Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate Diwali

When there is a cleaning spree going on in every house, when you look around your neighbourhood and find stalls coming up in every street and when most of the jewelry shops in the city have posters that call out to customers with the word “SALE”, you know that Diwali is not far. Diwali is a festival which is celebrated by every one, be it a 2-year old or a 70-year old, in some form or the other. There are just so many preparations and arrangements to be done for the perfect celebration that everybody in the house gets busy in their forte! Children running around the house, adults on their toes looking into every arrangement and oldies of the house gossiping and laughing away to glory. This is more or less the case in every house during Diwali, isn’t it? Following are Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate Diwali.

1. Family Get-together

family get-together

One of the best part about Diwali is the family get-together, especially if it is your house which has been chosen as the celebration ground. Your relatives from all over the country flock together at your place and the arrival of each family member calls for jubilation! Just imagine, your “mama-mami”, “bua-fufa”, “chacha-chachi”, “dada-dadi” and “nana-nani”, all under one roof chattering and gossiping. Won’t your home turn into a mad-house? However, I bet you wouldn’t mind a little madness because it is Diwali!

2. Pre-Diwali Cleaning

diwali cleaning

Believe it or not, but the Diwali Cleaning holds a lot of importance too. The reason why our elders force us to clean our house before the festival is because Goddess Laxmi doesn’t enter an unclean house. Though this is an age old belief, it has been passed on by generations and is a part of India’s tradition. Nonetheless, all thanks to this belief, we atleast resort to cleaning our houses before the big day. And for all you know, Laxmiji might actually get impressed and shower us with Gold and Silver!

3. Diwali Shopping


The word ‘shopping’ can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Diwali shopping starts weeks before Diwali and goes on till the end moment, because no matter how much you try you always forget to buy something, be it “diya” or “baati”. Moreover, with the Diwali “bakshish” given to you by your relatives, you always have money and reason to shop! Nothing can beat the excitement of buying firecrackers though. For buying firecrackers, you have to have a long list of crackers you want to buy prior to going to the shop and then end up buying much more than you intend to!

4. Decorating your Home

decorate your home

Diwali gives you a reason to decorate your home with beautiful diyas, lightings, rangolis, flowers and lanterns. At times, you look around your house and wonder if this is your house at all, because it looks so gorgeous and well-maintained. This also brings together all your family members under one room and a new bond is created. In fact, on this day, many communities and colonies have competitions like rangoli making, diya painting, etc. After all, who wouldn’t want a pretty home to welcome their Diwali guests!

5. Gifts


Aah! Here’s the most exciting reason to celebrate Diwali- Gifts. Diwali is a festival of spreading joy and happiness, and what better way to spread joy than by giving and receiving gifts? Most of the Diwali gifts consist of “Gujias” and “Mithais”. These home made sweetmeats are then packed in colorful boxes and wrapped in glittery papers to give them a festive look. However, you can choose to gift other stuff too, like pretty “diyas” or “sky lanterns”, etc.

6. Dressing Up


Dressing up for the Diwali evening is definitely something we all look forward to. Don’t you just love to look at your lehengas days before Diwali and think about wearing them on the main day? Of Course you do! Diwali gives you a reason to wear traditional Indian Clothes with matching “chudi” (bangles) and “jhumkas”(earrings). In fact, apart from weddings, this is one of those days when even the men of the family dress up neatly and look prim and proper in their “kurta-pyajma” or “sherwanis”.

7. Diwali Puja


Diwali is one of those festivals which makes you feel proud of your roots. The entire journey from the day of cleaning your house till the day of Puja gives you tiny moments of pleasure. After all, the end result of all this is the Laxmi Puja for which the entire family sits together and prays. This Puja refreshes your mind and sends positive vibes to your body. Even though you are not a God-fearing person, this is that one day when you do not refuse to sit by the altar and pray. Well, that’s the charm of Diwali, it makes you go back to your roots!

8. Firecrackers


As kids, didn’t you always wait for burning firecrackers in the evening after the pooja? We all definitely had a favourite cracker among the varieties of “phuljhadi”, “anar”, “chakris”, etc. Though after growing up the firecracker excitement lessened due to environment issues, we could never completely stop burning crackers. After all, these are a part of our festivals and have been a part for a long time. Thus, looking at atleast one “rocket” being launched up on the sky gave us a lot of satisfaction.

9. Festive Food


Apart from “Gujiya”, “Laddoos” and other “Mithais”, Diwali calls for good desi home-made food. Some of the dishes which all our mothers are pro at making are the mouth-watering Indian-delicacy “Chole-Bhature”, “Shahi Paneer”, “Samosa-Kachodi” and obviously the king of desserts “Kheer”. Good food is a great incentive for everyone to celebrate a festival. Having finger-licking good dishes after a lovely evening with family and friends is the best ending to the ‘festival of lights’.

10. Onset of Winter


Diwali marks the onset of Winter. It is a sign for people to get ready for the winter, be it pleasant or harsh. It acts as a reminder to us that ‘Winter is coming’. Perhaps that is one of the reasons people light “diyas” on Diwali and keep the surrounding warm. Another reason often mentioned by elders is that Winter brings darkness and thus diyas are lit to brighten up the surroundings and get rid of darkness. Well, whatever the reason be, Diwali is a festival to be celebrated with family and friends and should not be missed by any one because it comes just once a year!

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