Top 10 Myths about Origin of Earth

What if i tell you, that our earth actually originated from an egg? Sounds weird right?

Well mostly it is related to the act of god, a big bang? Yeah! Mythology is as interesting as it can get and sometimes it lets you go deeper into thoughts that you don’t really dig that much. To the believers, it brings some answers and an identity but uncertainty dwells and anxiety persists amongst the skeptical minds. Well, not knowing is part of the fun but our existence is the greatest mystery that everyone is excited to unravel. There are many ideas that are prevalent with history, some that talk about a divine spirit responsible for the action of creation while some explore the randomness of life, relating it to a disruption of sorts, of fights among rival gods or cosmic elements giving rise to the heaven and the earth. As much as we would love for these to be true, they remain mythological for the time being. So, Here we are with the top 10 myths about the origin of the earth, this list discovers the various beliefs associated with how it all began, the supreme power and some unbelievable tales which illuminates the journey from darkness to the worldly presence.

Let’s dive into the mystical,


10.  The 7 Day Challenge

Cherokee, a Native American tribe believed that in ancient times, there was nothing except darkness and an Island was suspended into the ocean by a support from the sky. The Sun was granted by the supreme power to direct the animals from east to west and provide a sense of location. The one residing in the sky asked the animals and plants to be awake for straight 7 nights and 7 days, few plants that completed the task were given the ability to remain green throughout life while the ones that failed experienced wilted leaves in winters. Owls and other nocturnal animals successfully achieved to stay awake for the given time and were allotted the power to go about in the night and then finally the people appeared. Cool, no? Now I know, why I can’t sleep at night !


9. The Ache of Creation

Bantu tribe of Boshongo, Africa also held the notion that only nothingness/darkness and water prevailed before life came on earth. Bumba, the great spirit suffered a great pain- a stomach ache to be precise, the ache of creation, resulting in him vomiting out the Sun. The formation of the Sun soaked up some of the water exposing land. This wasn’t the end of it, there was more to come and from the vomit of Bumba emerged the Moon, the Stars, Animals and finally the first Man known as Yoko Lima, which was presumably white like Bumba.

8. Where Plants grew into God

According to Japanese Mythology, a green shoot grew from the ocean that flourished until it reached the sky and then transformed into God, God in search of company started to create other Gods, Out of which, the last two were the most supreme, namely Izanagi and Izanami.

In awe of curiosity, Izanagi used his staff in an attempt to check what’s beneath the ocean, that turned into the formation of the Island of Japan. Izanagi and Izanami then explored the various destinations on the island seperately and further created plants, married each other after their union and their first offspring was a beautiful girl, who was sent to the sky and was called Sun. Soon, they bore another daughter named Tsuki-yami that became the moon and their son was sent to the sea who was responsible for creating storms, his name was Sosano- wo. Their child, Amaterasu had a son who was crowned the emperor of Japan and later his heir were the descendants of Earth.

7. Sunny Side Up

Okay, So this Myth originates from china, People believed that creation took place by a process we usually start our mornings with, from hatching an egg! Yeah, that’s right. The legend of P’an Ku is a famous myth, in which P’an Ku hatched out of a huge cosmic egg, the upper shell of which formed the sky or the heaven and the lower shell formed the earth. P’an Ku grew for 18,000 years and created the distance between the sky and the earth while itself crumbled to pieces forming mountains from his limbs, rivers from his blood, his breath became the wind, his voice, the thunder and his two eyes became the sun and the moon. Interestingly enough, the best is yet to come, the most interesting fact was that Man were the parasites on his body. Weirdly Intriguing theory, eh?


 6. Modimo- The Creator

A creation myth belonging to the region of Zimbabwe had another supreme power and a story of east and the west. Modimo was the ultimate creator, he was unique in his being and had no heir. He was the present and held no past or no future. When he was seen in the east, he gave out the good things in life and was associated with water while in the west when associated with fire brought hail, drought, earthquake, etc. He was the element that created earth.


 5. The Disc of Life

Apache, another native american tribe believed in the myth of creation that began with darkness like many other theories, there was a huge disc which was yellow on the east and white on the west and in the centre was a bearded man responsible for the creation of the earth. As he looked up there was light in the sky, as he looked down there was a sea of light. From his sweat,came out three other gods, Boy god, Girl god and the Sun god. Isn’t that It? We’re all god sent.


4. One with too many Gods

This one myth from Egypt involves a lot of supreme power, Egypt is a land of many gods and many different regions have different myths about the origin of earth. The most interesting one is of Heliopolis, which is the oldest city of ancient Egypt. Atum was the deity responsible for the creation of earth as described by the myth. He is closely related to sun god, Ra. He emerged from the ocean, Nu where he resided. He was the source of all the elements in the world, and it is believed that by the act of sneezing and snapping he gave rise to air god, Shu and his sister, Tefnut. Later, Shu and Tefnut gave rise to Geb- The Earth God and Nut- The Sky Goddess. Geb and Nut had 4 children Osiris, Isis, Set and Epthys who were fertility god, motherhood goddess god of chaos and its counterpart respectively. Now, you can use an alternative to the most used phrase, Oh my Nut!


3.  The Legend of PURUSHA

Creation is an interesting phenomenon and Indian Mythology also explains it with a Great Spirit, known as Purusha, The Man sacrificed for the act of formation of the earth It is believed that his head formed the sky, his eyes became the Sun and his mind, the Moon. Since, the legend of Purusha is an inception of Hinduism, it was also believed that the four caste were also formed from his body.


2. The Melted Throne


Norse Mythology is not a myth but a religion followed by germanic tribes, basically, Scandinavians. Many phenomenons have been explained by the stories of the norse gods, The Legend begins with nothingness here and results in filling up of water which freezes and then melts. The Melting drops were the origin of a giant named Ymir, and from his armpit emerged a giant man and a woman that could reproduce, yet there was more to come, a cow licked the melting ice and there was revelation of another giant, Odin who conspires with his brothers to kill Ymir and from his flesh, the earth was formed , his skull became heaven, his blood became the sea and mountains were formed from his bone. Odin and his brothers breathed life into tree trunks that turned into Ask and Embla who were the first man and woman on earth.


1. Mount Olympus and Zeus

The most interesting mythology behind the creation of the earth still remains to be of greek origin. There is a very enchanting tail that is prevalent in the greek mythology. It all began with Chaos and emptiness giving rise to erebus that slept with night and gave rise to Ether, the heavenly light. Love appeared and gave birth to Gaia, the Earth. Gaia alone gave rise to Uranus, the sky who became her husband and reproduced to give 3 different types of offsprings, the 12 titans ( very strong) , 3 cyclopes and 3 hecatoncheires. Uranus was a cruel father and imprisoned his offsprings except for titans, Gaia plotted against her husband with her youngest titan, Cronus who defeated his father and freed his brothers, Cronus married his sister Rhea but ate all his children of the fear of a prophecy that dictated his death by his own son. At the time of her 6th delivery, Rhea escaped and saved her last offspring while cheating her husband by giving him a blanket of rocks. The saved child was Zeus, the ultimate god of the greeks who presided over the mount olympus and defeated the giants that originated from his grandfather’s blood.

Isn’t it amazing how the human brain works? What if one of it were true? Let Enigmas be Enigmas for now!

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