Top 10 Reasons why you Must Learn Driving

Remember the times when we piled and stacked pillows together to assemble a car, with an imaginary steering wheel and the most trusted bottle became the gear changer as we whirled in our fantasy land? The times when a toy car was the most prized possession and made us feel like a megastar? And the times when we couldn’t wait to zip-zap-zoom on the street like Brian O’Conner from Fast and Furious? Guilty pleasures, eh? Well we must really consider putting these thoughts into action (with safety of course)

Taking the driver’s seat (pun intended) allows your dreams to find their destinations. Learning to drive is one of the greatest achievements in today’s time and entitles the one who knows it with the crown of responsibility, freedom and self-dependence. It boosts your self-confidence owing to the mastery of an immortal skill. So here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why you must learn to drive:

10. Put a break to those stereotypes

‘Women can’t drive’ – a phrase spoken by men in every other lane. With women proving themselves in practically every filed, then why not in this? Get your self trained to drive and let your skills do the talking. Set the gears, race the accelerator, and knock down the stereotypes regarding women’s driving that has been passing down from generation to generation.

9. For the ‘Aaj kuch toofani  karte hai’ moment

Road trips are becoming a rage and there is nothing more adventurous than hitting a road in  a car with a pack of friends. Zooming through the hills, valleys and woods is an experience of its own kind. Thus, make sure you have experienced such adventure at least once in your lifetime.

8. Your very own portable attic

Driving a car comes with yet another advantage- you can go to your favourite shopping destinations as per your wish and store all your shopping bags and groceries,etc in safe hands (your car). You do not have to worry about the space for placing them. Unlike on a 2-wheeler or a public transport, where holding too many bags can be awkward, painful and distracting.

Thus, fret not, shop to your heart’s content at every sale at your convenience and stock them up in the comfortable laps of your car.


7. Because public transport has its own stumblings

Travelling in a overcrowded bus or a train can be one heck of a troublesome experience. Swinging and knocking into a sweaty person, UNPLEASANT. The sight of people constantly spitting, GROSS. The struggle to get a seat for a comfortable journey, VEXATIOUS. The fight with the ticket collector for change, DISTASTEFUL. Some pervert looking for a chance to grope you or touch you inappropriately, IRKSOME. The list can go on and thus, a journey in a public transportation is extremely inconvenient and also annoying.

So you see? Driving in your own car saves you from a lot of troubles. Thus, it comes across as your ‘knight in shining armour’.


6. You become a Good Samaritan

Owning a car comes with responsibilities like taking good care of your vehicle and also being a cherub to your friends , whom you can drop safely to their houses after a night of partying hard. Ahem, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Moreover, driving a car also gives you an opportunity to be a Good Samaritan. You can provide lifts to the people in need. You can also be of great help to people under cases of unfortunate emergency on the road and receive various blessings for your selfless deed. You thus become an angel or a saviour for the people who wait for a ray of silver-lining. Who knew this skill could wash away your vices with the showers of blessings.*wink*


5. Be savvy, Be economical

Driving your own car can be very easy on your pocket. It is very economical and frugal as you save money, you could have spent on hiring a driver, if you did not know how to drive. Thus, be smart, be savvy and invest your hard-earned money in the right direction. Also, you could indulge in carpooling which is a smart step towards reducing pollution and minimizing fuel consumption.

Moreover, travelling in your on car can also save you from the high rates of an Uber cab or an auto-rickshaw. So pinch those pennies, save them for a rainy day and grab the keys to own the road.


4. Time is precious

Do you realize how much of your time slips out of your hands wile waiting for a cab or an auto? The same time as the rabbit spent sleeping under the tree only to be defeated by the turtle. Every tick of the clock is precious, we must learn to make the most of it and refrain time from defeating us. Learning to drive comes to your rescue in such cases. Knowing how to drive saves a lot of your time. It may also acquaint you with the various shortcuts owing to your daily driving schedules.

‘Time is what we want most, but that we use worst”- William Penin, clearly points out our futility of wasting time. Thus, be ingenious and spend your time wisely by choosing skills and activities that save your time.


3. Better safe than sorry

Your safety is in your hands (pun intended). Take the driver’s seat and be responsible for your own security. With the surging cases of molestation, kidnap and rapes, it is essential that you do not rely on a complete stranger for dropping you to your safe spot. The creepy driver gazing at you from the rear view mirror can send jitters down your spine or an auto-driver who decides to  sing romantic songs with you at the back of the seat is a warning that threatens your safety. Save yourself from such obscenity and licentiousness by driving your own car.

2. You are free as a bird in the sky

The liberty to jump in your own car and speed onto the road is an unmatched joy. Knowing to drive asserts you with high levels of self-confidence and self-efficiency. You gain your freedom as you can drive to college or workplace, you can drive to a friend’s house or your favourite Grandma’s spot and also pack your bags and go out on road trips with your friends. You are free like a bird and no longer a liability for your father or brother.

1. A demeanor called self-dependence

Yes! you do not have to beg your brother to drop you, you do not have to argue with the nasty auto-drivers having evil tongues, you do not have to give elaborate explanations to the cab drivers, you do not have to wait for long hours for your friend to pick you; once you learn to drive. Knowing how to drive boosts your confidence and makes you independent. Moreover, you learn t take the responsibilities of the car, driving safely, dropping your friends or relatives and giving lifts to the needy. It is also an engaging challenge which always keeps you active and alert, which gradually improves your driving skills and have a mastery over the car, giving you a sense of achievement. This immortal skill grants you independence, coupled with qualities of being responsible, self-sufficient and self-efficiency.

It is not to late to make a New Year resolution. Make it a point to learn to drive as it benefits you and leads to your personal growth. *dials driving classes’ number*


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