Top 10 Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

No! Stop! Don’t shudder. Diagnosis of diabetes is no longer as overwhelming as it once had been. It does not mean that you can’t live with it. Yes, you will have to alter your lifestyle for the better but then, good health does ask for certain sacrifices. It has been found that most of the pre-diabetic people remain unaware of their condition. As a result, it develops into diabetes because of lack of preventive or control measures. I know we all live with a certain sense of infallibility about ourselves that allows us to have this misconception that we can’t develop diabetes- “Others suffer from it.” But this arrogance is responsible for our scarce knowledge of a disease which has become an uninvited guest in many households. In simple terms, diabetes can be described as a condition in which the body does not process food properly. When we eat, our body turns food into sugar or glucose that infuses us with energy. An organ called the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin which facilitates glucose to enter our cells. When one has diabetes, the body either doesn’t produce insulin well or is unable to use this insulin properly. As a result, two types of diabetes can be contracted- Type 1 diabetes or Type 2. Although, a well formed medicated routine suggested by the doctor must be followed, there are some natural ways too that can help control diabetes.

10. Be Aware, amigo’s!


Yes, you need to know what diabetes and it’s various forms are before you can even think about treating it, whether naturally or through the help of medicines. If you’re one of those people who procrastinates going to a doctor till the last minute then, worry not! You can always have an access to unlimited amount of information by just clicking a mouse. Study everything that you can about this condition and take preventive and control measures accordingly (of course, you need to bypass it through your doctor first). Till then, long live Google!

9. Lose some weight ( Less of you to love, agreed. But more of you to live with).

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I know “weight’ is a very sensitive issue with people these days. Others always try to tip-toe around this topic. Whether you like it or not but increased weight is one of the major perpetrators of diabetes. It’s not necessary that you have to exercise rigorously but you have to follow a consistent regime of activities, if not anything else. Thankfully, you don’t have to reach a certain target before you can start seeing improved results. It depends from body to body, person to person. Sneak in at least a few minutes of exercise everyday- be it walking, yoga or perky twists-and-turns to your favourite beats.

8. Green tea is multi-faceted.

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It’s no wonder green day is so popular in the market these days. This product alone has too many benefits for it’s own good. Whenever you crave sugary drinks, opt for green tea. It not only cuts your calories but also injects you with disease-fighting polyphenols.

7. Water: the elixir of life.

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Drink lots of water everyday and keep yourself hydrated at all times. Diabetes or elevated levels of sugar results in persistent urination which may leave you dehydrated and tired. Drinking a good amount of water will keep you hydrated although, it will not lower your high sugar levels.

6. Sleep away!


I can already hear you sigh with relief. At last, there’s something that doesn’t require you to do anything except rest your pretty eyes. Lack of sleep or no sleep can cause a disruption to your hormones. It can lead to other problems like increased appetite, diabetes et cetera. Find a sleep routine that works for your body best. Make sure that you enjoy an undisturbed sleep so that your cycle doesn’t go awry and you don’t wake up feeling all tired and cranky.

5. Watch what you eat, please.

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It’s not only important that you follow a consistent pattern of meals but it’s also necessary to maintain a healthy diet. Skipping meals may push your blood sugar higher and may lead to overeating which will only result in unnecessary weight gain. Don’t lower your intake of carbohydrates drastically as it will only lead to tiredness and headaches. Instead maintain a balanced diet comprising of grains, fruits and other healthy carb-containing food items. Add ingredients like vinegar, cinnamon, garlic and olive oil to your daily recipes. They will not only bring new flavors to your daily meals but will also lower the blood glucose level with their anti-diabetic properties.

4. De-stress.


Stress normally activates the fight or flight reaction in us. When your insulin production is not working right, this reaction or stress fills your body with glucose. Not only this, stress also increases your blood pressure and makes you more susceptible to heart diseases. Unhealthy habits like smoking and too much drinking acquired to combat stress can also worsen your condition. The best way to find a relief from stress is to adopt positive thinking and to try to calm yourself down through breathing exercises.

3. Keep a candy handy!


People suffering from diabetes are always advised to carry a sweet with them at all times. It so happens, in trying to lower one’s level of sugar, one can become weak. Or else, one’s sugar level can dip too low. It may cause dizziness and low blood pressure. That is why it is always advised to keep a sweet handy so that in cases such as these, a quick intake of sugar will increase the glucose level. It is also necessary to keep in mind that one must not go overboard in order to control diabetes. Always consult your doctor before adopting any control or preventive measure.

2. Testing, testing!


It doesn’t matter whether you are just a pre-diabetic or you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, regular check-ups are a must. Make sure that you get your blood sugar level checked every month so that you can regulate and maintain your health and diet accordingly. Any carelessness in such situations can lead to serious damages.

1. Alternative Treatments.


There are certain alternative treatments that aim at providing plans to tackle diabetes. Practices like Acupuncture and Acupressure place pressure on strategic parts of the body that allows the body to relax and the energy to re-flow. These practices don’t cure diabetes as such but help the body to function more optimally. Other alternative treatments include aromatherapy, color,music and art therapy, homeopathy, massage therapy and reflexology and many more. It’s imperative to research and inquire about these treatments before embarking on a new plan.

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