Top 10 Reasons Why Violence Should Not be Tolerated

Google defines violence as – Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone. The mere thought of someone inflicting pain on us is enough to enrage us, isn’t it? If it doesn’t enrage you or disturb you, then you need to proceed and read through this.

Top 10 Reasons Why Violence Should Not be Tolerated

Violence is an answer to nothing but destruction and if you feel at any point that tolerating it is okay, then you are wrong. You don’t know the implications your toleration would bring. It allows the offender to continue his behavior; gives him the confidence to proceed. Here are ten main reasons, why you should absolutely not be tolerant towards violence.

  1. It doesn’t show your greatness but your cowardice

Be it any form of violence – domestic violence, sexual violence, uproars, anything; they are not okay. It is assumed at times that not responding to violent behavior shows how patient you are, it shows your humbleness, your eminence, but here’s the truth, it doesn’t.

Tolerating violence shows that you are a coward who would rather let someone dominate you or hurt you. You might feel that you are being the bigger person but in reality, you are just depicting a weak heart. A heart which would rather take violence than to stand up against what is wrong and unacceptable.

  1. Violence means violence and in no way does it depicts love

Somehow, in the twisted brains of violence-lovers, an act of violence shows how protective or how loving they actually are. In fact, in most of the domestic violence cases, it is your intimate partner inflicting the violence and the one taking it perceive it to be an act of love and possessiveness. It is not. Hurting someone is the complete opposite of loving someone.

And thinking, that with time it would change someday, that they would realize their wrongdoing. Trust me, my friend, it is just a wishful thinking. One who loves violence isn’t capable of loving anyone else and is not going to change anytime soon.

  1. You have a lawful right

Living is a basic human right and inflicting violence on humans is in direct violation of it. In which sense is not feeling safe in your home, your city, your country acceptable? A number of surveys have shown that people who don’t report incidents of violence fear that law would not protect them.

But here is the fact, any government on this Earth do not accept violence. It is a criminal offense. And there exist punishments for the wrongdoers and protection for the victims. Tolerating abuse because you feel people won’t support you or the laws won’t support you is absurd.

  1. It is not an act of awareness

There are people who believe that an act of violence, especially mass violence is at times an act of awareness. You don’t agree with something, let’s do a mass protest. As long as the protest is peaceful and is not hurting someone physically it is fine. But the moment, the protest crosses that line and becomes violent, it is no longer okay.

It is in no way fighting for rights or spreading awareness. It is an act of violence, tolerating which is like adding fuel to a fire.

  1. History is shouting at you to stop tolerating

History is an evidence that war and violence have caused havoc, one that engulfs thousands and thousands of innocent lives. You cannot imagine the number of unaware children, innocent mothers, and protective fathers who have been sacrificed in acts of violence. One can never make up for all those unaccounted lives.

It is history again which says that not reacting at the right moment is the major reason behind all these acts. Oh, how some direct communication, proper awareness, and correct reaction could have helped the ones who played no role other than dying.

  1. Talking is way better than swollen lips and broken hips

Diplomacy is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a peaceful substitute. Your silence over tolerating violence, tolerating someone who is bent on hurting you or injuring you is a blasphemy. Talking it over with your friends, with people who can help you, with people who can stop this is so much better.

Even talking to the one inflicting violence might make a difference. Making him aware of your feelings, of your pain, of your rights. And I will take talking any day over a bruised body. Talking with professionals might just give you the confidence you need to speak out and put an end to all your misery.

  1. Your one act of bravery can help several

If you think that you are the only one who is unlucky of falling victim to violence, you are wrong. There are thousands of others who share similar stories and pain. The day you stop tolerating is the day you not only become free but it is also the day which might become an inspiration for many. If your actions can help even one person who shares a similar fate, you can be proud, because you saved yours and an equally innocent life.

  1. You owe it not just to yourself but those who care about you too

Your life is not a commodity that someone can just play with. Your parents who have brought you up, your siblings who loved you throughout, your family who cares and so many others; they deserve your happiness just as much as you do. They deserve to know that you are doing the best you possibly can, they deserve to know that you fought for yourself, that you spoke when it was needed. You do owe them and more.

  1. It’s not your fault

One thing that has disturbed me for years is the fact that in 40 – 50 percent of the cases, the victim feels that they are at wrong and deserve the kind of behavior they are exposed to. Here is the raw truth – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Whoever you are, you are a human being. Someone’s violent behavior, someone’s obsession with inflicting pain on you is their responsibility, their issue, their problem. In no way have you lured them into becoming that way. So, the next time you feel that you deserve it, or you are the reason why someone’s the way they are, stop and reflect.

They were always like that, they always enjoyed hurting you, it’s not you but them.

  1. You are just as much of a criminal

You want to tolerate violence? You feel that it is your issue, your problem? You feel that no one else has the right to tell you about how to take violence? Well, then let me tell you something, you are a criminal, a criminal of the worst lot. You are not only allowing someone to treat you as dirt, but you are not doing anything about it.

Not reporting such acts, makes you equally guilty. Supporting what’s wrong or closing your eyes on something that is wrong, doesn’t make it right.

I understand that speaking out is a scary thought. You might imagine hundreds of things that can go wrong. But you owe it to yourself, to your dreams and your aspirations. You deserve just as much respect as anyone else. And remember, there are always people behind you, ones who care, ones who understand, ones who will fight along, ones who are waiting for you to speak up.


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