Top 10 Most Friendly Dog Breeds List

Dogs truly are man’s best friends. Alright, even if they aren’t the best there ain’t no arguing about them being the most loyal friends you’d ever have. But if that comes at a cost of being bitten every now and then and being injected hideous drugs multiple times over, you are sure to rather stay without that one loyal friend. You’re sure to despise a loyal friend who barks in a rather unwelcoming fashion at your very arrival, while returning home from a day of work gets worthwhile if only there is an ever affable, ever amiable puppy eyed friend waiting to be all over you, being exhilarated at your very sight. If yes, you are probably searching for one of these breeds of dogs that are the unchallenged most friendly breeds of dogs you’d know. Trust my word on it, or maybe just try your luck with each of them and return to me to tell how true my word was.

10. Irish Setter


Isn’t everything with the sound of Irish nice, oh yes, even Irish coffee but for now we’d talk of the Irish Setter which got its name partly because it was a major player of the set game for the hunters. They were set low alongside birds and the hunters let the trap over both the bird and the dog, But it is hardly for that reason that the Irish Setter should be your choice. These flame coloured dogs prove that they are better than the blondes with reasons more than one. They get attached to their keepers and are often known to display separation anxiety from those they have deeply liked, How you wish you had a life partner like that.. yeah? But you know what? All good things come at a price. These too, not just monetarily but also at the cost of all the waste on your waist for they are extremely active and need lots of exercise for healthy survival. Maybe you’d save on the gym cost then?

9. Labrador Retrievers


With the number of times you’ve seen this breed at work, it might as well be surprising to know that they’d make even better personal companions than professional ones. The purposes they serve are just the cherry topping the cake. The Labrador retriever have been used for hunting to assisting the handicap to even act as the search and rescue dog. But what they do best is love.. and they love you just as much as they love to eat, and that is a lot. Make sure however that you do not let your lab get too hefty with the eating. They are most amiable when kept physically active and though not as expressive as Irish Setters, they are the most popular pets among Americans for a reason.

8. Beagles


Turns out that you are a social animal and want your little beast to be the same? Beagles are sure not to disappoint. If you’d party till 4 a.m., they won’t be complaining. On the contrary they might be asking for more. Beagles turn out to be interested in new company all the while, be it humans or other dogs, or just about anyone they can interact with. They are the best family pets you can get. They are mischievous and yet lovable. Their nose is their strength and meeting new people their passion. Turns out they are merrier personalities than humans can be.

7. Boxers


Much against their names, they are least susceptible to boxing you, or hurting you. Get me? Trust them to keep you safe for they are best known to be instinctive guardians for those they get attached to, or those they care for. They can however be scary beasts for your attackers so don’t be on the disfavoured side though. They however love to be with warm and amiable people and are noted to be most patient and merry spirited around children. So it’s like giving your children ever lovable company and unfailing protection too.

6. Boston Terrier


The Boston comes not without a reason for these “American Gentlemen” are too gentle to debate over the name. Sure they are called so more because of the looks than nature, oh yeah they appear like they’re suited in a tuxedo (get jealous young men, some tough competition there). There disposition is as gentle as old school nobles and the intelligence seems to be endowed by Einstein and what’s best is their humility for they’ll remain by your side till you decide to keep them around no more.

5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi


So you seem to be looking for sportiness and obedience? I won’t argue for everyone Welsh but this Welsh Corgi I’ll stand by in the darkest night. You won’t get a housedog more agreeable, neither a competitor as sporty- in dog sports of course. Their size shouldn’t be a deterrent for they are all the more lovable for the huge package in small packaging. Super active, bubbly and bold, they are friendly and easy to tame. Not that they ever get wild enough to invite the need to be tamed. So if you’re not scared of herding and you need the most adorable housedog ever, you know what choice to make.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Too long a name to remember? You might just call in “The Nanny Dog” or The Children’s Nursemaid”. No, don’t give me those looks. I am not making up any random names that come to my mind but the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is more often than not affectionately called those. They are popular pets in England and why not, they are extremely (Read: EXTREMELY) fond of kids and bestow them with infinite affection. Also, besides being affectionate they are obedient, courageous and intelligent. Now who’d miss a companion like that. No one right? Yeah, unsurprisingly they are most often used as companion dogs too. Just saying. So if the nanny seems to risky, try the Nanny Dog, your kid is sure to like them.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Quite some royalty in the name. Agree? Happens when you get to be a favourite with the royals. And the Aristocratic. The bourgeois is just not their type maybe. Or so the old portraits and paintings of everyone royal says. So for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be your companion, there are no tests you need to pass. Only be amiable, and they will be better to you. Oh well, don’t believe me? Experts say that they’ve got a sweet and gentle nature and hence they’re wonderfully trustworthy. More than those age old family butlers too (Too much of the Richie Rich effect). So, if it’s a faily pet you are looking for, stop looking further.

2. Poodle


Sadly enough, the oriental worlds suffer the loss. Not really, but to an extent, if they need the pet in good health maybe. The poodles are not just visually appealing but an exceptionally smart breed in terms of intelligence too. Beauty with brains there. Brilliant and obedient in pet training, they are affable and outgoing too. Too much for a pet, unrealistic much? And the sizes are flexible too, you can choose from standard, toy and miniature to make sure that the surroundings are just about perfect for these bundles of pure love. Please don’t use them in circuses though, pretty please?

1. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


Everything French screams uniquely French, so does this little French breed that has more than just the looks. To look at, it is gullible and pure love but this dog ain’t too delicate. They love to work (too many French mannerisms) and is confident, happy and sociable (Read: EXTROVERT) and they’d most love an active owner and make the owner love them too. They might have been used for hunting games but for now you’d be the predator in search for a friendly little companion you’d trust your life with. That said, the breed has little to say, it’s the atmosphere that matters most, be sociable and even the beasts won’t resist.


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