Top 10 Reasons to Learn a New Language

Have you ever wanted to pick up a hobby? A pastime that was entertaining and productive at the same time like starting an internship or a blog? If you fall into this category, maybe you should consider learning a new language. Either one from your own country or a completely foreign one! Whether you have a flair for languages or it’s something you’ve never considered before, here are 10 reasons for you to go out there and learn a new language!

  1. It Opens Up New Job-Opportunities

Imagine being able to put three different languages on your resume! It will instantly become so much stronger and open up so many job opportunities. Most international companies look for employees who know the language of the country that the company is from. For example, Mitsubishi will definitely be more likely to hire someone who knows Japanese vis-a-vis someone who doesn’t.

  1. Establish New Friendships

One of the main barriers for international friendships is the barrier of language. Many countries do not have English as their first language and barely speak English. But this shouldn’t stop anyone from meeting and having fun. If you learn a new language, a sense of comfort is provided and it helps in the forming of new relationships and who knows, some might stay with you forever.  In addition, when you start learning a new language, you are bound to meet people who speak it naturally themselves! Who knows, you could find yourself a few lifelong friends and learn a whole new language in the process!

  1. Develop Confidence

If you’re someone who tends to be socially awkward in some situations, learning a new language could be the best way to overcome this. Learning something completely new alongside others who are in the same position will help you overcome any awkwardness you feel and this will ultimately be beneficial in the long run. A new language doesn’t only help with improving cognitive and memory skills but also with social skills.

  1. Helps Boost Your Brain Power

Research has actually shown that learning a new language greatly increases your cognitive skills and memory power! If that isn’t enough benefit, it has also been found that learning a second language improves skills as well as grades in subjects like English and Math and this comes in very handy while attempting competitive exams like the SAT and the GRE. Learning a new language also improves listening, reading, and writing skills in one’s own first language! Try picking one up and you’ll see these results for yourself.

  1. Opens Up Travel Opportunities

Ever wanted to go take a trip to France or Spain or Italy by yourself but stopped yourself because you were worried about the language barrier? Worry no more! Pick a language that catches your fancy or even a language from a place you want to go to, sometime in the near or distant future, and learn it. In addition to making you feel closer to your dream, it will bring with it an entirely new world of opportunity and possibility!

  1. It Can Increase Your Pay Package

Having more languages under your belt definitely increases points on your resume and earns you brownie points from your boss! With a resume that is strong, companies that hire you will definitely offer you a higher pay package. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to! Why don’t you try it out yourself? It is never too late to reinvent yourself and learn something that will only boost your own position in the workplace and move you higher up the economic ladder.

  1. It Makes You Look More Attractive

To know a different language helps you put yourself out there. It shows that you are making an effort into your conversations and increases your cultural acceptance and likability. This makes it easier for you to form relationships and contacts all around the world, and who knows, can maybe help you find your soulmate! And while this may have been joked about in the past, haven’t you found people who know a foreign language like Spanish or French more attractive?

  1. It Expands Your Opportunities For Living Abroad

Many countries all around the world are inherently proud of their local language which can be an issue if you wish to live in a non-English speaking country, for there can be very little communicated in English.  With the skills of the local language, you can speak with comfort and ease with the locals, which can initiate a sense of security and belongingness ultimately enriching your stay abroad.

  1. It Helps You Understand Different Cultures

Many countries have their cultured heavily rooted in their local tongue. They connect much of their foods, dresses and festivals in their language. Thereby, if you learn a new language, you have an easy open door to the cultural core of the particular country. If you’re learning a new language from your own country, you have a new viewing lens from which you may even get a peek at your own culture and gain a better understanding of its origins and values. And wouldn’t that be fascinating? To immerse yourself in another’s culture and enjoy their traditions with them? Or explore your own culture in a way you never knew before! It sounds like quite a treat!

  1. You discover a New Part of You!

Learning a new language opens up a whole new world of possibilities. As you interact with more people around you from completely different backgrounds, you start viewing yourself in a whole new way, from their eyes! You discover movies you didn’t know you liked or food you didn’t know you could love so much. All in all, it is a wondrous, magical experience that shows you more about you and helps you grow holistically as an individual. It is bound to be an interesting journey full of fun and self-discovery!

Hopefully, this article got you thinking about learning a new language this coming summer! Or at least piqued your interest about different languages around you. Whether it’s for a hobby or to prepare for a holiday abroad, languages will never let you down!

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