Top 10 Reasons to Live in a Small Town

I’m a small town girl who has been living in big cities for more than five years now. Cities, unmistakably and clearly, have better job and educational opportunities. On a second thought, don’t you think there’s more to life? Every time I visit my little town, I just don’t seem to get enough of it. I’m sure it happens to most people who have their roots in a small town. But why exactly does it happen? Hop in with me to find out.

  1. Health

Time for some much essential reality check. Big cities can have it all, except cleaner air. And do I really need to harp on the unending consequences of pollution? Air pollution is not all, big cities abound with noise pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and what not! This probably justifies why all big cities have such advanced medical facilities! When you live in a small town, you wouldn’t need a doctor because all those lifestyle diseases can’t find their way up to you. Fresh air replaces all the smog and you’re happy to breathe your lungs in and out again.images

  1. Economy

Finances are a big deal for any family and a small town can back your savings up. With less expenditure on travel and whole lot of other things which city people might take pride in but are not necessary for a happy life, living is a small town is the best deal you can make. But what if a city job pays you more? I’m sure many of us have been in a similar situation and I guess, it entirely depends on how you choose to prioritize things in life. I’m not trying to sound paradoxical in anyway here, just trying to drive home that complications in a small town are fewer, just like it was back in your granny’s days.index

  1. No hustle and bustle

Being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end is a nightmare. I know you must be nodding. Traffic causes a sheer wastage of time, time which can be otherwise utilized productively. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an air conditioned car glued to your cell phone, traffic jams make each one of us feel utterly and invariably helpless. In small towns, the distances to be covered are usually less and it takes even lesser time to reach places. Now you can finally wave goodbye to your GPS. And yes, you don’t get to shout obscenities at the traffic ahead of you although the best part is – you always get a place to park your car or bike! Congratulations. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the library or the bakery, you get parking at your place of choice, that too each and every time. Life is indeed beautiful when you’re not standing in a queue. Right?calm-peace-innerpeace1

  1. Everyone knows everyone

Isn’t it wonderful? You have people to greet you every time you step out as compared to big city dwellers who can’t remember the person living right in the next apartment. A small town fosters a sense of community and a sense of belonging which many people can never even know of! You have people beside you through thick and thin. They will comfort you in times of distress and celebrate with you in times of happiness. And trust me, relations are far easier to build here. But if you prefer anonymity, small towns might not be viable for you.images1

  1. Star gazing

Till this day, I can’t fathom how such a simple activity can impart so much joy to life. Just lying down and looking at the sky. It’s probably the glad mystery of the universe which enthralls you. But can a big, big city allow you this pleasure and delight? I don’t think so. Sky scrappers are no less fundamental to human happiness, they would possibly remark!images

  1. Nature

I’m not asking you to turn into a pantheist like Wordsworth (although there’s absolutely no harm in doing so) – all am saying is that nothing comforts a human heart better than the lap of Mother Nature. She has all the tranquility, serenity and solace in the world. When big cities are being deforested on such a large scale, people have nowhere but small towns to turn to. Because in these towns, nature still enjoys a substantial presence. Spending time around greenery is good for us, and Science can’t emphasize this more.index

  1. Safety

Nobody can rob you in your little town. You have grown up there and you know other people unlike in metro cities. Cities usually see hundreds of thousands pouring in everyday. A small town offers you comfortable safety and security (which can’t be traded for anything in the world) because there are no strangers around you.images

  1. People are interesting

No I don’t mean that city dwellers are uninteresting folks. Truth is, everyone is interesting in his or her unique way but what makes small town dwellers usually interesting is the fact that they are never short of time. Suppose you happen to meet one of them while grocery shopping, very unexpectedly indeed, and he can’t help but narrate to you his entire life story! There is something absolutely charming about such boyish and impish simplicity. What do you think?small town people

  1. Nothing crazy

Far from the madding number of malls and cinemas and restaurants, a small town will make you anything but crazy. When you reside in big cities, you normally get to show off a great deal of options. But what happens when you are in a small town? You learn to read novels in your leisure or learn French because you have always wanted to. Small towns exalts life sans mindless distractions.index

  1. Popularity

Yep. Your friends and your neighbors (and this works both ways) know what time you walk your dog and what days you attend yoga class. If this is not being popular, I wonder what is! In a small town, you can’t choose but bask in the wholehearted warmth of people around you.

COOPERSTOWN, NY - JULY 31: Fans walk down the street to the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on July 31, 2005 at the Clark Sports Complex in Cooperstown, New York. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

If these reasons are not enough, I don’t know what to tell you. Wait, I just thought of a couple of more perfect reasons. Small towns never get too old for or too tired of antiques. Living in such a place also gives you a lot of scope for shopping online. Now who’s with me on this one?

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