Top 10 Real Hidden Treasures around the World

There is some good news for all those travellers who have no idea how to finance their travel bills. Your never satiated wanderlust can in fact be your source of funding your travels and perhaps making you rich. Wondering which treasury to loot? Well, all you ought to do is navigate and explore till you finally lay your hands on the hidden treasures which some pirates and rich men lost long back in the past. Whoever said your wanderlust won’t take you far? Well, if only you manage to find a part of these treasures, generations to come would be millionaires. So willing to take the risk? Here is a list of hidden treasures around the World which you might chance upon.

hidden treasure around the world

10. Treasure of Jean La Fitte

The Pirate brothers Jean LaFitte and Pierre were apparently so good at smuggling that not only did they make a living by attacking merchant ships but also gathered wealth in such abundance that it had to be buried. It is rumoured that the buried a large portion of their robbed treasures near the coast of New Orleans, around the area of Lake Borgne. Also, the Old Spanish Trail near the Sabine River is rumoured to have their buried treasure near or in a gum tree grove. So now you know how to live off another’s smuggling. Just go and find that treasure of Jean LaFitte untouchd ever since 1830.

9.The Treasure of Leon Trabuco

Leon Trabuco, along with his partners, during the time of Great Depression decided to hide close to 16 tonnes of Gold. This Gold is rumoured to be hidden in the New Mexico Desert. The act was in order to hold great quantity of Gold as they believed that the prices of gold would soon explode. However, bad luck struck and private ownership of Gold became illegal post the Great Depression. This Gold Act forbid Trabuco to ever reach his treasure again and both him and his partners were found dead shortly after the act was passed. But well, would you mind just a thousandth fraction of that gold from New Mexico Desert?

8. The Golden Owl In France

This hidden treasure has another story to tell. This was not to hide amassed wealth from public eye, rather to convert a majority of French people into treasure hunters. Max Valentin, in the year 1993, hid a golden own in the countryside of France. With only 11 clues of the whereabouts of the owl, no one yet has been able to get his hands on the Owl. The real treasure though is that he anounced a price money of One million Francs to anyone who finally locates the Golden owl. So, do you have the eagle’s eye to spot the owl? French countryside is waiting for you.

7. Treasure at Little Bighorn

While on his way to resupply General George Custer for his fight against the Indians, Captain Grant Marsh, the in charge of the steamboat Far West, got news of Custer’s defeat. Aware that he will now have to help injured men from the battlefield, he was unsure if the boat would carry to wait. To prevent the boat from sinking due to the weight of the injured men, he buried gold bars then estimated at US$ 375,000 along the shore of River Bighorn. These Gold bars were allegedly collected from miner who were worried that they will be attacked by Sioux. Nobody returned to claim the treasure and the rest is history. So well, you to have chance to make history by stumbling upon that fortune.

6. Lost Treasure of the Alamo

If there is little truth in the legend of San Saba Treasure, then there is gold, silver and religious artefacts worth millions of dollars buried in the ground of the historical Alamo. This treasure is believed to have been hidden for use later in order to build an army and also to support the expenses of the upcoming war. However, the treasure has ever since remained untouched and no trace of it has been found till date. So you suppose you’re getting lucky?

5. Treasure in the Mojave Desert

If ever there was a ship that sunk around a 100 miles inland of the Pacific ocean, it has to be in the Salton Sea that you’d find pearls worth millions of dollars. Popularly known as the treadure of Mojave desert, it is believed that the ship carrying the pearls was carried into the Salton sea due to the water runoff developed by collision of a large tide from the Gulf of California with runoff from the River Colorado. Though there were reports that the treasure was discovered by a man named Clusker, no evidences exist. So you still have a chance to chance upon such abundance of pearls.

4. Mosby’s Treasure in Virginia

Confederate Commander Colonel Mosby and his men were known as Mosby Raiders as they raided Union Camps during the Civil War at the speed of light. In a raid near Virginia, he took Edwin Stoughton as a prisoner and also chanced upon a sack of treasures worth US$ 350,000. He was traveling with 42 other prisoners and was leaded to an area with a large contingency of Union Soldiers. Mosby, thus instructed his men, in case of a battle, to bury the treasure between two pine trees which he marked with his knife.  On sending his trusted men to seek his treasure they were all captured and killed and the area never saw of Mosby again. To find the treasure, you ought to go south of the area parallel to USA’s 211 today.

3. Treasure worth $63 Million in Bedford County, Virginia

Thomas Beale with his men chanced upon treasure worth $63 million while mining. He was however of the opinion that the next of kin should not get the treasure too easy. He thus made 3 ciphers. First stated the names of Thomas and his companions, the other was about the exact location of the treasure and a third with the description of the treasure. These Ciphers were kept with Robert Morriss, an Innkeeper who had to wait for 10 years with them. If Beale did not return in this time, it was decided that Morriss will be sent for with a key to the cipher. However, either never happened and Morris could only decode one of the three ciphers which described the treasure. This treasure still lies near Bedford County in Virginia, so now you know where to raid.

2. Treasures worth $200 million at The Coast of Key West

Most Ships of the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha were perished when struck by a hurricane in 1622. These ships carried enormous cargo worth millions of dollars in gold, silver and gems. While 500 millions of treasure was found, it is estimated that 17 tons of silver bars, 35 boxes of gold, 27 kilograms of emeralds and 128,000 coins of different currencies and values are still undiscovered. This treasure is worth approximately $200 million. All you ought to do is spend your energies exploring 160 km off the coast of Key West.

1. Treasure of San Miguel

Spanish treasures I guess were to make the World feel rich. Their richest treasure fleer was assembled as 11 ships in 1715 filled with gold, silver, pearls and gemstones worth almost 2 billion US dollars. The ships were to leave from Cuba just before the Hurricane season to keep Pirates at bay. However, the hurricane struck the ships after 6 days at sea and all 11 ships sunk. Seven ships have been recovered so far but the ship San Miguel, which contained most treasure is yet undiscovered. The ships were mostly discovered near the eastern shores of Florida, however you can never be too sure since it is hard to guess if San Miguel went further into the Sea before sinking. However, the risk of exploring is not too high considering the treasure.

So are you planning to turn into a professional treasure hunter? Well, just remember you owe me some share for letting you know of these hidden treasures.  Happy Treasure Hunting (Already) !

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