Top 10 New Unique New Year Resolutions everyone must take

“Oh! I am losing 20 pound this year. NO bargaining!” Yes, Sure! You said that last year too and let me just tell you the losing changed to gaining. Oh and yes, no ice creams? But then Easter came. And about those times when I won’t speak to this person and that person ever again for their good, you’re still celebrating New Years together yeah? Job promotions and acing grades make no valid resolutions at all. Believe me. Just work hard and reap the fruit. Oh yes! Where the no more shopping or wasting money swearing in gone? Or the cashmere wool scarf took your heart and words away, or maybe it was just how that Jimmy Choo purse looked or those Marc Jacobs fragrances. Fendi sweaters are a blessing these winters too. So those were the resolutions that you would take (again), and you shouldn’t really take (ever again.). Now to those that each of you must take, they are short, sweet, simple and unique to each one and yet the same. The New Year Resolutions that will set your life right.

10. Be Social, not just on Social Networking Sites


Alright, let the Times Square countdown happen, let the ball drop and let the heart sway. Be social, interact, make friends and live life but let not it be only on facebook, twitter and instagram. Honestly, those 567 likes on your facebook display picture will not get you a friend to tow your benz jeep back to the garage when the engine gives way. Neither is it going to add that bit of salt to your tequila. Get my point? Have real friends and a real life. Picture with filters will fade (you thought the retro ones from retrica will live on?) but the memories now would remain. Remember that friend you never had a selfie with but you still go through eons of albums just to see that face? That kind of friendship

9. Be Fresh, Breathe Fresh


Losing weight is one thing, working out another. I am not asking you to do either, only to breathe more in fresh air and maintain a better mental as well as physical health. Not only does fresh air means better lungs but better outlook to life, clearer vision and lower chances of landing into chronic depression. Fresh air will improve metabolism, mental health and keep you more active than you’d imagine. It will maintain your link with nature and help you live a fresh life every day. A fresher you is also a happier you. Just saying.

8. Contact people you once knew


Alright, so people happen all the time. Some leave, some stay and some leave and still stay. Let those who’ve left and still stayed get a chance to be a part of your life again. Interact with people you have not talked to in some time. Try looking for contact numbers of school friends, maybe even back from kindergarten and let them know that you still miss them, or in the least remember them. Remember that cousin you last met at Aunt Anna’s wedding? Oh yes she was 3 and you were 4. You might want to call her up and check if she’s alright. Maybe people you knew can turn into people you know. Who knows? Make that effort and make that call.

7. Start Afresh: Learn something New


There’s never an age to learn. (Like there never would be for me to learn how to dress up for a party without letting the wardrobe be all on the bed). Alright, enough of me, no more narcissism. Make a resolution to learn something- a foreign language, a craft or maybe an embroidery or culinary skills. Maybe something as simple as using all your microwave settings to something like rocket sciences. Just about anything you didn’t know of already. Me? I’m probably going to learn how to work harder and how to keep myself motivated. Simple yeah? I am still learning. You must too.

6. Travel a lot, but for a cause

travel a lot

Alright, travel has been on every new year resolution list ever. Believe me or not, I am unsure if you’ve been vocal about it but you have sure made those plans for that beautiful kiss near Eiffel tower, or posing along the Brooklyn bridge, or maybe just examining the ruins of Petra. But you’ve had plans nevertheless, even if it’s just that wonderful ice cream at Victoria Jungfrau or the Tapas hopping in the Spain countryside. There’s nothing bad about those plans but make sure you’ve got a bucket list ready for each of those travels and a purposeful one indeed. Maybe like conquering your fear of heights from Mt. Titlis or diving into the blues at Seychelles. Go there for a cause, interact with locals. Learn new cultures and languages, get hold of their culinary skills and maybe help gift a smile to the under privileged there. That’s how it must happen.

5. Make a bucket list, and cross things off

Bucket List

So make a bucket list of all the things you must do in your lifetime. But your resolution is not that. It is to do that stuff and cross out on it in your bucket list. (Oh! you thought by crossing I meant leaving it out of your bucket list? Silly you). You do not want that bucket list to be discovered by your children when they are fifty. Get my point? And bucket lists are for what you really want, even if its quitting the job you’re working at. or maybe spending all your money on that one travel you’ve wished for. Do it now and cross it off your bucket list. Even if it is as simple learning to say more ‘no’s’ or being more humble and thankful. Do it now. It’s now or never.

4. Turn off your Smartphone at Meals


This one’s important. Let the phone obsession go. Convince yourself that you’ll be just as good without that 5. some inches screen in your hand. Make sure you decide atleast one meal or atleast an hour daily when you and your spouse and your kids keep their phones switched off and spend quality time together. Maybe you could just play a game of monopoly or the age old carom board can now be put to use. Just not on your phones. It’s important.

3. Forgive, forget, and keep no regret


Alright, now this one has to be happening all the time in this big wide world. We feel hurt, we ignore and move on without ever forgiving or forgetting. We miss people and we still don’t speak to them and when it’s too late we regret (Ask me about regretting, what else can you do when you do not submit to the temptation of buying Prada shades at 50% off and still get tax rebate on it. Anyways that is history.) So make this your resolution, you’ll solve the quarrels, let the anger go. You’ll forgive and forget and never ever do stuff that keep you holding onto regret (oh! that rhymed).

2. Start a new tradition: Get more family time


Now this is important, a hell lot more if you got young kids because now is when they learn. Or old parents, because now is when they deserve your time. Make some family tradition that helps you keep together and spend some quality time. Something like playing a game of snakes and ladders each week or maybe just sitting and watching a film which is good fun with family. You might just decide on a weekend getaway each month but my personal suggestion is to make it a family tradition to visit the church together each Sunday and help serve the people there. Take to joining the mass or being of service of men. That’s why life is, live it and fulfill it. Pray together and live together.

1. Spread a smile: Make life worthwhile


And if this is your resolution, you are sure to never look back. You provide to others, God will provide for you. Make sure that you spread smiles all through the year. Provide for orphans or those at old age homes. Maybe not materialistically, you can only go and spend time with them each weekend. Provide for shelters for those dying of cold. Spread smiles and lot of them and with this the greater service you are doing is not to mankind but to yourself and to your kids. You be a better human being and make your kids be good humans too. Isn’t that supposed to be how we live? Set a target or spreading at least one smile a day, a smile that reaches the heart. A smile that blesses with everlasting light.

And if not anything else, resolve only to be a better you. With that, make your unique New Year resolutions and help me decide on some. It’s a time to share and care and that we’ll do with wine and dine. Happy New Year to each one of you. Spread my word, Spread the smile.

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