Top 10 Popular Conspiracy theories that are almost Believable

In this World, everything ever gets linked to a conspiracy. You win a business deal, it’s a conspiracy- you don’t? Oh well! You are being conspired against. You love your family, you are conspiring, You don’t, others have conspired. You need to visit the restroom? Well even that’s conspiracy. You breathe? That too. So when your life’s so full of conspiracies, it might help to know that there are bigger conspiracy theories affecting your everyday wellbeing and that everyone around is trapped, or conspired to be so, in fact trapping you is a conspiracy. Oh well too much piracy there… errr… conspiracy. Get to know of the most popular conspiracy theories, not ever, because the ones from deep into history you know- Obviously you know of the JFK assassination? Oh my God! You don’t? How’d you ever survive in a world so cruel my love, its time you went bonkers reading of that and Paul from Beatles, and Hitler faking his death, and Clinton Body Count and Area 51. But first, get to know of conspiracies you might be subject to, or ones you’d relate to entirely. Alright Conspiracy Junkies, its loud and clear, you’ll probably know these too, but never mind- reading never harms.

10. Get hit by Ebola: The government wants you to


Scared of catching the Ebola? Well the government’s sure going to celebrate. While numerous theories make the rounds, all conclude on how the government benefits from epidemics. While some say a 17 year old episode of Simpsons was a pre warning for the outbreak, Phyllis Schlafly went on record to say that Obama let Ebola enter the States to make the country more like Africa. While a professor believes it’s an outcome of U.S. bio –terrorism, Chris Brown resorted to twitter in claiming that is was a population control conspiracy. However, the one most believable of them all is that the government wants you to suffer from Ebola because Pharmaceuticals are funding them bonkers to create the scare and bank on the diseased for profits that won’t stop flowing in.

9. MH17 tragedy- Its World war 3 in the making


You think it was a sad accident? What if it was an engineered accident to kill Vladimir Putin, or to deflect media from Gaza Invasion or maybe to incite in people a hatred towards Russians and thereby creating a foundation for World War 3. Ever engineered tragedy is mostly about power and money, and so was this. With Russia controlling vast Natural Gas Reserves all over the World they are sure to bear the grunt; not being a part of Debt Banking system does not help too. The west orchestrated the shoot down to bring the black light on Russia. Ukrainian attacks on Russian citizens are known to few, and thus in a pompous act of saving Ukrainians from oppression, the West will have its way by perpetrating the Third World War.

8. Celebrity Puppets, Politicians Puppeteers


You thought Media was a way to raise your voices against oppression, and celebrities the messiahs? Revisit pages of history and you’d see truth in the conspiracy theory alleging Politicians of making celebrities their puppets. When so ever it so happens that Politicians are being served public annoyance, they choose to shift headlines to celebrities being weird in public. Barack Obama shifted the grunt with the teenage superstar Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) stealing limelight with acts of indecency and almost absurdity in public. More so, the media mediates the message your mind needs to be accustomed to. The films bank on terrorism and mishandling of the citizens just so you are prepared for it to happen in real. Infact, in micro waves and high frequencies, the politicians have through media setups almost started controlling your minds at a subliminal level. And you thought only meditation was subliminal?

7. 9/11 didn’t just happen, it was plotted to Happen


9/11 is the biggest mishappening that America is still recovering from, or is it? If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, the building could just not be demolished by jet fuel and accidental crashing alone. While Al Qaeda took credits for the event, it was actually the U.S. Government which might have engineered the plot. You need pointers of why it is so believed? The mysterious building 7 collapse, that too like controlled demolition and explosive material being found in the Building’s basement is sure no co-incident. Also, was not Osama Bin Laden a known asset to the CIA. Let yourself do the thinking.

6. Mineral Water? How About Fluoride?

Fluoride saves teeth crpt

Alright, in within the fad of mineral water being a constant nag in your lifestyle, do you realize how the government has been serving you fluoride water for over 50 years. Claims speak of preventing tooth decay, but talk to conspiracy theorists- Does the government have time enough to ponder over matters as trivial as tooth decay? Well then, beware, it might be their effort to get you to be sick and have lower intelligence. Fluoride has been proven to be harmful to humans, of lowering IQ and of causing cancer. Why then can they not protect your teeth? You’d hardly be alive to make use of them anyway.

5. The Accidental Royal Death- Princess Diana was killed


Though it was an unfortunate luxury automobile accident on August 31, 1997 which claims to have stolen the British off their Princess, the conspiracy theorists seek to differ. While there have been memes of Diana victimized by shape shifting lizards (you’ll soon know who they are) ruling the Britain, it is also believed that the accident never happened. Diana was abducted from the tunnel in an ambulance where she was slaughtered. Nevertheless, the theorists all believe it to be a conspiracy of the Royal Family who might be against her engagement with Dodi Fayed, a Muslim since they did not want to tolerate the relationship between a muslim and the Royal Family. The murder is believed to be carried out by Prince Philip, Prince Charles and M16. Another possible theory suggests that the princess knew of deep dark secrets of the family and Her Majesty herself, and thus it was but mandatory for her to die. Whatever be it, the Luxury car brand sure would be happy to know that the airbags worked just fine.

4. Scared of reptiles? Should be.You are Ruled by Shapeshift Reptilians


The reptilian conspiracy though has largely involved exra-terrestrials and their quest to rule the world, David Icke has been more controversial and claimed that many elitists of the world are actually shape shift reptilians. They are just not human or maybe not human enough. The most controversial of all supposed Reptilians has been the Royal Family of Great Britain since they claim of having a varied Royal Blood. I am sure they did not mean reptilian blood. Nevertheless, come to think of it, the conspiracy theory is well linked. The Royal Family through Colonialism has ruled over vast portions of the world. If theorists are to be believed, the government of all countries is engineered by that of United States which in turn is left to the House of Lords to decide. Well then, ruling the world ain’t too far fetched.

3. They can’t get Smarter, They’ll make you Dumber


Alright so, the education system is getting dumber and it is no accident- it is in fact deliberate. Those is power need to have a population of those who serve as smart slaves, but are too stupid to release themselves from bondage. Why else are you told of what to think and not how to think? You’ve been made to fall in love with robots so that you act like one and keep taking orders. You are being spoon-fed just to make you docile enough in taking orders and being perpetrators of slavery as opposed to power. You would never question reality, and thus a dumber you is a prized asset to those who like to rule.

2. Get Medical Vaccinations that make you Sick

vaccination makes sick

True that vaccinations serve a noble purpose, or do they? Conspiracy theorists believe it’s purely to make you sicker and weaker. Pharmaceuticals have long been famous for engineering disease causing viruses and getting them spread to sell their on antidotes- making millions and trillions in the process. Vaccinations though are antidotes, or are they? If theorists are to be believed, while these vaccinations guard you against one disease, they make your immune system weaker and susceptible to deadlier diseases. Well then,, you are still safe from the less deadly ones, be happy.

1. Tired of everything old? There’s The New World Order

New World Order

Engineered mostly by Illuminati and backed by Reptilians, Vaticans and all secret societies you’ve heard or maybe never heard of, the New World Order is the Conspiracy theory that has been there like a burr, stuck to every mind its ever gone across. The theory believes the Elite from over the world coming together to form a New World Order- A World Government maybe? And for that they are penetrating the sensibilities of Humans to help them achieve their goal. The noble purpose however was never there; it is for self satiation of power, of absolute monarchy and of creating fear rather than love. Who then forms the Illuminati? More like you name a famous personality, and they’d be on the ‘supposed’ list. The conspiracy theories alone are creating a New World Order going by the literal meaning, but to be sure of whether it is true, you might want to contact the Illuminati

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