventions and arabs are taking credit for Muslim population numbers? Your combined insecurities are profound…

          • No, if your husband is Muslim, he is a “gay”, not a “goy”. Nothing racist there…except your racist Muslim husband of course…

          • Jewish writing refer to the Jewish nation as “goy”, but not “goyim”. In the context of Jewish matters, “goyim” refers to outsiders, the nations outside of the Jewish ‘nation’. So, you’re half right…

          • Are those the only commentaries you know about? In any case, both those books are written in “loshon hakodesh / the holy language”, and neither use nor translate the word goy.

          • incorrect. in the hebrew language, there is no word “gentile”. and since when does the word “Goy” mean cattle. furthermore, if Goy means cattle, why did you give it a capital?

          • Wrong, Goyim means “of other nations”. My Jewish friends explained this to me.
            Goy (English /ɡɔɪ/, Hebrew: גוי‎, regular plural goyim
            /ˈɡɔɪɪm/, גוים or גויים) is the standard Hebrew biblical term for a
            “nation”, including that of Israel. Long before Roman times it had also
            acquired the meaning of someone who is not Jewish.

        • In all of German-occupied Europe, there resided 2.4 million Jews BEFORE
          the war, according to the World Jewish Encyclopedia.

          After the war, 3.8
          million Jewish “Holocaust Survivors” were receiving pensions from the
          German government.

          Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

        • why no records? because the nazis destroyed as much evidence of their crimes as possible, by setting fire to the camps. however camp survivors have written accounts of the atrocities that went on there.

        • Would you hold on to incriminating evidence?
          I think not – especially if they were in your own files.
          What is tragic is that some of you don’t understand what ‘sweeping under the rug’ means. The Nazis got caught doing it.
          Lets forget all of the eyewitness accounts. I guess that hundreds of thousands thousands of witnesses mean nothing if they are Jewish.
          Oh wait – so a witness means nothing in court these days?

        • This guy clearly has an inferiority complex. if Jews have conspired to take over positions of power, their success in doing so is clearly not from lack of talent, and surely such talent explains how they have excelled in so many areas. if you deny that it’s the quest of every group to gain power and influence, then clearly you don’t understand human nature. The fact that you resent the Jews for succeeding in doing so only indicates your personal failure and inferiority complex as a human Being.

          • Jews are (not) Smarter than anyone else, they simply work together not for the common good of man but for evil underhanded reasons simply an evil Union, stole Warner bros stole Edisons film projectors walt disneys patents ect. Work together to destroy independent nations banks, like Assad, Syria, Libya, Iraq, All false flags to get dumbass Americans to fight their wars, (9-11, Pearl harbour, Uss liberty, Sinking Lusitania, the list is endless, when people finally wake up as is happening now, changing your name won,t help Kike, its called KARMA there will be (NO) place to hide!

          • Being deceitful and cutthroat. lying and being dishonest is only considered a talent among evil people.

          • Furthermore, those who deny the Holocaust, should at least admit their own stupidity. Why would Poland, a country that doesn’t necessarily love Jews, conspie to admit that the Holocaust happened and why would it help Jews recreate the concentration camp you can still visit today in Warsaw?

            Ehat about the Immaculate records kept by the Germans about their own atrocities, which they now repent for. Are you saying the Jews are so powerful, and that gentiles are such big pansies, that Jews brainwashed them into having false memories?

            did actually Jews around the world who survived the Holocaust and still have tattooed numbers on their arms today, go to a tattoo parlor and mass as part of some conspiracy?

            anyone who denies the Holocaust goes into the same heading and reality distorting category as people who say Obama was born in Kenya. and another thing, when you have to lie to validate your hate, perhaps you should Explorer for honestly your own insecurities that you’re afraid to admit are the real reason for your hatred. for example, I hate pedophiles because they exploit and harm children. that is factually accurate and all that I need to say. if I start saying they have horns, they drink blood, or create other mythology to justify my hatred, it starts to sound like my hatred is based on superstition,l and misunderstanding, as is the case with most anti Semitism.

          • I respect talent applied with diligence towards good works. Some of my personal heroes in science, art, litterature and philosophy may be Jewish.

            However, and this is a critical point.

            PAY ATTENTION!

            The Jewish Faith itself, appears to EXTOLL THE VIRTUES OF PREDATORY BUSINESS PRACTICES. What if a talented group of individuals, isolated and cohesive, formed a pact that no crime, however monstrous, was forbidden, AS LONG AS IT WASN ‘T COMMITTED AGAINST EACH OTHER? What if a fervent energy, day and night for thousands of years, was applied by the equivalent of a diabolical clan of Satan Worshippers, plotting the death of everyone but them? What if it was their job, their hobby, their art, their entertainment, THEIR REASON FOR LIVING, to make a human-free world. EXCEPT FOR THEMSELVES?

            THIS is the accusation. The accusation itself appears to anyone unaccustomed to the horrors of war as absurd. So why do we allow stricly Jewish controlled banking institutions to start and profit by wars? AHAH!

            I am not a small person at all. I respect and admire any effective person, REGARDLESS OF ANCESTRY, as long as their purpose is just – As long as they create real, solid, honest value, and that these admirable reasons are behind their celebrity, affluence, or even power. We SHOULD be led by such people. I aspire to be such a person.

            But if the success is in EVIL itself, it must be excised, however the method. The diagnosis comes first.

        • Holy fucking Christ, you vapid douchebag. Do you ever not speak bullshit? I’ve ignored most of the Nazi’s in the comments. But you, you brilliant asshole, have caught my attention. Your attempts at trying to pass off conjecture and nonsense as evidence is abhorrent. The part of that steaming pile of horse shit that you typed that I despise the most is where you try to defend your ravings by accusing Talkwme of using fallacies and not having evidence. The sure mark of a pseudo-intellectual is an inordinate amount of time spent trying to discredit another’s argument with talk of “fallacies” and ” evidence” while committing numerous of his own and having no evidence. Instead of shoring up your own position, you desperately attack his. I’m going to posit an argument, with evidence, since you seem to need spoon feeding, but I fully expect your retort to involve the corrupt Jew media and academia and what not. It’s easy to justify your hate and defend your argument if you can convince yourself that everyone else is out to get you. If the Holocaust was a hoax, then why did the Nazi’s never deny the holocaust? They tried to distance themselves, change their identities, say they were just following orders, but they never denied that the holocaust happened. Let’s take Rudolph Hoss, he was the commandant in charge of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943. He was captured in 1946, disguised as a farmer called Franz Lang. He cooperated fully with the allies, telling them all he knew. You might, in this moment, be thinking “he was coerced” so in an attempt to head that train off at the pass, I’ll say that a psychologist had examined Hoss and determined that he was apathetic. He had resigned himself to his fate. Here are his exact words:
          I commanded Auschwitz until 1 December 1943, and estimate that at least 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning, and at least another half million succumbed to starvation and disease, making a total dead of about 3,000,000. This figure represents  about 70% or 80% of all persons sent to Auschwitz as prisoners, the  remainder having been selected and used for slave labor in the  concentration camp industries.(Hoss’ affidavit for his Nuremberg trial). I’m also including a picture of hours affidavit. The link to records in the national archives doesn’t seem to be working, but I’m sure you get the point. So I ask you, if the Holocaust didn’t happen, or the numbers are wrong or what have you, then why did the Nazi’s themselves disagree with you? As for a list of inventions by Jewish people; Lasers, Mass-Energy equivalence, Capitalism, and vaccines for Cholera, the plague and polio. Are those inventions great enough? And if you’re wondering if I’m “one of them” I feel like I should clarify that I’m Irish and a Catholic.

          • The burden of proof lies on the individual making the claim of the existence of the event, not the skeptic. You must first understand this. The statistical determination of significance requires an adequate amount of physical evidence, and in the case of the Holocaust, the amount that exists or that has been provided is patently miniscule. Well-known Holocaust scholar Robert Van Pelt has said somewhat recently, “Ninety-nine percent of what we know [about the Holocaust] we do not have the physical evidence to prove. It has become part of our inherited knowledge.”
            The probability that such an event of a massive scale occurred (regarding 6 million purposeful exterminations) with practically no physical trace left to verify its reality is so tiny that any other hypothesis paired with parallel statistical and evidential circumstances would be discarded without hesitation. This did not occur because it was never examined under scrutiny while divorced from the enormous mass of emotion in which problematic bias is borne.

            Regarding Rudolf Hoess and his testimony/affidavit, this is a point of great contention as many would argue that it was coerced under duress after incredible amounts of torture. Many historians today now admit that he cannot be considered to be a reliable witness. Further, there are aspects of his confession that contradict facts and even parts that are absolute fiction, which only further alludes to the probable case that he was admitting to whatever necessary to avoid further harm.

            As you yourself know, Hoess claimed that 3,000,000 prisoners perished in Aushwitz. This is a claim that is unanimously accepted to be false. The officially accepted figure is now 1.1 million as it is even posted on the plaque located at the Auschwitz museum. This large difference in number is extremely odd, given that the Germans are famously meticulous record-keepers, and undoubtedly further implies a statement made under duress in the kangaroo court of the Nuremberg Trials.

          • The burden of proof lies on the individual making the claim of the existence of the event, not the skeptic. You must first understand this. The statistical determination of significance requires an adequate amount of physical evidence, and in the case of the Holocaust, the amount that exists or that has been provided is patently miniscule. Well-known Holocaust scholar Robert Van Pelt has said somewhat recently, “Ninety-nine percent of what we know [about the Holocaust] we do not have the physical evidence to prove. It has become part of our inherited knowledge.”
            The probability that such an event of a massive scale occurred (regarding 6 million purposeful exterminations) with practically no physical trace left to verify its reality is so tiny that any other hypothesis paired with parallel statistical and evidential circumstances would be discarded without hesitation. This did not occur because it was never examined under scrutiny while divorced from the enormous mass of emotion in which problematic bias is borne.

            Regarding Rudolf Hoess and his testimony/affidavit, this is a point of great contention as many would argue that it was coerced under duress after incredible amounts of torture. Many historians today now admit that he cannot be considered to be a reliable witness. Further, there are aspects of his confession that contradict facts and even parts that are absolute fiction, which only further alludes to the probable case that he was admitting to whatever necessary to avoid further harm.

            As you yourself know, Hoess claimed that 3,000,000 prisoners perished in Aushwitz. This is a claim that is unanimously accepted to be false. The officially accepted figure is now 1.1 million as it is even posted on the plaque located at the Auschwitz museum. This large difference in number is exceptionally odd, given that the Germans were famously meticulous record-keepers, and this further implies the statement was made under duress in the kangaroo court of the Nuremberg Trials.

          • Alan Dershowitz openly advocated for torture of American Prisoners. WITHIN THE LAST DECADE. A tortured man, will eventually say, write, sign anything, or die early, at which point it may be forged.

            Just as a DNA test of a rape kit, hard physical evidence trumps the testimony of a million witnesses.

            There was a progression of claimants for reparations against Germany that evetually grew to outsize the actual population affected. If you stand to get a cheque for a story of suffering, you might just make one up too, if you didn’t have high minded scruples.

            The real war criminals may have been the allies, firebombing whole German and Japanese cities, melting women and babies into the streets themselves.

            I am reaching the conclusion that beyond a mere fraud racket after the war, the Holocaust Legend is far more perverse. Jews may have pushed for firebombing civillians in annatyempt at ethnic cleansing. Jews Invented the atomic bomb, that was immediately used ON HUMANS. Jews placed German POWs after the war into enormous open-air charnal fields, where over a million starged to death and succumbed to disease.

            Thus, it is PROJECTION, a form of mental disorder, that claim Germans as a nation capable of a crime so monstrous, that in reality they themselves actually committed, but by a different

        • For current deffinitions, from wiki:
          Goy: English, Hebrew: regular plural goyim is the standard Hebrew biblical term for a “nation”, including that of Israel. Long before Roman times it had also acquired the meaning of someone who is not Jewish. The latter is also its meaning in Yiddish. It is also used to refer to individuals from non-Jewish
          religious or ethnic groups; when used in this way in English, it occasionally has pejorative connotations. However, many people do not see the term “goy” as any more or less offensive than the term “gentile”. However, to avoid any perceived offensive connotations, writers may use the better-known
          English terms “gentile” or “non-Jew”.

          To evidence,
          Jews (§5 of the First Regulations of the German Citizenship Law of 14 November 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt I, p. 1333) are prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.
          Firearms and ammunition found in a Jew’s possession will be forfeited to the government without compensation.
          The Minister of the Interior may make exceptions to the Prohibition in §1 for Jews who are foreign nationals. He can entrust other authorities with this power.
          Whoever willfully or negligently violates the provisions of §1 will be punished with imprisonment and a fine. In especially severe cases of deliberate violations, the punishment is imprisonment in a penitentiary for up to five years.
          For the implementation of this regulation, the Minister of the Interior waives the necessary legal and administrative provisions.
          This regulation is valid in the state of Austria and in the Sudeten-German districts.
          Berlin, 11 November 1938
          Minister of the Interior

          Do you suggest Jews wrote that law? Do you suggest they created the mechanism of their own demise?

          A link to US Army footage made when entering the camps,

          You say families and friends of other victims would not know of their fate. Talk to some. Read a book, read as many as you can by the ones who survived, Jews or not, and then suggest they’re ALL making it up. I dare you to.

          “And I await your cries of “racism,” “bigotry,” or even better “anti-Semitism.” The Jew is nothing more than a sadistic parasite, and he would be nothing without his gracious host, the White man.”
          Your comment speaks for itself, the very deffinition of a racist bigot, ignorantly displaying (and not even realizing the incredible hipocracy and oxymoronic nature of your two sentences) the phobia of racism itself.
          You just described who you are. No one else has to do that for you. Now go look in the mirror and scream “racist” as much as you want, your proud of it and it shows, you even upvoted yourself.

      • The holocaust was an exploitation of ww2 based on lies to justify Israel. The simple fact that questioning the holocaust is illegal is many countries proves this. A true history has nothing to hide from objective facts and the scrutainy of questioning minds. Only a lie would supress the alternative to continue it’s exisitance as a lie. The only conclusion is that zionists are behind this lie.

      • Why was the Jewish population more after ww2 than before? Only rats could overcome 6million deficit MMM Rats that figuresLol

      • You’re right, except you’re foolish to say that Jews are 2% of the world’s population. That’s absurd logic, at best…

      • They didn’t give them luxury accommodations, they jam packed them into those trains. Coal excess covered.

        • Did you happen to see the swimming pool at Auschwitz? The theatres, or the fake gas chambers changed (After) the war, or maybe they don,t show that on the propaganda tour? The walls that were demolished to make it one chamber? The chimney 100 yards from the so called gas chambers, the fact that Zyklon B only works & certain temperatures and was simply used to delouse the inmates! Or you simply another paid Kike to continue Rothschilds Bald faced lies? The proof is undeniable. Whats your motives to hide Bolshevik, atrocities gain millions of dirty Israheli terrorist $ The holodomor was the real holocaust. All wars instigated by Rothschild & the shabez Goi! Kol nidre don,t work fella!

          • Holodomor was applied against middle class people, freehild farmers under the Czar who did not fit the universal slavery Jew-devised future social experiment of the FORMER Soviet Union.

            Who is being erased as a class in America? The middle class. Why is that? They aren’t rich enough to fund hairbrained Jewschemes, and yet independent enough not to be controllable on the Dole of a Jew-run Welfare State.

            Bernie Sanders. He is a French guy, right? Oh no, wait, he has to be Swedish. Those are Socialist countries, right? Oh, thats right, he’s a….

      • This of course works both ways. However, every time I see our own government do something hideous, or even attempt it, it ends up being a Jew.

        Outlaw certain guns because of how they look? Jew

        Outlaw a certain size soda? Jew

        Advocate for human torture? Jew

        Federal Reserve QE? Jews

        There are other sources of problems in the world, no doubt. But these are my OWN OBSERVATIONS, not the writings of other people

        Alan Greenspan held his job for DECADES. How is that even possible? Because when you are a Jew, working in concert with other Jews towards a common goal, the law doesn’t appear to apply to you anymore, including the laws of social outcomes and chance and fate besides.

        • And how many atrocities have people from other religions committed?
          – Bomb schools full of innocent children- Islam
          -Blood crusades- Christian
          Does anyone condemn these religions for their horrendous crimes?

    • this is a very biased argument. i would recommend you read a book about the holocaust and what camp survivors went through. a good book is “the yellow star”

    • So you have been to Germany and personally visited the camps, the survivors, did researched, taken college courses on the Holocaust, and went to different Holocaust museums and on your own came up with the statement that it never happened? So all the speeches given by Hitler exampling what he was doing and countless Nazis confesses were lies as well? 6 million Jews just disappeared on a magic spaceship according to you?? Are you brain dead or were you dropped a few times as a child, please read a book for your sake or attempt to THINK before you SPEAK.

    • Dude; you’re just another denier – Get over it – it happened – talking to people like you is like talking to a rape apologist.
      Smell KKK anyone?

      • KKK-was founded by a Jew Moron Forrester, another Kike deception, Dude it NEVER happened its a Jew Lie, soon you will appologise and pay back trillions of dollars compensation, for your lies and communist bolsheviks murder victims, as well as Russias csars, Putin knows of the Jew. Thats why your pathetic media bags him,the Truth has long legs KIKE!

    • About 500,000 holocaust victims were German Jews in Germany. The remaining 5,500,000 or so were living in other parts of Europe that the Nazis invaded. The Nazis killed more non-Jews than Jews. They killed about 6 million people in Poland and only 3 million of those were Jews who lived in Poland, they also killed about 3 million non-Jewish Poles during the invasion. When they invaded the Soviet Union they killed about 13.5 million civilians through both direct violence and starvation as they blockaded Russian cities. Of those 13.5 million civilians, only about 2.5 million were Jews living in the USSR who were killed in the death camps. The remaining 500,000 or so Jews killed in the death camps were living in other parts of German occupied Europe. The Nazis also killed many more non-Jewish civilians in the parts of Europe they invaded.

      If you look at what the Nazis did to the Christian and atheist civilians living in Poland and the USSR, why is it so hard to believe that they would be just as inhumane to the Jews?

    • you my friend are a bit over the deep end…I don’t seem to remember them having photoshop back then… and you think hundreds of books were written describing the same thing but their all fake. keep your conspiracies and contact me if the aliens visit you any time soon

    • expounder, your ignorance is astounding. I have been to Auschwitz and saw with my own eyes the site of the horrible atrocities. I have been to Baba Yar, the monument to the slain Jews in Ukraine. The ground surrounding the monument continues to bubble and shift to this day because of the decay that is happening under the earth–Baba Yar is a MASS GRAVE of JEWS who were slaughtered in WWII. By Germans when the Ukrainians gave over their Jews thinking that the act would allow them to save themselves from the Germans. I actually saw the ground shifting there. How anyone in this day and age can deny the holocaust and the numbers that were slain by the Germans and the countries sympathetic to the Nazis, is just impossible to understand. Btw, cremation was NOT what took place… it was incineration with accelerants. GAS makes everything burn faster. There are countless accounts and PHOTOGRAPHS of the smoke that rose from the camps. Before you spew your ignorance about like a dolt, you might want to do some real research, from real sources. Ones that are endorsed by the Neo Nazis, are probably not the most reliable on these matters. Just sayin’. And most of the Nazi murders were committed in camps OUTSIDE of Germany… they shipped them to Poland etc…. so of course the red cross records would say that only a small number died in Germany. I am normally a very placid person, but such blatant idiocy, and lack of desire to learn the truth, really rile me up. Those who do not learn history, are doomed to repeat it.

      • Oh so you’ve been to Auschwitz? Unless you were there in the 40’s you have no idea what truly happened. You saw what you wanted to see, or what you were told you were seeing. The Soviets were the ones who concocted the so-called atrocities of the Germans to cover up their own atrocities. The Soviets murdered 60 million of their own people, ten times more than the Germans were said to have done. Yet Hitler is histories greatest demon? Why is that? Just remember the victors write the history books.

    • You’re bubble just burst and it took your mind for a ride way, way up in the sky because your sanity has just left the building world. Please take a deep breath, read reliable data, and when you stop denying that which has clearly happened, you’ll be welcome back on planet earth. Until then, shhhhh!

    • what do we lie about? name 1 thing and you will be proven wrong. plus jews don’t go around killing and hating on other people.

    • “Redcross records clearly show that only 271,000 jews died in Germany, mostly from Typhus.”

      Because the Nazis were covering it up.

      There are records of Nazi officials discussing the Holocaust – we know it happened, even if both sides have been lying about it (and they have).

      “Cremation takes 4 hours per body and would be impossible to burn more than 60,000 bodies in the timeframe”

      Every crematorium in Nazi Germany was not limited to burning only one body at a time. The crematoria were huge, and there were lots of them.

      “aerial photography from allied forces never showed smoke coming from the work camps.”

      Because the spy planes didn’t hang around doing a detailed analysis of what was going on in the death camps. They just took a few photos on a few occasions when they flew past. The crematoria wouldn’t have been running most of the time.

    • Although I would love to argue with you about the nonsense you have said, I would like to mention one point about your bracketed point. Goyim is not offensive it means nations, in fact it is the censored version from the time when the non-Jews controlled the printing of Jewish prayer books (they changed the Hebrew word Nochri, meaning a non-Jew, to Goy, meaning a nation). Also, I have a question – when and how do Jews refer to non-Jews as cattle?

    • It is always important to note that the imprisonment of millions of people, on the basis of association with schemers, criminals, and fraudsters by race/creed alone, resulting in confinement, forced work, and the deaths of a quarter of a million people in captivity, SHOULD NOT BE DISMISSED. When compared to an estimated 40 – 80 million lives lost due to WWII overall, it is however a mere drop of blood in a vast bucket of human suffering, loss, and waste.

      The magnification of the “Showa” into something of canonical religious significance, with legal and criminal penalties when the veracity of it is simply questioned, is a different sort of crime.

      Its not so much that the average Western person might show some “anti-semitic” tendencies. It is that at least at the level of leadership, International Jewery seems to have “anti-everyone-else” tendencies in both writing, speech and actions.

  • Yup, there’s a lot of jealousy in anti-Semitism. they’re over-achievers, the reason likely being as a minority they found out long ago that in a tie, they lose. so, they had to be clearly better. if you don’t like some particular jews, fine, but don’t blame the whole group. it’s a whole population containing everything from saints to crooks with most people in-between. the jews I’ve known were nice. best wishes to them all.

  • The writer’s grammar, spelling and presentation of these backpeddling lies to GLORIFY a tribe of criminals is pathetic and amateur. The writer’s English skills are sorry, and the lies they try to pass off to deflect the guilt of this tribe of murderers and satanists is laughable. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughter of the Russian and German peoples. No one, but jews, gained from the slaughters of WW1 and WW2. After murdering the Czar of Russia, his wife and children, then 40 million Christians by the jewish NKVD in less than 25 years, 22 million innocent Europeans murdered by them in WW2 by saturation bombings of Christian villages and cities, and they even murdered Lindbergh’s baby and blamed it on a German American man, to “teach” the Lindbergh’s a “lesson” about supporting National Socialism. They have been in power from the start and behind the slave ships and trade in Colonial America. They use the internet to data mine, spy and collect information on those whom might threaten their power, and assassinate anyone who is influential enough to share the truth regarding their deception to the world portraying themselves as the “victims”, when in actuality the polar opposite is true. All one needs to seal this truth is the Israeli Mossad’s own assertion and motto: “By Deception We Shall Rule”.

      • Change your name to Neanderthal – check out how their brain functions worked (theoretically at least).
        Very aware, but stuck in one mode of thinking.

        • wait I’m confused since when does calling someone stupid actually disprove everything someone says…if I say gravity is stupid does it mean it ceases to exist? No it continues existing even with one person who refuses to step out of the darkness

          • their first trick is usually to scour your texts looking for spelling mistakes on which to hinge their sophistry

          • Spelling, grammar and sentence structure is important to look at as it is a clue to the IQ level were dealing with. For example, all sentences should start with a capital letter. Don’t believe me? Ask any 6 year old.

          • spelling, grammar and sentence structure ARE important

            In this context it’s spelled “we’re” but your spell checker didn’t alert you because we’re is a word too

            You can’t start a sentence with “for example”

            By your own definition you have an IQ lower than a 6 year old. I’m guessing you must be one of those inbred jews I see being bussed around North London on the retard bus (at my expense)

          • Indeed, the assumption put forth by @celebrateyourgenocide:disqus is ignorant of the very grammatical skills he/she offers as correction.

          • “You can’t start a sentence with “for example””

            Ummm…yes you can. Any English professor will disagree with your pseudo-intellectual, falsely pedantic grammatical rules. Yes, we teach young children these things, to instill good habits in the usage of formal grammar…but that doesn’t apply to the proper use of English as a whole. We also teach children not to begin sentences with “and” or “but, but these are not improper grammatical structures, they are only introductory guidelines to prepare new speakers with basic writing guidelines to avoid mistakes. “For example” is absolutely an acceptable introductory statement (also an acceptable interjection), for anyone with an education in English higher than 7th grade (in the USA).

            By your own example you seem to follow the rules of a child with only basic training in the English language…

          • Fuck grammer, show me those numbers of the holocaust again . . . because I am not seeing it.

          • Only after we hang all the jews. We wont shoot you, we will drag you thru the streets and grate you to death slowly. Everybody hates your guts. Everybody. You are a cursed bunch of criminals. Your days are numbered. Kike.

          • you mean after you are dead hitller i hope you have a nice time in hell and yore ashes will be scottered all over the pacific ocean kike

          • While spelling and grammar are important, mistakes in this area do not define ones IQ.
            You might want to note, that even a five year-old would know to start sentences with capital letters.

          • Your IQ is so low you have to dig for it. You took a survey and failed it. You’re proof that human stupidity has no limits.

            North London did you say, Seven sisters tube stop? Been all over London the 3rd world shit hole of the UK. Too bad what happened there.

          • Spelling,or someone hitting the wrong key,or punctuation mark,is not a reason to berate someone. When someone has a different opinion than you do,that is all it is. Different. Just because they do not look at life through the same toilet paper tube you do,does not make them wrong.
            News flash to all you antisemitic bigots out there ‘Jew’ is not a race. Mose Jewish people are white. You talk about sentence structure etc. being a way to ‘judge’ someone else’s I.Q. yet people like you and others think nothing of using foul language like some ignorant Troglodyte to get your point across.I am not accusing you personally of cursing,but I have not doubt you would if you thought it would help.

          • being “semitic” is irrelevant its the collective cultural mental illness of paranoid narcissism that plagues the Jew

          • Yes, I do judge peoples intelligence level by their English skills and that includes you. For example, all sentences should start with a capital letter. Don’t believe me? Ask any 6 year old.

          • *we’re. Such an elementary mistake to make when trying to show how intelligent you think you are. Well done! I like a good laugh at peoples idiocy.

          • No its used as an excuse to deflect the truth. Jews are pathological liars, they dont even know they are doing it. This is the internet, not the next NY Times best seller trash. But this article sucks and doesnt really address the reality and gravity of the Jewish problem.

          • Spelling, grammar,* and sentence structure are* important to look at, as they* are* clues to the IQ levels* we’re* dealing with. If you’re going to correct someone, be correct.

          • Thats a distraction, put up or shut up. Jews have verbal diarrhea which is their only defense. They never defend themselves as they are not worthy of defending. They are the lowest of caucazoid creature. They are useless and bring nothing of value to this planet.

          • Actually people with sense, can see that jews are a) good for the economy and b) human just like you. Nowadays we like to consider people as being equal, we do not judge someone because of their race- unless you are simply racist.

          • Jews are a parasite on the “economy” they dont work honest work. they are criminal lawyers and doctors because they are sadists who will be hung in the streets and shot. “Acting” and entertainment, who cares ? What a waste of time and useless money. Its all one big jew racket. Like John Lennon said, “Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion.”

          • Who’s going to shot and hang them? You?
            Did John Lennon say that before or after he hired a Jewish lawyer to represent him?

          • Men of God of all races, will turn on the Mongolian “Jews” when they realize they are Mongolians and not semites. The French Muslims for one; Ill just hand them the rope and machetes. YOU wont be able to travel anywhere, they hate your guts, all you will have is your blind narcissism which will get you killed. Even John Lennon gave the roman salute to the German girls.

          • Thanks for your contribution, but if I had wanted to hear from somebody with your IQ, I’d be at my local supermarket talking to the vegetables.

          • Calling me names is far from intelligent. You can’t even answer the question I posted to you. What are you afraid of? I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

          • I can tell you are circumcised. That means you will never be able to please a woman ever again. If you even like women you jew fag lol

          • Jew boy ! With no foreskin. My dad was uncut. You have no foreskin, you fucking loser ! LOL !!!

          • You would know you’re dad was uncut. Judging by you’re hate and poor comments. I understand you’ve had you’re dad in you a few times. Did you like it

          • People the world over will slaughter the Jews for their treachery. I’ll watch and enjoy the moment.

          • Not to disagree or take measures to prevent such actions is like partaking in the events. For this reason you will be no better than the nazis- slaughtering unarmed men, women and children.

          • And, since the Jews are worse than the Nazis could ever be, I’ll take that tag as if a badge of honor. Jews are behind almost every war we have for it gives them great financial gain. Jews are behind the open borders to all white nations. Jews are behind the push of liberal filth such as homosexuality. Jews are behind the inter-marriage BS. All to destroy their most hated people: the whites. Why? Jealousy. Envy. Bitterness. We have everything they wish they were and they hate us for it. So, yes, you can call me not better than a Nazi for that is still heaps better than a Jew. Jews who ALSO slaughtered millions of unarmed men, women, and children throughout history.

          • Prove what I said was a lie or wrong. Only someone insecure in his position would resort to calling names as you did. Even the Congressional report after WW2 said the bankers started the wars to make money. Google, who owns the banks. Banking is a jew invention. Now, learn some respect if you want respect. Stating they started the wars is not disrespectful, it’s a fact. Calling people fucking retards is disrespectful and very childish. You will learn, but it might be too late.

          • Lmfao! You are too stupid. I’m not going to even engage in a discussion with you because you are just a piece of filthy shit. The most amusing part is that you say ‘name calling’ is childish and disrespectful and yet that’s all you’ve done all over the comments. You’ve spewed your nasty shit all over the place and yet you can’t take the same kind of insults you throw around, difference being, you wish death on people. What the actual fuck is wrong with you. What the fuck makes you any different from these fantasy Jews that you’ve been creating in your tiny little brain. You are the absolute worst kind of pathetic Christian keyboard warrior. Keep living your miserable little life hating Jewish people; they aren’t going anywhere, you miserable fucking cow. Ad hominem all the way, you’re too RETARDED to even talk to other than blatantly telling you that you are just a horrible, hypocritical, bigoted, shit slinging pig. Peace, bitch 🙂

          • The truth hurts.Most people have woken up and see the real terrorists.Follow the blood money and you will find the evil ones.

          • Tyler,
            It is so nice that you like to set aside quality time to humiliate yourself in public.
            Here’s a tip: no one will ever know that you’ve had a lobotomy if you wear a wig to hide to the scars; stop spewing your drivel on the internet, and learn to control the slobbering.

          • You are nothing more than a cunt hanging on to a belief that is simply not accurate. Noe stop lying to yourself and wither grow up of just get it over with and hang yourself!!!

          • As a devout Christian, I have another perspective. No matter what evidence you have to back up your points, spreading hateful remarks towards a mass group of people is completely delusional. While any educated person can argue with anything you just said, my purpose is not to debate with you or even try to change your mind. I encourage you to develop a relationship with the holy spirit and find love and peace within yourself. Your pain is very transparent through your intense anger towards millions of individuals you have never even met, many of whom are innocent men, women, and children, simply trying to build lives and families for themselves like you and I. This is one of my favorite Christian quotes regarding anger and bitterness that I pray you will internalize for your own well being. Blessings to you!

            “Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting God’s sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness.” ~ John C. Boger

          • I learn from a lot of people posting And you’re right about not being consumed with hate and anger. The Zionists run Americas equivalent of the Soveit gulag death camps called fe a camps so people may soon know the full deths of a religious pascifist death under that system. Doesn’t that anger you though that all these preachers tell the masses to support the Jews and Israel when they’re the ones tooling up to kill everybody not like the ?

          • Many Christians today don’t really know what they believe. I can guarantee they don’t pick up their Bibles and read nor do they look at the world and see what’s going on. Therefore they think they are doing what’s right. Unfortunately those in control know the laziness of today’s Christian. They create all these distractions and lies and Christians just take it for face value….deceived and asleep spiritually and in the ways of the world. Well, it’s going to be a rude awakening. Keep your eyes open.

          • Christianity has been hijacked and corrupted by the crypto Jews. Europe should wake up already, I’ m tired of Jews. Smh

          • If our lives have at all become pathetic and uneventful it is because of your kind. Better get ready though because the recoil is going to be a bitch, I promise you that!

          • Tyler, are you complaining about your sore stretched out rectum again?
            I think it’s a big step for you to admit your pathetic, small potatoes of a life sucks. Sorry for calling you a whore all those times. I didn’t realize a lack
            of love from your parents leaves a hole in your heart only dicks can
            fill. Have you sought help with a psychoanalyst yet?

          • Always talking about gay shit, there’s something so Freudian about that. You’re going to get yours, don’t worry, it won’t be long now…

          • Why anyone would bother with Jewish created psychoanalysis I can’t imagine. We need to root their ideas out of society not patronize them.

          • We don’t feel threatened by you so keep talking out of your ass because trust me there are people coming for you Charles molester

          • Non jews will rise up and snipe the evil jews. They will do what the jews do all the time, stab you in the back when you are not looking.

          • Hitler was meant to fail. Hitler was a jew agent. Another reason to hate the jews. lol Jews are heartless creeps.

          • Hitler was a Jew and lived in Argentina as an old man while he let Germany burn and get raped!! You’ll always fail Jews always lmao.

          • … “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,.Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”—-Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas Council of Torah Sages during a sermon delivered Oct. 2010 in Jerusalem

          • This is true, It was posted in the Jewish Times. Seven hundred to eight hundred thousand attended his funeral. They worshiped the man. This gives some insight to a LOT of Jewish beliefs.

          • They are responsible.They won’t let NJ have sports betting.We changed our Constitution.Two-thirds of our population voted for it.90 per cent of our legislature voted for it.The Governor signed it.All of this was 5 years ago.

            The Jews bought off Federal judges to stop us.So far,they’ve been successful.

            Sports betting means nothing to you because you lack the necessities.

            If your alleged genius,Einstein,were to see my work,he’d scratch his yarmulke and say:”Oy! This is way above my pay grade.”

          • Nazi cont ignoramus delusional psychopath go get your head evaluated Charles molester in the gas chambers that’s insane banker

          • I too am a Christian. Yes we are here to forgive and love. Part of the Jewish people I believe are just everyday people who are doing the best they can…we are not talking about them…nor children. They haven’t done anything wrong yet to be judged. We are talking about the ones in the Bible….those who are liars who claim to be Jews but are not. Most of the Jews now are not even blood jews. Their mitochondrial DNA shows they originated from Europe not where blood Jews originated from. Jesus himself were against the Jewish leaders saying the we’re not from God, but instead the synogogue of Satan. You have believed the Zionist lies in which we as Christians should support Isreal….well Isreal isn’t even Isreal. Study historical geography. Go pick up a *non-Zionist controlled* history book. You’ll see that Christian Americans are supporting the false jews. They commit ungodly atrocities so why would God say to support them? The Ashkenazi false jews tried to exterminate the real blood jews. Their numbers are only about 20% of the Jewish populace ..these are the real jews and those will come back to God as listed I the Bible. In other words they will follow Jesus and become Christians. The Christians will be deluded and follow this false Isreal and it’s people to the beast’s control. Christians will throw their faith and support to the Beast because he will be well-spoken, well-liked and powerful (which is why the Jews follow him…because he will get them their worldly dominance). It’s all written in the Bible. Have you ever wondered why the world is transitioning from atheism to “just as long as you believe God exist and you’re a good person you’re set”. It’s satanism. Don’t commit. Just try to save yourself through “good acts”. We cannot save ourselves. Also the LGBT push. It’s leading us into a Sodom and Gomorrah like state of being. Just as listed in the Bible. Everything good is considered bad and everything bad is considered good. It’s backwards. Furthermore, the rapture is also a NWO twist on the Bible. Those left behind are the Christians. Those who are plucked are the sinners…
            Even the Freemason Albert Pike who created the 3 world wars which the NWO/Zionists/freemasons/illitists/satanists follow show that most Christians don’t have a compass a will throw their belief into Lucifer. Even today people are taught to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs no matter how twisted such as in the LGBT agenda. That’s going to lead to pedophilia and beatiality. Mark my words. Jesus wouldn’t have tolerated these evils. He would be telling people to not sin and come back to him….yet to be a good Christian nowadays your not suppose to have a spine or an opinion. We may love, forgive, turn the other cheek and value the life sinner and the saved alike, but make no mistake, you still need to be faithful to the Lord and go to the world telling them of His word. If you are tolerated the LGBT movement you aren’t doing your job! Love the sinner. They are lost just like we are. Show them direction and hope and salvation. Be bold in Jesus and follow His word….not the word of religious groups or ethnicities.

          • You forgot something. Jews suck an eight day old baby boy’s penis after they cut off the for skin. This is done in the name of religion, where as, if an old man came into your home, snipped off your baby boy’s penis, sucked it in the name of religion, he would be hunted down and killed and nobody would think twice about it. Jews hate Christians and consider every non Jew to be a beast of burden to serve them. Jew’s are worse than a sewer rat and supporting Israel is our biggest mistake. If the Jews insist upon having a home to return to, I would suggest they all move there, otherwise, who deserves to have their own country? And to claim that they are the “Chosen Few?” Well, those are fighting words and they bring all of this upon themselves. Just my opinion.

          • I believe that method comes from San Fransisco.. Its the progressive liberal way of saying hi…If you think Most Jews hate Christians I think you are wrong ..Some do just like many other people hate others for stupid reasons. yours is proof. as for Jews saying they are the choosen few..who cares..its their belief ,,what does it actually do to you? anyone? long as they dont think like a NAZI i could care less..Or a commei . marxist. or socialist..Im ok..I will stay with Christ..I make mistakes like all people and believe in him to forgive them what in that belief would hurt anyone?…. I dont care what you believe.. as long as you feel there a consequences for your actions ..another words, belief in a God that will hold you responsible for them and NOT believe in MANS God Like OBAMA /Hitler/ Stalin/MAO/POL POT etc.

          • You forget..or didn’t know perhaps…that the people who created nazi, marxism…were jews…Hitler was the illegitimate child of a rothschild, stalin also jewish. They are the puppets put into power…

          • Hitler was the illegitimate child of a rothschild, stalin also jewish. You are proof that there is no limit to human stupidity

          • Most of these people are not Muslims, they’re stupid white people and the saddest part is they all think they know about Jews.

          • Jews hate Christians, its in their rabbinical writing that they have covered up hundreds of years. When the rest of humanity wakes up, you wont be able to give your ugly evil eye. They will hang you from the nearest tree branch.

          • Looks like you satan worshipping muslims are running scared.

            Of course being muslim requires absolute and total cowardice (quran well and truely proves its a lie) together with a mix of delighing in evil.

          • “Jews suck an eight day old baby boy’s penis after they cut off the for skin.”
            A total Internet lie. Made up by a fool for other fools to believe.

          • Not true. there have been many reports of babies dying of herpes. Look up “Blood sucking Mohel freaks” They literally suck the blood of the cut off foreskin.

          • I don’t look up lies. You made the shallow statement, you prove it and while you’re at it, prove to us that people die from herpes. That’s a new one.


          • You don’t seem to get too many positive ratings. I wonder why people aren’t agreeing with you in droves what with all your neat little bullshit stories and blatant denials and such. You’re a genius Mark.

          • That’s because blogs like this attract people of a lower IQ and intellectual level. You’re the proof of that. My neat little retorts are based on fact and not anti Semitic fiction and fairy tales.
            Jews only make up one percent of one percent of the world population. They are out numbered by bully’s, assholes, mental cases, and ignorant hate mongers like you.
            Lies like sucking baby dicks were made up to cover up the fact that many priest are pedophiles and force young Christian men into weird perverted sex. Sorry, you can’t blame the Jews for that.

            now tyler, Wipe your mouth, there’s still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips.

          • Mark I am neutral in this argument. But people have shown you links and news articles about babies acquiring herpes because of a specific circumcision ritual practiced by a certain sect of Jews. And you have done or said nothing to refute the factual claims??? why?

          • More cases of infant herpes from jewish rituals:


            “Severe and even fatal forms of herpes, with generalized disease and nervous system involvement, can develop in newborns or in those with immune deficiencies (such as those with AIDS or certain cancers)”

            Maybe Mark should focus on arguing with his usual audience, 5 year olds since his worth in this conversation has been proven numerous times to be of nil benefit – by personal insults? Nay, by the facts themselves which refuse to be accepted.

          • I’m not going around putting my herpes infested lips on infants. Mirror check complete, jury satisfied, your attempt to make this conversation about about character – failure.

          • Resorting to personal attacks in the absence of coherent counter argument does not a convincing case create.

          • Apparently nothing… all that is apparent is a lack of substance emanating from your fingertips unto the keyboard which will be painfully clear to anyone reading this and that my worthless friend is good enough for me. Good day sir!

          • you are a dumb kike who will never get it because you are brain damaged from circumcision. fagboyjew.

          • Go back to your single wide trailer and put your sheet on and try to figure out why you hate just for the sake of hate.What a pathetic human being you are.

          • No no no, I only hate the jew. I love all my other brothers and sisters, no matter what race they are. They all hate the jews too. Oh and the KKK was founded by a jew confederate, Judah Benjamin . Its only a matter of time before they turn on you too.

          • The problem is that you don’t know the difference between a regular Jew and the hasidic/ultra orthodox Jew. Don’t lump all Jews in with the crazy ones with the hat/beard/rituals. Over half of the Jews in the world are secular and not into all the cult stuff.

          • Secular jews are the worse because they are the first to drop dimes on gentiles. They intermingle. I hate them the most. They are self serving narcissists pieces of shit. Quacks, con artists, all of them.

          • yeah as a fellow paygan i agree with this guy 100% those cunts got some real fuckin issues kinda wish egypt did its job listened to thier gods and killed all of them instead of keeping them slaves if you have a bad dog you should just put them down

          • does it matter, there is sect that suck the penis off of children. Why when someone points out something that is true people try to downplay it?

          • “Many” – no this was an isolated incident. But Catholic priests have been sucking off little boys on a grand scale. Twat

          • No asshole, rabbis cut the penis and suck the blood that is a FACT. They are screaming homosexual pedophiles who rape their own boys. I know because I hear their stories of woe. Its also covered up in the newspapers. I live near jews, I know what the God damn rabbis think, they are psychotic. Anyone who genitally mutilates their children are insane. The popes are jewish . Why do you think they wear yarmulkes, you God damn fucking idiot !

          • Its a rite passage, it goes on ALL THE TIME. Why do you think they take the babies out of the room from the mother and father ? Ill tell you why, so the parents dont see what they are doing to their babies. But parents are idiots.

          • There’s no point of having a dispute with her she is clearly mentally unstable and nothing we can do about it cuz you so busy in the gas chambers with Hitler she’s straight out of her ass

          • Isolated incident. Meanwhile, how many Priests have molested little boys? Can’t even count that high

          • Its true, the mohel is commended by rabbinical rubbish to suck the babies penis blood. They are satanists.

          • You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.
            Nobody sniped off a babies penis but we all know that priest do like to suck them now and then.

          • How was last night with Hitler rapeingredients you nazi cont ignoramus delusional psychopath go get your head evaluated in the gas chambers now that’s a record we never heard of

          • You forgot that Priests suck little boy’s penises every single day in large quantities. They rape them. Jews don’t hate Christians at all. So many happy Christians living in Israel. Jews wrote all your Christmas songs. Jews produced all your Christmas movies. Jesus was a Jew. Now, go fuck yourself.

          • Jesus was not a Jew, first of all the Catholic Church is hijacked by them, notice how they never called them out lmao. The new pope is from Argentina he’s a Jew!!

          • Where are the blood Christians? When did the fake Jews try to exterminate the real Jews? Can you give me a link to this laughable sweeping statement?

            By the way genius, you spelled Israel wrong.

          • I know. I’m tying fast on my cellphone after going 24 hours with little to no sleep. So there is no way I’m going to write everything grammatically correct…and I’m too tired to care.

            Christians are not tied to tradition stipulations of this world…it’s eternal spiritual salvation. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity…it matters if you love the Lord.

            As far a’s the fake Jews killing off the real jews, I always tell people to do the research for themselves and critically think. Come up your own conclusions. Look up khazar genocide against the sephardic jews…you won’t find it on the zionist controlled main stream media either.

          • A poor excuse for being an idiot. Here’s how adults do it. You make a stupid statement, you have to prove it. Nobody wants to look up your lies.

          • I really think you’re just trolling. All you do is state insults…just talk to me and have a normal conversation without all the insults. Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you get so upset over this? I just want people to be informed and prepared for what’s coming.they can heed the warning or not…it’s up to them. Your different though. You go out of your way and try to get under people’s skin…why? I really am curious about where your coming from and your view. I don’t hate you…we aren’t enemies…just talk..

          • Yes Mr Muslims anne jay, when a poster shows the character and nature of a demon, lying mocking gloating, delighting in mischief…..ITS A MOOOO SLIME.

            You muslims are such cowards

          • Poor mr muslim, critical thinking half asleep, nay, allmost comotose, is sufficient to see what a lying immoral it your are.

          • Anne, was your cell phone made in Israel? Most of them are. You won’t find “khazar genocide against the sephardic jew” because it never happened. Thanks for your contribution though, but if I had wanted to hear from somebody with your IQ, I’d be at my local supermarket talking to the fruits and vegetables which are also Zionist controlled.

          • Name calling is so immature and you spelled Israel wrong.
            Lets see how smart you are.
            Name me one leader of Palestine before 1967 or try to answer these questions before you make yourself look moronic.


            1. When was it founded and by whom?

            2. What were its borders?

            3. What was its capital?

            4. What were its major cities?

            5. What constituted the basis of its economy?

            6. What was its form of government?

            7. Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before

            8. Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose
            existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for

            9. What was the language of the country of Palestine?

            10. What was the prevalent religion of the country of

            11. What was the name of its currency? Choose any date
            in history

            and find the approximate exchange rate of the
            Palestinian monetary

            unit against other world currencies on that date.

            12. Have the Palestinians left any artifacts behind?

            13. Do
            you know of a library where one could find a work of Palestinian literature
            produced before 1967?

            14. Finally, what caused its demise and when did it

            15. If the Palestinians are anything other than Arabs
            collected from all over the Arab world, if they have a genuine ethnic identity
            that gives them right for self-determination, why did they never try to become
            independent until Arabs suffered defeat by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War?

          • I dont care to spell a fraudulent name for a fraudulent organized crime syndicate. Palestinians are Christians, they dont need leaders like scumbag jews. Jesus was their leader. Jews are anti Christ, I hope and pray they will rise up and kill all of you. Traitors to God and Jesus, you God damn jew asshole..

          • I was wondering, does your ass ever get jealous of all the shit that comes out your mouth?

            Palestinians are 90% Muslim you idiot. Do the research.

          • Most Christians in America get circumcised, as well. It’s healthier and prevents cancer. Every hospital does it.

          • I just did but you are dumb fucking jew who has to have everything explained to him. Sorry not today bitch

          • Answer – Jews are fags , any jew who gets his dick cut by another jew pedophile
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          • Please tell me you’re under 12 years old. If you’re older, wow. An embarrassment to the human race.

          • I have some friends coming over for dinner tonight. I would like like to make falafel for them. I suspect some of them could be Jewish (or have Jewish tendancies) any suggestions on how I should prepare the meal?

            I’m a chef by the way, but have no religious background.

          • There is a special on dog meat at my local Halal butchers, would this be an appropriate filler/dip?

          • poor satans cowardly muslim, palestine comes from philestine, an insult the romans called the jews.

            The word means foreign invaders so in fact satans muslims are all philestines.

            Of course having no legal right to the land, muslims only started calling themselves palestinians in 1969.

          • Good one Mark, however it was 1967 when they started with their new name to replace the word Arab. Even Arafat was an Egyptian Arab.

          • Jesus called Jews of the devil (satan) liars and murderers. John 8:44 KJV. Dont throw pearls before these jewish swine. They are farm animals who cant feed themselves. They will never get it.

          • Jesus WAS a Jew. If he called anyone names, he was talking about religion.. not ethnicity… because he was ethnically Jewish.

          • Congratulations! You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to human stupidity
            Such a expert on DNA, Zionist lies and Jesus and yet you can’t even spell Israel correctly. You are a deluded twisted moron and like many of the posters here in great need of English lessons and a psychoanalyst

          • Go pick up a *non-Zionist controlled* history book.
            Surely you have lost your grip on reality. And learn how to spell Israel you moron.

          • I wish I could agree with you but we’re talking about all the AskeNAZI fake jews. Only 3% of the world’s “jews” are actual Abrahamic Jews. Those people have to hide their heritage because the AshkeNAZIs have been systematically killing them off for years so they can steal their land and hide the truth. If you think any of those people just want to be all happy go lucky go read the Talmud or Youtube “How jews threat Christians in Israel”. You’ll see just how normal and friendly those inbred monkeys are. They are nothing but pure filth, a cancer on the Earth.

          • Just when I think, “Surely this person has reached and encapsulates the limits of Internet tedium” you go and push the boundary even further.
            I refer to your latest discharge of plebeian verbiage; in which, you have proven, once again, that there is no such thing as unutterable nonsense.
            Clearly, you have lost your fingertip grip on reality and have descended into an abyss of irreversible lunacy.

            Like you have read the Talmud.

            “AshkeNAZIs have been systematically killing them (Abrahamic Jews) off for years so they can steal their land and hide the truth”.
            Lets see the link to this amazingly hilarious quote. Where do you get this goat shit from? Do you pull it out your ass?

            I mean it’s so stupid and wrong it’s funny and shows how unbalanced you are. I don’t need to put you down, your fantasy’s and quotes do that for me. Here’s what a link looks like lil tyler,
            Can’t wait to see one of yours. I won’t be holding my breath.
            What part of the country do you live in? I’m asking so I never go there.

            Keep typing. Maybe, someday, you’ll randomly type something semi-intelligent.

          • You’re talking about the crazy Hasidic Jews who most Israelis HATE. Most Israelis hate all the government hand outs that go to those insane Hasidic Jews. Those are extremists you’re talking about. Every faith has them.
            About your dumb conspiracy theory …. If you seek truth, here it is.. not as exciting: We have the 2 main types of Jewish ethnic divisions: Ashkenazi (which means Germany) and Sephardic (which means Spain). During the 1,000+ years of diaspora of Jews from the Middle East, many Jewish communities were established by settlers around the world, often at great distances from one-another..resulting in longterm isolation from each other. Those communities developed under their local environments. 2 main centers of Jewish populations were in modern-day Germany and Spain. Although, the Jews spreading into Spain is most associated with the diaspora, which began after the Roman conquest of Judea, in 70 A.D., immigration from Judea into the area can be dated before the destruction of Jerusalem, and no matter which dates you prefer for the settling of the sephardic Jews in Spain, this group settled in Spain, LONG BEFORE the Khazar empire ever existed. Germany was also an area that over time, many Jewish people settled in. It became one of the few places in the world where Jewish people thrived.

            The Khazars were made up of tribes from various ethnic backgrounds (that’s a lot of people for you to hate, by the way.. all mixed in there). Yes, the royal Khazar family converted to Judaism in 1300. Jews themselves, contested to this for many years before conspiracy theorists started using it to spew hatred. Modern archeologists have also confirmed what Jewish historians have been saying the whole time. This conversion to Judaism does not prove that today’s Jews are them at all. The amount of people in the country that converted to Judaism with the royals was small and might just have been the royals, for nobility. It couldn’t have been the entire country, since all historical accounts of that area show that it was a melting pot of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It really doesn’t even matter. The question in regard to this theory is: did they migrate to Europe in mass to become what is known as the Ashkenazi Jews. Well, this can be tested.

            Conspiracy videos and sites, which attempt to convince people of this theory simply say that the Jews are supposed to be brown and the Khazars were white. And Ashkenazi Jews are also white, so the case is closed. Setting aside the idea that Khazars were white (ha.. more likely Asian features), there are other problems with this idea. First off, common parentage is different from race. If I married an Asian woman and had a child who married other Asians, these children would be my descendants. If we divorced and I married an African woman, and my children married people of African descent, they would also be my descendants. One set of my descendants would be racially Asian and the other would be racially African (but both would be my descendants). Today’s Jews say they are descendants from Abraham and the patriarchs, whatever their race. Race is not the issue. The issue is descent, and it’s pretty sweet that we can now test people using modern technology. Guess what? The “Khazar” theory is already being debunked by real scientists (not YouTubers sitting in their mom’s basement). Genetic testing is destroying that ‘thirteenth tribe theory” and is also offering dramatic proof to the biblical account of history, as well. Genetic testing of Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Samaritans (the ones who never even left Israel) reveal a common ancestor. And that ancestor traces back to the same area of the Middle East and same time in history. The most amazing part of this genetic research is in regard to the Kohanim (ppl with the last name Cohen). They are allegedly descendent from from Moses’s brother, Aaron… they were the priests. People today with that last name claim they descend from this man, 3,000 years ago. They are great test subjects for the DNA research because they were very particular about no marrying outside the tribe. The Y chromosome is one of the two that determine sex (passed from father to son). The son would get a Y chromo from the dad and an X from the mom. A daughter would get the X from the dad and an X from the mom. Since Y is passed from dad to son, all Cohen men should theoretically have identical Y chromosomes.

            Genealogical DNA tests can reveal the amount of time since a common ancestor and what region the man lived in. The study in 1997 published in the Journal of Nature showed genetic similarities btw Ashkenazi and Sephardic Cohens, pointing to a common Cohen population before the diaspora under the Roman empire. Then MANY more studies have been done to confirm this. A 2009 study demonstrated that 46.1 % of Kohanim carry Y chromosomes belonging to a single parental lineage that likely originated in the Middle East, well before the dispersal of Jewish groups and the diaspora.

            There was a striking contrast between the high frequency of this gene and Jewish populations and its vanishingly low frequency in the sample of non-Jewish populations that hosted Jewish communities outside the Middle East. So, a Jew might look like its host population but is genetically very distinct. What’s cool is they also found this connection with the Cohens that have lived in Israel continuously this whole time (Samaritans). This is such a blow to the Khazar/13th Tribe theory and to those who want to say that Jews don’t have at least a claim to Israel. Even serious critics of Jews are coming to terms with this data…. David Duke (KKK) who used to be obsessed with the Khazar theory, has recently admitted that “genes don’t lie.” He’s still attacking Jews anyway. So, the Ashkenazi population, by and large, has the same Jewish genes as the Jewish populations all over the world, and this is the death nail to the theory that Ashkenazis descend from Khazars. The entire premise is wrong. This doesn’t mean that Khazars played no role in community development. As with most lies, they often contain an element of truth. The genetic test in the Ashkenazi population did show that there was a possible connection to a very minuscule amount of the population that migrated from that area, which was to be expected. But those refugees would have been very small. The Khazars largely disappeared as a distinct people. It doesn’t matter anyway because there is no possible way, with the genetic evidence, that Ashkenazis originated with Khazars. Despite different races of Jews, they are linked by descendant genes from the middle east. Next, we can understand it by genetic language. Yiddish was spoken by early Ashkenazi Jews and by tracing Yiddish migration, we can trace Ashkenazis. Yiddish is a Germanic language with a mix of latin and Hebrew. It uses the Hebrew alphabet. It’s very similar to that of the Sephardics who spoke ladino. If Ashkenazis really descended from the Turks of Khazaria, the Khazars left no evidence in the language, would be unheard of in historical linguistics. Yiddish has no resemblance with the language of the Turks. And there’s absence of any cultural influence. You might even say that this would be an impossibility. Those who say that Ashkenazis are not real Jews also don’t know much about the Jewish religion, especially concerning the treatment of converts. Race is not the issue. The issue is descent.

            Next.. if you’re actually going to say that Israelis should leave Israel, then you should also demand that arabs also return the land they “stole” in the 600s and beyond… abandon north Africa, flee from the Lavenant, exit from Syria, and egress from Iraq. They can vacate Sudan, and all return to Arabia… If we are trying to be fair. Thats just the arabs. Turks need to go back to Mongolia and they should also return Asia Minor to the Greeks. Iran should go back to the Zoroastrians… this is getting complicated. How about the fact that Jews lived in Afghanistan before the time of Islam. Today, there’s only one Jew living in Kabul. Should Jews reclaim Afghanistan? where did ALL those original Israelites go?? Ha.. they were already there and still are. Lots of Jews in Israel look middle eastern and Ashkenazi Jews look like white Arabs. Of course, some people from Eastern Europe migrated there… just like everywhere else. Just like.. um…. AMERICA. It’s hardly filled with indigenous/Native Americans. How about we just give America back to the Native Americans? Let’s all get out of here now.

            Arabs who lived in “Palestine” immigrated to it, residing with indigenous Jews and through countless occupations of Ottomans, Romans, Babylonians, Hellenists, Templars, Persians, etc., were never native to Israel. Even Mark Twain’s writings as well as photos of Jericho, Ramallah, Hebron, etc., from the 1800’s show that area being an EMPTY patch of land: a few Bedouins, Nomads, Druze, Christians, and Muslims, but mostly religious Jews. The whole Palestinian narrative is inaccurate. Israel was created by a BRITISH MANDATE and the United Nations voted for a partition plan. Two states were offered. Guess what happened on the Palestinian end? The Palestinians rejected it and waged war from six different countries. From Jordan to Egypt to Syria to Lebanon. Israel fought a war against six countries to keep it. Had the Palestinians accepted the 1947 mandate (half of Palestine), we would have two countries since then — and no conflict. But they wanted the whole country. They wanted to “drive the Jews into the sea.” This is why Palestinians continue to live without their own country. And now the Palestinians elected Hamas as their governing body, a terror organization. If Hamas actually wanted a two-state solution instead of the complete destruction of Israel and Jews all around the world (it’s clearly written in their charter), peace could come easier. Israel has tried peace many times. Again… in 2005, Israel withdrew and 29,000 Jews were yanked out of their homes in Gaza. Israel EVICTED its own citizens in hopes for peace. In 2012, Israel gave them 2,000 tons of concrete to build buildings and what was built instead?? Concrete terror tunnels. The 1967 conflict was started by the Palestinians. The current problem is Hamas. There are many leftists inside Israel that don’t want to fight / don’t want any wars. But Israel must have a strong military because they’re always being threatened by terror attacks. Israel would never bomb Gaza if Hamas didn’t fire 12,000 rockets a week. In fact, Israel agreed to all the cease fires from the very start, but Hamas rejected it.

          • I wish you could tell it to Hitler. Who gave you the right to decide who’s Jewish and who’s not? Idiot

          • Again, I’m baffled. How can YOU be what you call a “Christian” Christianity is just a religion created by others who felt it could be useful. You are a human being. A person, not a religion. Why do some human beings feel a need to follow what others say is right or real. Can’t you not just be yourself?

            Someone wrote a story and you believe it. Fair enough – but why? Forget all of the stories written about any man-made religion and just be yourself.
            Enlightenment doesn’t come by following the belief’s of others, it comes from within yourself.

          • Is than John C. Boger, son of Rev. Paul and Alma Boger of Michigan?
            Sounds familiar.

          • Obviously you read the wrong bible. Jesus commanded to bring his enemies forth and slay them.

          • “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,. Why are
            gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will
            sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”—-Rabbi
            Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas Council of Torah Sages during a sermon delivered
            Oct. 2010 in Jerusalem

          • The Jews are stopping me from using my gift from God to make money:Picking winning sports teams.I can’t move to Oy Vegas because I lack melanin.

          • Banking was a Christian invention, but they couldn’t do their own banking so they hired Jews. Boy are you a dumb ass nazi. Uggg.

          • So what are you, the product of incest (many kkk types are), a nazi?, or probably most likely, a muslim in disguise?

          • The KKK was founded by Albert Pike, a freemason (meaning a khazar jew) and the NAZIs were khazars as well, NAZI comes from AshkeNAZI. Hitler was a Rothschild meaning a khazar zionist stooge as well. We all have the truth and access to this information, why do you refuse it? You love sucking satan’s cock you say? Enjoy!!!!

          • George Washington was a Freemason, all the Presidents were. I guess that would make all the Presidents Khazar Jews.
            Where is this information, lets see a link. How come you only know about this information. Is it because everyone else is intelligent and you’re the lunatic here?
            Why is it acceptable for you to be a blithering idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?

            is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to
            point it out? – See more at:
            is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to
            point it out? – See more at:
            is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to
            point it out? – See more at:
            is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to
            point it out? – See more at:

            is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to
            point it out? – See more at:

          • So your one of satans muslims, ok.

            We also know what muhamad did with other men and boys (hadith)

            Funny how muslims accuse others of what filthy muhampig did.

          • What that you are a prostitute nazi banging Hitler for a living in gas chamber leading straight to hell

          • Typical fake-jew khazar, has to bring out anatomical insults to pepper up her fledgling performance and lack of facts.

          • Ha ha! You idiot. I can’t believe you are fooled by the KKK. Khazars were Muslim. And insults? I see plenty of insults against Jewish people here by you! I’ve had enough of you white supremacists. If you say we have all the power, and the only thing stopping you is that you’re not Jewish, then amass a yalmukah for 6 months, amass a whole ton of power and money and then take over the world! They don’t blood test Jews, so If it’s that easy, you could do that for 6 months. Then you’d be rich, you’d be like Hitler, and you could finally take over. It shouldn’t be that hard for you, since Jews make up less than 2/10’s of the world population.

          • Race is a social construct. It was invented by people before Christ to justify slavery aka cheap labor. The Western Europeans back then who considered themselves “white” declared themselves as “privileged” so they could oppress minorities which included not only Jews, but African Americans, Eastern Europeans, and even Catholics. The definition of “the white race” has thus changed overtime. Unfortunately, this misconception of race is prevalent today among the uneducated, ignorant bigots like you. I pity people like you who have so much anger towards an entire group of people simply because of their religious/ethnic/racial background. You must be a very unhappy person. I recommend some serious counseling. Best of luck.

          • Jamie, do what your hero Hitler did and play Russian roulette with a full chamber right after you get drunk with that alcohol guzzling has been Gibson.

          • Follow the money and you will find the true terrorists of this world.It sure isn’t Muslims.False flags,murder,theft,deceit,That is why some people hate this maggot race of serpents and devils.

          • Muslims and Jews are not a race but if you want to talk about space, let’s start with the one between your ears.

          • Jews are a race or at least they were before your kind came along, started pretending to be Jews and then murdered off most of the real Jews. When I see you in public I’ll make a large space between your ears for free.

          • Thank you! We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view, you ridiculous little carnival freak. You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to human stupidity. However, unless you can prove your shallow sweeping statement it will just remain your personal fantasy along with meeting me in public.

          • I don’t have to, your scientists did that for you:

            I’m sure you’ll just shrug it off as something else but there has been a large number of scientists over the past decade alone that have used DNA evidence to prove this. So if only 3% of the population of Israel now are the real JEWS, where did the rest of them go and who are these impostors?

            Now go slit your throat child of satan.

          • Name those scientist and show us the results of these so called DNA test.
            Blanket statements without
            any specific evidence to support it is nothing more then a backwards low brow
            guess. Back it up with facts or shut the hell up.

          • Even when I back it up with facts you ignore it and keep repeating your mantras of:
            We all are wearing tin foil hats.

            We are in prison.

            We are stupid.

            We need to see a psychiatrist (who would of course be a khazar in a white coat of some sort).

            We need to get our meds refilled.

            Everything we say is BULLSHIT (in all caps because that helps perpetrate the lie).

            I’m sure I’ve left a few out but you retarded khazars are so in need of new material it’s become funny to watch you little apes scurry about and wallow in your own filth. The filth you inherited from satan!!!!

          • Ayers you asshole troll you. Was your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory? You have never backed up any of your dribble yet. Not a one, don’t see a link anywhere. I have stepped in things smarter then you and it probably smelled better then you too.

          • I see you have you have nothing to say because you are literally talking straight out of your ass you are a complete disgrace to society

          • Like you’re self nazi cont ignoramus delusional psychopath go get your head evaluated nazi animal keep on enjoying the sex with Hitler

          • She is right. The world will turn on you sooner or later. There will be no “blocking or censoring the comments”

          • You couldn’t take half of my “pee pee” you retarded cunt. Khazars have the MAJORITY of the money in the world because they print it and steal everything of any real value that they themselves don’t have the talent to create for themselves. I guess staring at that massive hook-nose all day is also what makes khazars go cross-eyed so often as well.

          • I wouldn’t want you to, that would be molestation, another concept your kind started along with the next step, rape. I think it all starts when your rabbis mutilate a baby’s penis then suck the blood out of his penis sometimes spreading herpes and other khazar diseases like HIV. Now go see your rabbi and have him slice your throat and suck the blood out, thanks!

          • tyler, you have a pee pee? And all this time I thought you were a little girl complaining about your sore vagina and stretched out rectum.

          • Do they let you use a computer in prison? Have you ever seen a Jewish person? You don’t get out much, do you?

          • It is illogical to blame an entire people for something only few have done. There are good and bad people in every religion granted, but that doesn’t make the entire people evil. Racism like this is something that holds us back. Just think about it; humans are such a self-destructive species, if we can’t learn to get along with ourselves, then us as a speck of dust in the huge vacuum of time and space will not achieve anything.

          • I’m not blaming the whole people, just the ones with ill-intent. The zionists who lie, deceive, collect taxes (form of slavery), wage wars, control others, steal, kill and destroy….in other words the illitists/zionists/satanists/NWO freemasons….different names same beast.

          • The Torah and the Talmud teach them to hate and to dominate. Research it, it’s their religion to lie, cheat and steal from the “Goy”, which is how they refer to us non jews. They are evil. They are with Satan and we allow them to run our country and they’re running it into the ground, just look around. It’s the Jews and we all know it’s the money grubbing Jews.

          • Jews are just 1.0 of 1 percent of the worlds population. Can you prove they are with Satan? Post the link, I need a good laugh.
            I suppose I should have some sympathy for your handicap. You are obviously paralyzed from the neck up.

          • Nazi cont ignoramus delusional gas chambers is really not helping you maby by hanging yourself will help

          • Sounds like you’re describing ISIS, not Israel. Funny, but blogs like this allows intelligent people to see how ignorant Jew haters really are.

            I used to think that you were a gibbering idiot. Now, after reading your latest statement, I have a much lower opinion of you.

          • I suppose that this is because we grow up believing whatever we are taught and schools around the world spend too much time teaching about the differences between us like races, ethnicity, et cetera, that we tend to miss the bigger picture in life; that we are all human and shall stand together or fall apart. I do not understand why certain individuals choose the latter.

          • khazars are about as human as they are Jewish. This isn’t about hating other humans, it is about our desire to eradicate the infiltrators of our species. Those that pretend to be what they are not do so because their intent is not in your best interests but for their own.

          • Boy, you don’t even know your history. And
            don’t worry, DNA tests have proved this as well. And look at Tay Sachs Disease.
            Prevalent in only Askenazi Jews. Research in the late 20th century demonstrated that Tay–Sachs disease is caused by a genetic mutation in the HEXAgene on (human) chromosome 15. A large number of HEXA mutations have
            been discovered, and new ones are still being reported. These mutations reach
            significant frequencies in specific populations. And guess what? The
            Khazars were Moslems who hated Jewish people. The second Arab-Khazar war began in 722 or earlier, and ended
            in 737 with the defeat of the Khazars by Marwān b. Muhammad (later Marwān II). The Khazar khāqān is said at this time to have professed
            Islam. And on banking. It was invented in Italy and not by Jews. In 1229 when Jews did become bankers, because religious prohibitions disallowed Christians to their banking, Jews did it. And guess what? Interest was a Christian idea. Jews didn’t believe in interest. Interest (or Usery) was promoted by Christians and developed fully into later, Capitalism. So who is the dumb cunt? You! I won’t call you retarded, because retarded people are not dumb nor evil, of which, you are both! Tata!

          • History is just that, His Story. Khazar bullshit is not a representation of truth based on facts, it is mere propaganda. You are so full of shit it just keeps falling out of your mouths and you can’t help yourselves. Now go fall on a dick and may it poke your eyes out.

          • Jennifer has done the research and unlike you comes across as a intelligent human being and not some nasty trailer park punk.

          • We truly are all human after all. If you say that all people who don’t practice the same religion as you (even though technically all of the Abrahamic faiths worship the same G-d) will be punished, then no one is stopping you. But If you think it is just to punish the short amount of time that we all have on this planet for the sake of a different point of view then let me ask you something; Isn’t that G-d’s job? Who ever gave you that responsibility even though that the very morals religion is founded on completely disagree with it? All of the Faiths have been turned against each other in some respect, or wait! Is that just us humans putting our own spin on things instead of G-d, the actual creator of religion? As I was saying before, humans are not always right. We are actually more wrong than right most of the times. All G-d would want us to do is to cooperate with one another… right? If He even said that he would bless the true people with prosperity and growth, then how come there is not one definite majority? Most peoples have had their rises and falls, maybe we are all the chosen people, and that is one of the great lessons He wants us to know. We were all created by Him, and sometimes you just have to look really deep, to find that bit of G-d that is in someone, instead of seeing plainly what is in front of you combined with your own emotions, and then we will be truly understanding in another’s perspective. Thank you…


            * ‘He’ is used as an alternative pronoun for G-d, even though He is not a definite gender, I just used it to put down a name, no offense implied.

          • Now you’re speaking for God as if you know what God wants? Well my God wants your kind eradicated for the atrocities you’ve done to his planet and his people, how do you feel about that?

          • Interesting isnt it, people with mental health issues hardly ever exhibit an evil nature.

            But you, evil is all you exhibit, not mental illness.

            Since evil is a choise, not a mental illness, you will get exactly what your evil deserves.

          • I’m very sorry you feel that way, Cathy. But being that you are a poor single mother with 3 kids living in a trailer park around the Everglades of Florida. Working at McDonald’s for minimum wage and weighing 300 pounds since all you have to eat is double cheeseburgers. I completely forgive you for looking for someone else to blame for your miserable trailer trash life.


            A forgiving Jew

          • What a silly pig you are. May the cancer which has rotted your brain, reach your uterus before some other nazi-type has an opportunity to impregnate you.

          • Nazi cont ignoramus delusional psychopath go get your head evaluated nazi animal how was Hitler last night prostitute

          • Cathy, I don’t know about Jews being “behind every war, homosexuality, inter-marriage” or “destroying whites” (Jews ARE whites, you idiot; look it up).
            But you’re spot on when you say that people envy Jews. Indeed they do. They are, as you said, “jealous” of Jews. But hey, Cathy, you gentiles can get your own PhD’s, MDs and JDs… own your own businesses and make your own millions. Actually… why don’t you? Too lazy? Do not wish to spend 12 years in school beyond high school? I’d call that “lazy.” Or are you lacking in cognitive perfection?
            Of course, you cannot cite a single university or government research project to verify your comment that “Jews slaughtered millions of unarmed people.” When did that occur? Come to think of it, I’ve never encountered a Jew who WAS ARMED! Maybe their bodyguard.
            I think you misread your social science class in 8th grade, when it said that “millions of innocent Jews were slaughtered by Nazi Germany.” In some dark nightmare, you confused it and turned it into Jews having weapons and murdering people (they had none and did not murder). That genocide was by Nazi Germany against Jews. That’s OK Cathy. We can’t blame you for flunking one course.
            Finally, we can’t all be perfect, Cathy. Jews are very, very close. But not quite. Anti-Semites are very, very, very far away from being perfect. Or, you could say that people like you are perfectly bigoted. Jews are perfect in many ways and you are perfect at being a hate-filled, prejudiced racist. Hey… Cathy, at least you are perfect at SOMETHING!

          • Cathy, anyone can see you’re a man. A pathetic man. “I know, I’ll call myself “Cathy” and people will think this is a female point of view!” 🙂

          • Bullshit. Germans were are innocent. We destroyed an innocent country and the jews, everyone of them who opens their fucking narcissist mouth will be shot Cheka style. Cant wait.

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          • Cathy, fantasies like that is strictly for lunatics like you. Of course you’ll watch because you are a loser

          • Cathy, don’t hold your breath. As for treachery, I’ll let that stay with Christians, who murdered more innocent people in the name of Christ than those who died in all human wars. Think Crusades, Reformation, Spanish Inquisition, English Expulsion, etc. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy all of my unfairly collected Jewish money and fame (see my Wiki page). Perhaps the world will not again “slaughter the Jews.” After all, who would be left to do the world’s thinking, banking, medicine, education, business and entertainment?

          • I thought you wanted all the Jews annihilated do you care what they do Jewish babies so you seem confused

          • Ummm.. I believe that I asked “douchebag says what?” and being that you are a douchebag, you were supposed to say “what” 🙂

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          • People who run around calling others “fag” , usually have some homosexual inclinations that they are having trouble coming to terms with. Perhaps its time you were honest about those inclinations of yours.

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            Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian
            wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the
            earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” ~ Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at
            the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

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          • Just because you are a dismal failure and you now have to blame someone else for this failure instead of yourself.How small and pathetic is that.

          • Well they are racists who hate the European American for bailing them out from Germany. Now the jew wants us dead. Brilliant. Too bad for you, unlike the Germans, the white Americans are armed to the teeth, and they hate your guts.

          • Yeah really what do you actually do, accountant ? Ill bet you dont even know what a shovel is, is it beneath you? Everything I do, I succeed. Jews , I have nothing to with unless they need to be corrected because they must be genetically predisposed towards sadism and retardation. They cant do anything except run their filthy dirty shit filled mouths. Jews always have bad breath from the bullshit they serve.

          • So jews are predisposed to retardation yet you ridicule them for being accountants.Yes they gravitate to high paying professions such as the law,medicine,accounting and business and you call them retarded.Would you like to know why many end up in the professions.Two reasons.One they value education very highly.Secondly, hundreds of years ago they were discriminated against(by people such as yourself) where they were not permitted to participate in the trades and the gilds(if you know what that means).They had no choice other than participating in other occupations.Of course you would not know this as know nothing of other races and religions. Go back to flipping burgers at your jewish owned BKing earning $8 an hour.I feel sorry for someone who hates an entire race for no reason other than jealousy,ignorance and hate for hate’s sake.

          • “So jews are predisposed to retardation yet you ridicule them for being accountants.”
            Yes they predisposed of genetically defective breeding because of inferior weak genes.

            “Yes they gravitate to high paying professions such as the law,medicine,accounting and business and you call them retarded.”
            Notice they never lift a finger and actually do work. law medicine accounting (who cares?) all has to do more with the “love of money” than actually producing anything of value. Lawyers, puhlease the biggest criminals next to doctors. I have a list a mile long whose heads are gonna roll. Jews also practice nepotism, not because they have skills but because they are kikes and nobody likes them enough to hire them. So they glad hand each other into postions of gainful employment, while the gentiles get raped. Not smarter, just bigots. Lawyers and doctors are scams but I am repeating myself, but I have to because you are a genetic mentally defective jew.

            “Secondly, hundreds of years ago they were discriminated against(by
            people such as yourself) where they were not permitted to participate in
            the trades and the gilds(if you know what that means).”
            Jews are anti Christ, it is well known in rabbinical rantings that they make it clear they 1) Hate Christians 2) Want them dead. Nobody wants them around. Most Jews never worked an honest day in their lives. They are lazy and shifty.

            “Of course you would not know this as know nothing of other races and
            religions. Go back to flipping burgers at your jewish owned BKing
            earning $8 an hour.I feel sorry for someone who hates an entire race for
            no reason other than jealousy,ignorance and hate for hate’s sake.”
            I know everything about other races and religions. Jews are not a race but a satanic cult (according to Jesus John 8:44 KJV). They are liars and murderers. But you have yourself convince of your $ value. Please bitch I own my own house free and clear. The only burgers I flip are on my all chrome grill. How many callouses do you have on your hands? Right none. Soft like a little girl. Try again you little pussy bitch . . .

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          • @Lucifer Light: So are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims parasites to because they are also lawyers, doctors, and actors? I mean, like what left do you have in the economy to do when you take out all the jobs like that?

            And why would you pick on doctors? If you don’t feel like they deserve to be compensated for saving your ass, you always have the option of dieing in the gutter like the trash you are.

          • Jews are predisposed to sadism, thats why they are doctors. Jew doctors are THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH ! THEY ARE FUCKING QUACKS ! ALL LAWYERS SHOULD BE HUNG, LIKE YOU ! YOU FUCKING GOD DAMN KIKE !. OH YOU START OUT ALL RATIONAL THEN YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS – “deserve to be compensated for saving your ass, you always have the option of dieing in the gutter like the trash you are.” YOU ARE ANOTHER DELUSIONAL NARCISSIST JEW SCUMBAG PIGSHIT WITH VERBAL DIARRHEA. YOU ARE ALL FILTHY ANIMALS WHO NEED TO BE HEARDED ONCE AND FOR ALL.

          • “Jobs” No REAL work (something shiftless jews dont know about) is craftsmanship, farming, carpentry, etc YOU KNOW WHERE ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE.

          • Honestly, this post gave me a bigger laugh than I’ve had in a long time. You really could do well in comedy. I mean, really… “Jews became doctors and lawyers because they are sadists and who want to be hung in the streets and shot.” That’s wonderful. I love it. Especially the part about being shot after they were hung. Lucifer, I’d love to have my agent sign you to a contract for Leno, Stewart or any of the late-night entertainment shows. Unfortunately. almost all of them are Jews.

          • “Unfortunately. almost all of them are Jews.” Yup. Id prefer half jew Jimmi Kimmel in his masonic lodge studio. Us “Nazis” need to laugh too …

            I guess you havent lived in Jew York enough to know jews, at all levels are niggardly shiftless quacks. Jews doctors are the leading cause of death of Europeans. Its not just genocide, its extermination. And jew lawyers steal dead mens properties, sometimes living mens properties with forged wills. Their WW 2 narrative is complete rubbish, including the said “holocaust” a total complete fabrication from Hitchcock to Spielberg. Jews are criminals, they have always been criminals. If you read the right bible, dipshit, you would know this, but because you have been taught well by your jew masters with prestidigitation, you are an educated idiot.

          • Criminal Doctors? I hope you don’t have to see a doctor one day… the best ones are Jewish. You might have to thank one for saving your life, you POS

          • It’s easy to blame a whole group for the actions of many. My Dad didn’t blame all Germans when he fought in WW2 even though many were Nazi’s. We have the same with the Jewish people. There are quite a few who believe that goyim (gentiles) are inferior and will bend a countries’ economy and media to their will. This is what had the Jewish people kicked out of many countries in Europe and Asia, sometimes more than once. This is where we have to make a level headed determination. Those Jewish who are anti gentile will show themselves through their words or deeds. It may be as high as one in four or five but that still leaves the majority as good people. Those in charge that are changing this country for the worse need to be exposed but let’s not make a witch hunt out of it.

          • Nine Trillion Dollars disappears from the Federal Reserve and no one can answer. Evidently, it went to the Bank Of England, Bank of Frankfurt to Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the amounts to each is in question, but not the total. What does the Fed, BOE, BOR, Morgan and Goldman Sachs have in common. Explain how that is good for us? They ALL have on thing in common, care to guess? The wealth of the country is being printed away. The only reason that we haven’t gone down is because the dollar is the benchmark. BTW, Soros is pushing to change the international currency to the Waun (China) If this comes about, the dollar will be worth nothing! There are quite a few people that know this and the info is readily available. Google Federal Reserve and Nine Trillion.

          • All races and people are not equal in terms of their actions, contributions to others and value. Jews, Caucasians and Asians have contributed far more to the world than others such as Negros or Arabs. Flamers can flame, but just looking at science, technology, medicine, philosophy, music, the arts and pretty much everything in between – humankind’s progress has been furthered far more by some than by others.

            To proclaim “racism” over any belief contrary to a broad assertion that “nowadays we like to consider people as being equal…” neglects the reality of our differences. Worse, it shuts down any discussion or attempt to better understand the many strands of a much more complex topic.

          • Whilst I agree with you that some people contribute more to society, I believe that no-one should consider themselves superior based on religion or beliefs. It is our actions alone that define us and the acts of an individual should not be blamed or credited to an entire race.

          • I know in my heart that Jesus is our Savior. That said, no one ever has to defend themselves for living on this earth. We are all God’s creatures and I hope and pray that you find inner peace that is beneath all of this hatred and anger. This is one of my favorite Christian quotes regarding anger and bitterness.

            “Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting God’s sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness.” ~ John C. Boger

            That said, we ALL have a purpose for God, including Jews who largely consist of millions of men, women, and children just trying to support their families and loved ones. Jesus loves you and once you realize that, you will learn to love yourself and others.

          • John 13:34-35
            34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

            I live by this one every day.

          • Tell the fucking jews that as they exterminate everybody. Jews are anti Christ, what the fuck dont you get ?

          • Are you including Jewish children, disabled and elderly too? You say Jews, as in my understanding, every person who is technically Jewish, will exterminate everyone. I don’t support any other religion other than Christianity, but if you want to eliminate the Jews, why not eliminate everyone else too? Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, the list goes on and on. Should we eliminate every Muslim because Muslims were supposedly responsible for 9/11? There are sinners all around us, but hate is not the answer.

          • Aside from what the jewish media says, Islam wasnt behind 911. The jews were. I dont advocate the killing of children like the jews do from Palestine to abortion. Dude you are a fucking jew idiot, get lost

          • I know what they do to the Palestinians, but 911? I need to see this article. Please send me a link.

          • Why do I have to be a Jew to refuse to hate individuals who just haven’t found Jesus? I don’t hate gays either, but what they are doing is wrong too. Are you that threatened by people who don’t agree with your attitude that you need to lash out like that? You have serious anger issues.

          • If you are completely close-minded and want to just listen to the sources that aren’t censored, then why come on this thread? Are you trying to brainwash us too? If so, it isn’t working so quit wasting your time.

          • Believe it or not, there are Jews who are anti-Israel. Besides, Timothy McVeigh was definitely Irish hence not born Jewish, so are ALL Irish people murderers too? If you can name specific individuals you find to be a threat, I get where you are coming from, but to be prejudice against an entire group of people is “delusional”. Everyone deserves a chance to find Jesus, no matter what background they were born in.

          • Timothy McVeigh did not blow up the OK building with a little pipe bomb and take out all those columns. The zionazis did it, the whole thing was rigged. Wake up man.