Top 10 Narendra Modi Life Facts – Get ‘Modi’fied

You know who’s the prime minister of the second most populous country in the world? Of course you do, it’s the man who has changed the Politics of the country and Modi-fied one and all, Mr Narendra Modi. Vouching for myself, I was no great NaMo supporter but nevertheless, I found the Modi wave too overpowering to resist myself from being flexible. So, to the man who is supposed to be singly responsible for his march towards victory to 7, Race Course, here are ten life facts about the man who became a phenomenon, Narendra Modi.

10. The Patriotic Social Worker


The man never had it easy, he didn’t belong to aristocratic families- neither studied in posh schools but humanitarian values were instilled better than best institutions in the world can impart. Mr. Narendra Modi. At 15, during the Indo-Pak war of 1965, the boy in Narendra Modi was all enthusiastic and dedicated to serve the soldiers in transit at Railway Stations. He has also in him great calibre to serve the flood affected people of Gujurat in 1967, at a tender age of 17 when people often remain in a limited spectrum of studies and home. So, this man grew up to serve and it shouldn’t be surprising that good deeds pay off and so he is today holding the highest office of power in the world’s seventh largest nation.

9. The religious Escapade: Exploring Life


At a time when adolescents leave home escaping with their lovers, this man was different. Born in a family of grocers in Vadnagar, Gujurat, Modi had always wished to be a sanyaasi (a sage that has abandoned worldly concerns and spends his life in service of god). The man who’s often seen wearing saffron scarves, had a great fascination towards Sadhus, and was deeply taken towards all forms of meditation and worship. (How they say true prayers never go empty). After completing his education at school, Modi was so deeply in search of exploration of the world of meditation that he left home with a very little money and two pairs of clothes. He visited many places to satiate his religious curiosities, including Ramkrishna Ashram in Belur, West Bengal. He also spent over a year wandering aimlessly in the the landscapes of Himalayas with yogic Sadhus before finally giving up his life of a sanyaasi and returning home two years after he first left.

8. The teetotaller: Also the tea-seller


Modi has often been known as a teetotaller who does not consume alcohol, does not smoke and is a pure vegetarian. He has taken to a disciplined life with five hours of daily sleep and he wakes up early at 5:30 am without fail. But more than that, why Narendra Modi success story has been such a craze in public is because he rose from being tea-seller to being the Prime Minister of the country. On his return from Himalayas, Modi helped his brother run a tea stall at the State Transport Office in Ahmedabad. The hardships he faced there were the changing factor to his life. They, instead of deterring him made him much more determined and resolute in matters of life and his approach to rising from that life of a tea-seller.

7. Fashionable and Particular: Narendra Modi for you


Narendra Modi happens to be fashion conscious too and you’d never see him look shabby in public. He is particular about his public image and won’t exchange his look for millions. His appearance in public is most likely to see him with trimmed beard and hair, and his go to clothes with which he is not too experimenting. He is however choosy about his clothes and mostly picks them from the store Jade Blue of Ahmedabad. He hates looking shabby and you’d always see him looking elegant in gracious in all his public events. A praiseworthy habit there, wonder when will others follow suit.

6. A mother’s boy all his life


They’re so true when they say that if a man loves his mother, he is sure a great man. This great man loves him mother to no end and his adoration for her is what keeps him grounded and makes him return home to seek her blessings whenever he is striding towards something fresh personally or as a new initiative in his political career. He seeked blessing from his mother in his old house instead of rejoicing and celebrating with colleagues, his victory of becoming the Prime Minister. She is his closest relation and perhaps most adored too. His adoration for his mother brings to him all the virtues of the traditional Indian man and keeps lifestyle vices miles away from him. Some upbringing there.

5. Too Much Talent: A package well created.


Apart from being a brilliant orator and a change- making politician, Modi is a prolific writer and poet. You knew that, didn’t you? He writes mostly in Gujurati Language and has a number of books published. His favourite topics of writing include life, life lessons and Hindutva icons. He is also a great follower of Swami Vivekanda and hence one of his election campaigns was christened Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra. He is also a brilliant photographer and he has exhibited him works of art and photography in an exhibition too. So much talent packed in the man, sure he is the lion of Gujurat.

4. Technology Savvy: Criticism is Welcome


Narendra Modi is undoubtedly one of India’s first politicians to have such established popularity on social media and a great presence as he’s often known to handle his accounts on his own. This man’s biggest stride to success was his approachability of social media and his campaigning besides that of BJP. He is into a habit of reading all the criticism written about him on social media and that is his way to improvise on his public image. He immediately withdraws what brings criticism from public and encourages what brings appraisal. Truly a people’s prime minister

3. Popular, Muscular, Spectacular?



Narendra Modi is the most popular politician of India with 6 Million Twitter followers and would it surprise you to know that he is also the 8th most popular Indian celebrity of twitter? He is known to be particular about his fitness routine and he performs Yoga every morning to keep him fit. No wonder there were so many insecurities doing the rounds about the periphery of his chest. Narendra Modi happens to be a spectacular public figure and traverses age limitations when it comes to female followers. Would you be surprised to see more female followers in most of his public events? I won’t.

2. Marriage under covers? Not so Much


In 2009, a article covering Jasodhaben as Narendra Modi’s wife had created quite a stir in the politician’s career. He however neither denied nor confessed. It was only in his election papers that he declared himself married, and drew huge criticism for it. He was married when he was still a kid and “second marriage” or Gauna was supposedly impending when he joined RSS and chose to be a bachelor for his life time. He is thus not acknowledging of his childhood marriage to Jashodhaben, who too chose to remain single and devoted to him all her life.

1.The Public Image Making: He got lessons there


Quite literally he did, Narendra Modi has pursued a three month course in the United States on Public Relations and Image Management, no wonder he does that so well. You now know all the reasons behind the most stirring political campaign in perhaps the world? He has yielded best from his education: you doubt? So the United States might have once refused him a Visa but they sure play a huge role in his rise towards positioning himself as one of the most popular politicians in the world. You doubt?

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