Top 10 Reasons why Gamers Love Video Games

Many of us have grown up playing video games. It is an experience which is incomparable to any other form of entertainment. Whether it be a nail-biting thriller or a beautifully crafted game, we have played it all. There is not just one reason to enjoy playing video games.

We have been told many times that video games are not good for us, they damage our eyes, and they do not help us develop any skills. But what if all these are all just mere talks and what if they actually benefit us and help us develop certain skills. Sounds fake, right? But these are some of the reasons that will make you believe in us. Video games do help us develop many skills and makes us fall in love with them. So, what are those reasons?

10. Help them socialize

We all know how gamers like to be within themselves. They are not normally interactive and social but playing games online do help them in socializing. They feel they are among a similar group of people. There are many online games where everyone can chat while playing. Also, there are annual events where all the gamers meet and talk. Normally, gamers spend hours and hours playing games. And apart from the entertainment quotient, there are rewards as well which they can win through entering various contests.

9. Pause and resume

This is a very much underrated benefit of playing games. You can pause and resume at your own will. This allows you to play games on your own time and make time for other things as well. For many gamers whose source of income is playing video games, what better way to earn money than dong thing you love and especially at your own time. With music and gameplay, this feature makes for an amazing experience.

8. Challenges

There are few people who don’t like challenges. And games provide you the exact adrenaline which you crave for as far as challenges are concerned. You come across many challenges while playing a game and when you finish it, it becomes an achievement. Although, the biggest challenge/achievement is still to finish the entire game. There are many games which provide you challenges that make you understand and play the game better. But challenges differ from person to person and what might be a challenge to someone might not be a challenge to others and that is why games provide you with difficulty levels. And at the end, there is always that feeling of overcoming your challenges!

7. Gaming addiction

Okay! This might not be a good reason for gamers to love playing games. But this is one of the reasons gamers love playing video games. They get so addicted to playing games that they get trapped in the gaming world and they start to believe somehow their life depends on this. This results in developing health issues like Carpal tunnel or sometimes death. This addiction can also develop through mobile games. Gaming should be done in moderation as to avoid being addicted.

6. Let’s you be whatever you want to be

It’s not easy or possible for many people to be what they want to be in real life. This can be because of pressure from life or due to circumstances. Gaming allows you all of this. It allows you to choose whatever character you can be. Everyone loves to be a hero who saves a lady from a mugger or someone who raises their voice against the immoral happening in the society. Through gaming, a person can have the life he wants. This can also make them feel good.

5. Music and Soundtrack

The visual data in the game is complemented by the audio in the soundtrack. This can make tense game tensed and exciting game more exciting. This makes up for a big part of your gaming experience. Try playing a game without music and you will lose the motivation to play the game in some time. As far as music is considered Transistor game is the best example. Its background music is a blessing to your ears and makes up a large part of its gaming experience.

4. Graphics

No one can refuse a game with good graphics. You can create a good pixel graphics or 3 D experience game and both will eventually be soothing to your eyes. A visually appealing game attracts the attention of every gamer. An aesthetically pleasing gaming environment with good texture and graphics never fails to impress. Some of the best examples of a good graphics games are Uncharted, God of war, and Final fantasy. You will keep looking and looking at the stunning visuals of these games.

3. Storylines

Games are often designed keeping the story in mind and as you move through the levels and unlock the achievements you discover the story. And these stories are often the reason which makes you sit for long hours through the game. If you are playing a game which has amazing graphics and not-so-good story than you will get bored in no time. Gamers love this feature of video games and thus they enjoy playing it.

2. Improve your skills

This sounds absurd, right? But it isn’t! And that is particularly why it is higher up on our list. If you play games like World of Warcraft and Assassin creed you will learn history. There are many games that can also teach you geography, English and many other skills that one might not learn in various institutes. Additionally, this will also improve your eye co-ordination skills, decision-making skills. Multiplayer games help you make a better team player. A player can develop a lot of awareness, knowledge by playing video games. It also improves your ‘out of the box’ thinking ability. These are not just sentence but scientifically proven facts.

1. It’s fun

This one is too obvious. We all start playing games because of this particular reason only. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that fun is the foundation stone of video games. But what we need to understand is that this fun doesn’t transform into addiction. Otherwise, who doesn’t love amazing graphics, visual effects, and breathtaking soundtrack? And when all of these are packed into one it’s not a bad combination, is it?

We all play video games from a very ripe age and we enjoy it so much. We divulge ourselves into it, spend countless hours on it, even skip meals for it and what not. So these were some of the reasons from our point of view that can be commonly seen in gamers. If you are gamer who loves video games than you can also share your experience in the comment section below.

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