Top 10 Reasons Why Youngsters Drink and Smoke

Smoking and drinking are injurious to health. Well, we all know that to the extent, that in India there is a pictorial warning on the box of cigarettes and it covers more than 50 % of the box. This is the second biggest warning compared to the other boxes of cigarettes anywhere in the world. But still, we see many people smoking carelessly. According to a data by WHO (world health organization), there are currently 130 million smokers in India and this constitutes about 13 % of the entire smoking population in the world. Although this has come down in the last decade, comparatively it is still minimal.

And to add to this problem is the fact that the youngsters between the ages of 16-25 have also started smoking and drinking. There has been a substantial growth to this in the last two decades. Based on the latest data issued by Global Adult Tobacco Survey, there were 12.4 % young smokers in India in 2016-17. So the question arises why this has increased? Why more and more young people in India are getting addicted every year? What are the reasons for this problem?

1. Peers

For us, this is the most important reason why a teen starts smoking. A survey says that many kids find it cool when they see their friends smoke and drink. And it has also been seen that friends are often convincing. Other peers include the atmosphere and locality where you live and study. If you have a shop near your area that sells the cigarette, chances are that you will be affected by this and may also try a smoke or two.

2. To have fun

This one might sound absurd but it is true. What starts as a fun activity, later it turns into an addiction! Being drunk with your friends, being funny, the stumbling – this might make up for very entertaining stories in the future. But, what about the present? What about the fact that this will be very harmful to you in the future? What about someone getting seriously injured during this? The implications of drinking or smoking for mere are very high!

3. To escape

We all live in a very competitive world. And it just gets more and more competitive day by day and this not only affects the adults and working class but also the young people. They are constantly under the microscope as far as their studies are concerned. So to escape from this and be relaxed they make smoking their solace. But what they don’t know is that this is not a solution. This is never a solution to any problem.

4. Ignorance

Well, you have to accept this one. As much as young people claim they know everything this is one thing they don’t. And this is not because they are not smart or bright, but because they simply don’t have enough experiences and information. You can call it lack of awareness by parents or society but this is one of the most important reasons for a youngster to start drinking and smoking.

5. Family atmosphere

Not every child is born with a golden spoon! Many are born in a family which has financial crises. And thus many have parents who resort to smoking and drinking as their only option. There are many kids who are brought up with alcohol and drugs abuse. This affects the kids as they learn most of their traits from their parents. It is seen that kids often mimic their parent’s behavior. Thus, if there is a strong restriction that is imposed on smoking it could avoid the kids from this bad habit.

6. Curiosity

Curiosity often leads to many things. There is always this desire to try new things and explore the surroundings. And this doesn’t stop suddenly when they hit puberty. In fact, it is more so when they are young enough to know things. And as they grow up less attention is given to them. This gives them the freedom to experiment and try new things. They also start to develop the desire to try cigarettes and drugs. And what started off with a mere experiment might turn into an addiction!

7. Self-medication

In this day and age, there are many who suffer from stress, depression and emotional instability. And many of them are prescribed heavy doses of medication. And thus they get vulnerable to alcohol abuse. And like adults they use this substance for self-medication. This will escape them from reality and make them temporarily numb. They find their inner self-confidence through these things. There is also this feeling of fitting into society/people accepting them. Through smoking, they find ways to join this type of people and being friends with them.

8. Rebellion

Every youngster feels that he/she has grown up. And they are now mature to take decisions. They develop a certain rebellious attitude. This happens mostly to people who have overprotective, nagging, or strict parents. They lash out in an aggressive manner and instead of talking about their frustrations to their parents they may rebel by developing habits like smoking and drinking. They sought out to these things because they know that this will make their parents ashamed and embarrassed. They believe that smoking will flaunt their independence. It is also seen that use of drugs like meth, results in violent behavior.

9. Boredom

Although this is one of the common occurrences, addiction due to this is seen in very few youngsters and that is why this is at number 9 on our list. There is a very popular saying, “Idle mind is the devil’s playground”. It means that boredom can easily affect anyone. Even more so, a young and restless person. This can land them into all sorts of trouble. Not everyone has the luxury of good friends and thus instead of playing in the evening, they get sucked into their homes. As each day passes they get more and more bored and may finally turn to drugs to fight their boredom. Having a glass of beer and smoking cigarettes is often seen as a slippery sign of addiction.

10. They are already addicted

No one starts smoking or drinking with the aim of being addicted. There is always a feeling of ‘I can control myself’, ‘I can quit anytime I want’, etc. This leads to them being relaxed and not worry about any consequences. And this is where addiction is most harmful. It often happens when you are least worried. Thus proper care should be taken of those who have just started smoking or drinking because this is the stage where you can easily get rid of this soon-to-become addiction.

We know it is hard to see a young person or even your children becoming addicted to smoking or drinking. But there is nothing to be worried about. There are proper medication and rehabilitation centers which can help you fight this problem. Stay away from these things and stay healthy because your life is important than any of these things.

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