Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects List

Large white Shark, African Lion, Asian cobra, Crocodile, Cape buffalo may bang your heart with fear and fright when you catch them on National Geographical Channel, that’s because these creatures appear huge and massive in their sizes. And they are dangerous and poisonous too. But does size really counts when it comes to the list of most poisonous and dreadful animals on earth. No, not really. It is not necessary that these large and big size animals should always be dangerous to human species.

There are millions of these small creatures existing on this earth, can also prove to be as dangerous and poisonous like these giant animals, and in some species even more dreadful. Reports have shown, the insect suborder Apocrita which include bees, wasps, hornets and ants are responsible for more death in the UK as compared to other type of animals. Wasps and bees are found to cause around 5 deaths in Britain every year, and you will be amazed to know that the number of death due to sting attack by these poisonous insects are same as those died by terrorist attacks. But shockingly, the death were not only because of sting attacks but was more due to the allergic reactions which was cause by released of venom into their body, and where the immune system reacts by anaphylactic reactions or shocks. This degree of allergic reaction is higher in children taking number of lives every year. Thus indicating these millions of small species like bugs, fire ants which are important part of ecosystem in recycling the remains and waste, are also responsible in transmitting dangerous diseases and causing millions of deaths. Here is the list of most poisonous insects from bullet ants to tse tse flies in the world

10) Bullet ant

Bullet ant, belonging to the species of Paraponera clavata is also known as “giant hunting ant” is a predator sp. of insects. It get its name “bullet ant” because of its powerful and potent sting. It is a largest of all ant species found worldwide and mainly inhabit in the rainforest areas of Nicaragua and Paraguay. It mainly resemble that of stout, reddish-black color and wingless wasps. The pain caused by the insect’s sting is considered to be the greatest among other insects and the intense pain last almost for 24hrs after being stung. The pain is characterized as burning waves, throbbing and all-consuming pain. Therefore these ants are called “24 (hour) ant” by the locals as the pain remains throughout the day.

9) Bot Fly



Bot fly also known as warble fly, heel fly or gad fly is a fly belonging to the family of Oestridae. Their life cycles varies from species to species but larvae belonging to all species leave as an intestinal parasite in mammalian cells and tissues. Where it is found during their life cycle, these larvae’s of flies inhabit and grow largely in flesh of host cell (human body and other mammals) and some are found to grow in their alimentary guts. Among the other species, the only species of bot fly known as Dermatobia hominis is found to cause parasitic infection in humans whereas other species are also known to cause myiasis (infection of a skin by developing larvae in tissue) in humans. One the larvae is developed they leave the host cells and continue grow in soil. They actually do not kill the host animal but the presence of spines on larvae can lead to extremely painful sub epidermal condition in skin as they keep penetrating damaging the skin tissue.

8) Fleas



Fleas are the external parasites in humans and other mammals and birds, belonging to the order of Siphonaptera insects. These insects are wingless usually dark in color such as reddish brown color of cat flea. They have one distinctive feature i.e. they possess tube like mouth which is adapted in feeding blood from their host cells (humans and other mammals) and hence are called external parasite as they live on proteins and nutrients obtained from host blood cells. These insects are considered totally nuisance as they can cause swollen itching spot, inflames area and reddening at the place where they bite. Flea bite can also lead to hair loss as these results in frequent scratching and pecking of infected area. The main dangerous problem that these flies can cause it that they act as vectors in transmitting various bacterial, viral and rickettsial diseases to humans and other animals.

7) Fire ants

Fire ants are considered to be the most aggressive species of ants in nature as they cause painful sting once provoked. There are about 200 species belonging to the genus Solenopsis. They are also called ad red ants as they exhibit light brownish red color. These insects normally leaves in soil and feed on plant tissues, crickets and on other smaller insects. Fire ants can be very dangerous as when they attack small animals, they have potential to kill them. This is because when they bite with sting they tend to inject a poisonous alkaloid venom called selenopsin in the body causing death of other small insects and animals. And in humans therefore their sting causes a burning sensation (hence called fire ants) and in some sensitive people they can prove to be deadly.

6) Kissing bug

kissing bugs


Kissing bug, which are the members of Triatominae, are blood sucking insects like mosquitoes and tse-tse flies. These species are mostly found in Unites states but some are also native of Asia, Africa and Australia. They are mostly attracted toward lights in houses, skin odour and warmth of body and try to survive by feeding on human and other animal’s blood. These bugs normally exist close with nesting animals, from which they can suck blood. They get their name as Kissing bug” because they try to attack near mouth when you are sleeping. Therefore most people don’t even realise their biting and get allergic type reactions when they get up. These bugs when they bite, inject their salivary proteins in blood of host where they initiate variety of allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are characterised as generalised cutaneous symptoms which include urticarial, angioedema, and flushing. Other symptoms of kissing bite infection are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, wheezing, dyspnoea, edema, and hypotension. They were majorly responsible in acting as a vector and in transmitting Chagas diseases in humans beings from southern America to northern Argentina. And severe allergic reactions can be life threatening too thus kissing bugs are really considered as nuisance and major human health problem because of their dangerous effects.

5) Japanese giant hornet



The Japanese giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia japonica) is the largest species in hornet insect family and also the most aggressive insect type. These insects are large in size ranging around 4.5cm long with large yellow head bearing simple eyes on top of the head and dark brown thorax with banded abdomen (brown and yellow bands). They get their name as they were responsible in spreading major endemic in Japanese islands mostly in rural areas whey they inhabited on trees. They are one of the poisonous insects as their sting can cause lethal reactions in humans where their toxin in body attacks mainly the nervous system causing tissue damage in victims. Japanese giant hornet leads to anaphylactic shock in allergic people and also their sting is can cause renal failure.

4) Tse tse flies



Tse tse flies (belong to family of Glossinidae) which are majorly known as a biological vectors of trypanosomes, responsible in causing a famous disease known as human sleeping sickness and trypanosomiasis in animals. Tse tse flies are usually large size flies and possess distinguishable shape and characteristics which make them easily identifiable when compared to other flies like house flies. These flies have large heads and thorax with distinctive separated eyes and unusual antennae. These flies are considered to be one of the dangerous species in insect family as they can lead to serious fatal diseases in human beings. When they infect, their toxin moves from sub-cutaneous tissues to lymphatic system causing lymphatic infection which is characterised by swelling of lymph glands. It kept untreated the infection spreads in blood and later to central nervous system where it damages the brain leading to extreme lethargy and eventually to death.

3) Killer bees

killer bee


Killer bees also known as Africanized honey bees are hybrid bees between African honey bee and with many western honey bee species. Killer bees are usually brownish in color with black stripes with clear wings that attach to thorax. The two compound eyes are large and allows them to see in UV light, therefore enabling them to fly at night. The queen is the largest bee in the social structure followed by drones and then by workers. Africanized honey bees are usually distinctive from other European honey bees because of their aggressive protective characters as they are widely fear by public presence. Scientist have termed this behaviour as hyper-sensitive behaviour of killer bees, and they get their name as they have potential to attack their victims because of their fear which can lead to death. The toxin injected by Africanized bees is same as that of European bees but in Africanized bee the sting is more powerful in attacking their victims causing greater number of deaths as compared to the European bee. The symptoms after killer bee bite varies from mild such as burning sensation, reddening of area, swelling to severe reactions like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing. Whereas multiple bee stings can lead to severe headache, vertigo, fever, convulsion and even to fainting.

2) Driver Ants

driver ants

Driver ants (belong to subfamily Dorylinae) also known as safari ants are the largest colony of army ants, having members up to 20 million found majorly in marching pattern. They have systemic pattern of moving in search of their food and prey where they can climbs the hills, trees and shrubs. They are primarily found in areas of central and east Africa. These ferocious ants usually move in columns to defend themselves from any animal attack. They have characteristic powerful cutting jaw, with whose help they attack any animal which comes in their way such as other insects, snakes, birds, mammals and even human beings. They are mainly attracted toward the soft flesh and moist tissues of body such as lips and nostrils. Therefore they start entering in human body through passage of nostrils or mouth, from where they follow the tract from esophagus into the stomach or the trachea of lungs. Such conditions can lead to painful and dangerous death mainly due to asphyxiation. Hence it is said a large swan of driver ants can convert a mammal into skeleton in few hours.

1) Mosquitoes



The word “mosquito” means little flies and therefore they refer to a group of small, midge- like flies belonging to a family of Culicidae. Mosquitoes are majorly considered to be big nuisance to human beings as they are vectors for many dreadful and painful diseases mainly in tropical areas of the world. According to WHO data, malaria causes child death every 30 seconds and 500 million death cases every year. Female mosquitoes are responsible in spreading these diseases worldwide as they survive by sucking human blood. They possess specialized mouth parts that help them to pierce host skin and suck blood. During this process they inject their saliva in host blood which can trigger mild reactions like itching and bump. The most dangerous effect that it causes on humans is that they act as a reservoir of diseases by transferring virus such from one host to another and causing malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and filariasis. Therefore among the list of insect bite, mosquitoes bites are the most dangerous of all as this leads to millions of death every year and considered one of the deadliest insect species on earth.

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