Top 10 Problems faced by Students in Colleges

They burnt the midnight oil, they tossed and turned with anxiety, they turned up without a shower or on an empty stomach, they wept at night and bounced back stronger the next morning with a welcoming smile, they swallowed every criticism humbly, they lined up in the scorching sun for registrations, they struggled to keep their eyes open during prolonged lectures and they placated every God to get them through each semester. Yes! It’s the life of a college student summed up, coupled with the problems that they face.

So here’s a list of the top 10 problems faced by the students in college:


10. When studies play havoc

Students are at the peak of pressure when the exams arrive. Most of the academic pressure comes from parents’ aspirations who declare at the birth of the child: “Mera Beta engineer banega”, which drowns the students under the expectations, causing them to resort to measures like cheating, sinking into depression and sometimes even committing suicide. Also, the pressure to perform better than the other students, owing to the tough competition, plays a havoc with the lives of students.

  Moreover, students are experts at procrastination and waiting till the last moment to study, resulting in the mercury to hit high levels and making them prey to various other health issues.

9. Managing relationships

College time is the phase of life where you meet either many temporary friends or friends for life. Miscommunication and misunderstanding often disturbs a healthy relationship with friends. And any kind of conflict with friends automatically results in losing concentration from studies and distraction. Even roommates for that matter, become family when you are away from home, and any kind of incooperation and argument with them leads to a  lot of emotional disturbance. Moreover, college time is the time when love blossoms between young girls and boys and any issue regarding trust, compatibility, loyalty, etc affects academic performance resulting in distraction, sorrow and misery among students.

8. Lack of Proper guidance

What next?’ is the question to which most of the students do not have an answer. The students often drift away from their goals and are unable to recognize their ambition due to the lack of guidance. Most students are confused while choosing a major, while some take up a particular major to give company to their friends. However, ever has different dreams and you can’t always sail in the same boat as your friends’. As a result, most students become a victim of lack of interest, dislike towards the subject, etc, and thus they fail to perform well.

7. Placements

All the regrets of not studying on time and scoring less grades haunt the students when it is time for the placements. Moreover, when students do not get placed any of the firms, they are struck by the fear of incapability and inefficiency, and all their dreams crumble down in a blink of the eye.

6. Reservation and Fees

The reservations in college has broken many dreams of numerous ambitious students, who lose on to their desired college and are forced to get admission elsewhere, owing to the rigid rule. Therefore, reservations has led to more heartbreaks than the heartbreaks caused by breakups in the life of a student.

Moreover, adding fuel to the fire is the fees of certain colleges that burns a hole in the pockets. The exorbitant fees quoted by colleges become a subject of anxiety among some students and their parents, who dream big, but are pulled down by their financial conditions and reservations.

5. Home-calling

It is said that there is no place like Home and no food like Maa ke haatho ka khana. Homesickness is one of the major problems that students away from their homes face. The yearning for home causes them to feel isolated, alienated, desolate, woebegone and miserable. The absence of the love and care of a family causes some students to go back to the cocoon, resulting in low participation in class, less interaction with friends and more withdrawal. Moreover, the quality and taste of food at the mess or the canteen does not seem to satiate students’ hunger, resulting in craving for Maa ke haatho ka khana, giving students major nostalgia followed by sorrow and weight loss too.

4. Early morning lectures : a nightmare for students

Students life is filled with loads of fun, enjoyment, partying and socializing, and after all this, even seven hours of sleep does not seem to be enough for them. One of the major struggles of college life is to open your eye on time. The alarm keeps ringing and snoozing and sometimes even loses its life in the quest for wakening the student up from the bed. Thus, early morning lecture is like a challenge for the students, who struggle and even sacrifice their breakfast, shower and sleep to make it on time to the class.

Moreover, your eyes decide to deceive you by shutting every moment and importing you into the land of dreams, which is cruelly shattered by the lecturers roar.

3. Submitting the assignment on time

Procrastination runs in the blood of the students and all students are unanimously guilty of it. Mark Twain states, “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done after tomorrow just as well“, which is surely a motto of the students. Students love to wait till the storm arrives and then they battle it with the oars of sleeplessness to complete the assigned task. However, This is a self-created problem by the students, who in turn bear the brunt of their negligence and otiosity.

2. Meeting the attendance percentile

Bunking is a trend in college that sweeps even the most sincerest of the students. Students can’t wait to pass out from the strict gates of school and enter in the college, where they can live on their own terms. But the students fail to understand that the college authorities are a step ahead. Most of the colleges expect an attendance of 75%, which if not fulfilled can result in grave consequences. However, this is also a self-created problem by the students, who bunk college reminding themselves that ‘You Only Live Once’. *YOLO*

1. Bullying

Popularity is the key to survival in college for most of the students. To become the ‘King Khan’ of college, students resort to various measures.  One of the most common method is bullying. With no options in hand or mind to become famous in college, the wicked ones climb over the innocent ones to reach the top of the popularity ladder.

Hitting on students for their physical appearance, stammering in communication in English, dressing in certain ways, inability to socialize or mere jealousy, encourages the nasty students to bully and make fun of the students to an extent that it completely devastates and shatters their self-esteem. Although ragging is abolished by law, several students are still its victims. This plays a havoc in the lives of innocent students, who get completely buried under the humiliation caused, failing to rise and fight back the bully.

So these are some of the problems that most of the students go through in their college life. However, college time is undoubtedly the best time of life, where you live your life to the fullest, make life-long friends, and make infinite memories.

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