Top 10 Reasons Why you should Adopt a Child

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood – Agatha Christie. These are the deeply agreeable words by this renowned author. Childhood is supposed to be the most gleeful, carefree and fortunate time of the life. But, regrettably, not every child out there is having a blessed childhood. Being an orphan makes a child’s life miserable. Though there are few supposedly lucky ones who get to stay in foster care. But no matter how much a foster care is trying to care for them, they will never be able to give them the sense of belonging. A home with loving people around can only give a child the sense of security and belonging.  Adoption is the only hope for such abandoned, unwanted and helpless children. According to the latest statistics by UNICEF, the estimated number of orphan children worldwide is- 140 million! Still finding a reason to adopt a child?

Well, here are the 10 reasons-

10. The MOST VULNERABLE stage of life!

First few years of human life are the most vulnerable. In fact, a guardian is a must necessity till a human becomes a young adult.  Till that point, a human kid needs the utmost protection, care, support and love. Every child needs a guardian who can help the child to understand life better. Moreover, being an orphan makes a child even more vulnerable. There are so many needy kids out there. You can be a guardian to help them get through the most vulnerable phase of life.

9. The BUILDING BLOCK of any Nation

Children are the future of the nation. The kind of guidance and knowledge imparted to a child will decide how a nation will emerge out in future. As they are the future representatives of the nation. Orphan children lack proper guidance, support, care and most of all love. Thus they often tend to grow up as insecure, cold-hearted and indifferent adults. Also, it is less likely that they will achieve academic heights. Thus, the government of all the nations must promote adoption.

8. For the sake of a POTENTIAL BEING!

No child is less than the other. It is just the matter of upbringing and giving them opportunities to flourish. A childhood must be filled with right kind of exposure and opportunities. Unfortunately, an orphaned kid never gets the privileges a child must have. For example, proper schooling, exposure to sports and extracurricular activities etc. Therefore, they never realize their self-worth. You can give someone’s life a chance to reach its full potential.

7. Not their FAULT

There are people who abandon their child right after birth. May be because they do not want to take the responsibility or perhaps for the reasons unknown. It later becomes a stereotype that just like their parents they too will turn out to be an irresponsible adult. Because of this stereotype, people often discourage adoption. Just because those children share the genes of their parents, doesn’t mean that they are them. Everyone individual is different. Moreover, it depends majorly on the child’s upbringing. One can adopt a child and bring up that child as a trustworthy and responsible adult.

6. How about giving your child a SIBLING?

There are so many couples who have just one child. Now, due to some medical complications, they can’t have a second baby. But they desire a sibling for their only child. Such couples must consider adoption. Then there are those couples who have two sons or two daughters. They are likely to desire the happiness of having a child from the other sex. Such couples must adopt rather than produce their third child.

5. Is your heart INFERTILE?

A doctor can give a detailed reason for why an infertile person cannot have a baby. Still, such couples can dream for a fuller family and make that dream a reality through adoption. It takes a lively, positive and fertile heart to give someone’s life a meaning. Sexual infertility doesn’t matter as long as one has a fertile heart. There is no point getting depressed and cursing your fate when you have the potential to adopt a child. Go for adoption and make your life and the child’s life meaningful.

4. Experience PARENTHOOD…

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a soulmate at the right time. Moreover, there are people who at their supposedly marriageable age were busy studying and getting a financially stable life. At a point of time, such people wish to have their own family. It is not always a soulmate that can complete you or give you a family. Neither does parenthood demands you to be a biological parent. Such eligible bachelors must not wait and adopt a child or may adopt two or three children and start their very own family.


Lucky are the homosexual people who live in the countries where homosexuality is accepted and celebrated. Getting married and having kids is every married couple’s dream. Married homosexual couples of such countries often go for surrogates, sperm donor or test-tube babies. Such couples must honor their homosexuality by adopting a child rather than going for other alternatives. This way, not just the couple but also the orphan kid will get a family.

2. A way to control POPULATION

There are so many conventional ways of controlling population, such as- medical abortion, contraception etc. Though adoption is not yet considered one of the ways to control population. On the contrary, it is one of the best options that can control population.  As it is better to adopt children than to create new ones. There are so many orphan children in the world of all age groups who are needy. Those who are considering adoption must not only consider adopting an infant or a toddler. An infant or a toddler gets adopted often than a child from a higher age group. An orphaned grade schooler, teen or a young adult are equally in a need of a guardian.

1. Because it is all about JOY!

A little bundle of joy- that’s what a baby is all about. There are plenty of experiences in life that only a child can give you. They can make you laugh and cry at the same time. They can make you experience real fear, anger, frustration etc. Most of all, they make you realize what selfless love is all about. Parenthood is not an easy task. Each stage of a child’s life brings up a new challenge for the parent. But, eventually, every experience is worthy enough. If you are capable enough to adopt or sponsor a child then go for it. Get a little joy in your life!


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