Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Pokémon Go

It’s official. Pokémon Go has literally taken over all of our lives. The biggest happiness in our life is catching a rare Pokemon and showing it off to all our friends, and the biggest tragedy is seeing that ‘server overload’ screen. This childhood show-turned video game has become the latest fad among people all over the world, including those who didn’t grow up with Pokemon. The best part is, it’s not just a game for kids. People of all ages are playing this game, and if you aren’t playing it already, we’re giving you 10 reasons to start playing Pokemon Go immediately!

10. Because You Find That Long-Lost Innocence


Let’s face it. We’ve all grown up too fast in this fast-paced world, and somewhere along the way, we lost that spark of innocence we had as a kid. But playing Pokemon Go is bringing up all those memories we had as a kid, watching the show a countless number of times. The joy of catching a Pokemon or winning a fight in the Gym is unparalleled, and it isn’t something that we have found in other popular video games as yet.

9. Because You Find A New Activity With Your Friends


We’ve all been at that point where we’re just sitting around aimlessly with our friends, thinking of a place to go where you haven’t gone already. Pokemon Go has come to the rescue since you and your friends can always go Pokemon hunting around your area any time you want! It can even turn into a competition of who gets the most Pokemons amongst you!

8. Because It Gets You To Go Outside

David Rumanov, left, and Benjamin Caranicas play Pokemon Go on their phones while walking down Holly Avenue in St. Paul on Monday, July 11, 2016. The two friends, who live in New York City and were visiting Caranicas's relatives, said all their friends are playing the recently released game, which involves walking to different locations and "catching" collectable Pokemon characters. (Pioneer Press: Andy Rathbun)

Pokemon Go is the solution for people who are always in front of their laptop screens. It gives you an excuse to go outside and move around a bit while hunting for Pokemons. It’s a good option for introverts who always prefer staying in and watching a movie to going out. When you go outside often, you overcome that social anxiety and become more confident!

7. Because You Get To Be A Part Of Pokemon Events


With Pokemon becoming such a huge trend, people all over the world are organising events to catch Pokemons, which are called ‘Poke-walks’. No matter which region you’re in, there will be a Pokewalk scheduled somewhere nearby where you can go and be a part of the hundreds of people in your area who are just as obsessed with finding Pokemons as you are! It’s also a way to make new friends and get rid of any social anxiety that you have during public interactions.

6. Because You Discover New Places

discover new placwes

Pokemon has done the unthinkable. It has made us ditch the conventional bikes and cars and walk everywhere in search of Pokemons. In doing so, you discover many new places where you have never ventured before. The ‘Pokestops’ where you get more ‘Pokeballs’ to catch new Pokemon will help you observe the landmarks which you’ve never seen before in your own area!

5. Because Even Errands Are Fun Now


How many times have we grudgingly gone for grocery shopping? Those times no longer exist, because you now walk around to find Pokemon and get your errands done at the same time! It gives a feeling of being extra-productive, especially if you manage to catch a rare Pokemon while you’re at it. And when you factor in the number of kids who are playing Pokemon Go, all parents are at an advantage. All over the world, parents are actually overjoyed seeing that their kids willingly walk the dog or get a carton of milk while they’re in search of Pokemons.

4. Meeting New People

meeting new people

Pokemon Go has bought countless of people all over the world together, both on and off the mobile screen. Being a part of Pokewalks or even just meeting someone on the subway who is playing Pokemon Go gives both of you an ice-breaker, and before you know it, you have a new friend! Meeting new people is always good for you, and meeting someone with whom you share similar interests is even better! One guy actually met the love of his life through Pokemon. Now isn’t that an amazing story for the kids?

3. Because It Gets You To Exercise!


It’s the ultimate solution for video-game addicted couch potatoes all over the world. You need to move around to catch Pokemon, and it doesn’t even feel like exercise! You walk while going to most places, which you would never have done if it weren’t for Pokemon. It even has a feature called ‘Eggs’ which hatch and give you new Pokemon based on the distance that you’ve walked. Who even needs the gym or those other apps which tell you how much you’ve walked? Hatching an egg after walking 2 km or 10 km and getting a rare Pokemon, and losing weight at the same time? Win-win all the way!

2. Because It’s A Childhood Dream Come True


We can’t count the number of times we’ve imagined catching Pokemon while watching the show all those years before. Nintendo made all those childhood dreams come true with this amazing game which is all we wanted and more! The Pokemon cards may have been popular, but Pokemon Go is what we all really wanted. From the moment it was announced till the present, Pokemon Go made the child inside millions of people jump up in joy.

1. Because It’s Fun!


The only reason you’ll ever need to do anything. Playing Pokemon Go is a lot of fun! You never have a bored minute in your life, since you’re hunting for Pokemon in your free time in your office, home or college. It is guaranteed to lift your mood within seconds. You can play it alone, with your friends, with your partner, or even strangers. You can also use the Augmented Reality option to see Pokemon on your camera, making it seem like it’s in front of you in real life! Since you’re exercising when you’re playing the game, which is always a remedy for getting rid of stress, it helps you distract yourself from any other pressure in life!


Playing Pokemon Go is the newest trend, and for once it isn’t something silly with no productivity. So no matter the number of glitches or the overloaded servers, it has a huge fanbase. Its advantages are numerous, and it has become the most used mobile application in recent history, even more than Whatsapp, the most used social media application! It barely takes up any space on your phone unlike other mobile video games which take up gigabytes of your memory, and best of all, it’s free! So what are you waiting for? Download the app, and start hunting for Pokemons! Gotta catch ’em all!

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