Top 10 Reasons Why Socializing is very Important

So you’ve been sitting all day and envying that old school ‘butterfly’ with half a thousand likes on her picture? And that sweet blue eyed guy who’s got people gushing of how wonderful he is all over his instagram? Well, do you know what did the trick? It’s the socializing in them that made all of that happen. And yeah of course you might counter that with apps made to increase those likes but you’d know what you’re guilty of and that won’t let you sleep. However that’s not the only good thing that socializing does to you, in fact its not even a hundredth of it. So if you didn’t already know why socializing is that important, it’s time you know. And you start socializing- beyond accepting those friend requests that is. You know what I mean?

10. You let go of the shyness


Oh Yes! That’s a hell lot of a important point which most people often disregard as not as significant. The more people you speak to, the better you get at initiating a conversation with an almost stranger and the less shy you get. Being shy is natural but it is only very important to overcome that fear for else you’d always be the onlooker watching people talk while you’d be too hesitant to offer your own advice or point of view. There would always be that fear of being unwanted. Need to conquer that fear? You’ll have to socialize more. And socializing is important.

9. Your presence is mostly awaited


You’ll be the talk of the town. Alright, you may now stop planning the speech you think everyone is ears for but to face the fact, at common events of the town, you’d be questioned for. Your presence would matter and your absence will get you missed. Who doesn’t want to be the person who gets calls to confirm if or not is he attending an event and others plan accordingly? So yeah, if you socialize, chances are people would like to have your presence and you’d never be unwanted. Anywhere.

8. Your social media profile is enviable


And why not? Didn’t we start by speaking of those much so social butterflies who run nothing short of half a million friends and 500 facebook likes on the dumbest of the dumb they post? There’d always be so much about your social media presence that you’ll have stalkers and all kinds of them. Wondering of the kinds of stalkers around? Alright, so there are many. First those who stalk because they are plain jealous. Second those who need to be the gossip monkers of the town and they’d take out all the gossip from your social media profile. Third would be those who’d imitate you and try and be you just to create and impression and last would be those who got nothing better to do or your secret admirers who’d also follow you and like every post or comment ever. They’d loom over you like a ghost. But nevertheless, even if they don’t want to be you, they’ll sure want to have a social media presence as popular as yours because chances are that everything you’d post would get trendsetting with the huge number of people you know.

7. You have a good network


Now that is important. Imagine you are in London and your spouse is stuck in Iceland in heavy snowfall and you need to keep her safe. You’ve got people you know in Paris who got cousins in Iceland and maybe they can help, if only you had stayed in touch. Get my point? You’ll have a network where everybody knows somebody and you can figure out ways from problems more easily than a commoner. Ofcourse you too will have to go out of the way at times to help those people. But nothing for what they do for you in times of emergency is repaying enough.

6. People know you at parties


And hence no party ever will be super boring for you. You’ll never have that excuse of not going to a party that you know no one there or no one there knows you. Even if it is a one in a million occasion where the only people you know are all too occupied, your inherent nature to socialize will come to advantage as you find new people who like your company as much as you like theirs. You’ll have new friends, you’ll know more people and the party will never ever get boring again. And being a socialite helps because everyone at the party will know atleast someone you know too and it gets increasingly easier to strike a conversation when there’s a common friend to talk of.

5. A fight with your best friend is not the end of the World


Oh yeah! That hurts. Even more if they decide to leak the secrets you trusted them with but atleast you’d have other people to go out with post a fight with your best friend or even a break up with your long time partner. They’d help you recover from the loneliness and you’d never have to think of how you have no one left. Eventually, out of so many you know you will sure find a new best friend.

4. You’ll learn more of the world and people


Knowing more people means listening to more stories and exploring more psychologies. It is like seeing the world from multiple pairs of eyes. that might not seem important to you, but knowing how people think helps much beyond the expected spectrum. It helps most in your workplace by anticipating client response based on the thinking ideologies of those you already know. Get the hack? The more people you know, the better you’d know how they’d react and all of it.

3. You build contacts… and more of them

build contacts

And lots and lots of them. God forbid if tomorrow you are in a position where you got no option but to leave your job, you will sure figure a way out and shortlist from among the people you know those who might help you find a new job. Some might offer it to you to. Contacts help through life. You’ve sure known how much having good contacts can mean if you’ve lived in developing countries. You always have someone to count on. And does that harm?

2. You’ll have a lot of friends


Who doesn’t like friends? I don’t think there’s anyone at all who doesn’t and if they don’t they’ve either lived to read, or pray or do nothing at all. The feeling of having people to help solve your problems or atleast be there to make them sound more fun is comforting. You’ll always have millions of people to laugh with, share with and most of all who’d help even before you’d realize they did. So if you are socializing, you’ll have lots and lots of friends. And I’ll give my arms for that. Won’t you?

1. You are never lonely


Now this you might believe is not half as important as its ranking along this list but then ask those who’ve been lonely and know the feeling. I bet you’ve been in that phase of time too, just that you won’t acknowledge. So you know what’s the best part of socializing, it is the feeling of having people around and not being lonely. Socializing is super important and now you know exactly why. So it’s never too late to start socializing…Is it?

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