Top 10 Road Trips Around The World

Sometimes, the journey is better than the destination. A road trip gives you some of the best memories- the exhilarating winds, the music with extra bass, the scenic routes, the presence of your closest friends. So instead of looking for a vacation destination, why not just look for the best road trips that you can take? There are many extremely scenic routes in the world which are perfect for a road trip. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best road trips in the world.

10. Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

wild atlantic way

Wild Atlantic Way, which is on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland, is a road trip you will never forget. Often touted as the best road trip in the entire world, it has everything to offer, from being culturally rich to being one of the wildest and enchanting roads in the world. It runs for 2,500 km. The entire road gives you the view of rocky coastlines, hillsides that are green as far as the eye can see, and boasts of having the highest sea cliffs in Europe at Slieve League.

What Not To Miss-

  • Achill Island– Drive up to Achill Island, where the cell tower at the top of Minaun gives viewers a 360-degree view of Blacksod Bay, Atlantic, the mountains and all the islands.
  • For those who are adventurous, you can trek on the sea cliffs.
  • Glengesh Pass– Stop at the Glengesh pass, a spot between Glencolmcille and Andra, and be enraptured by the amazing view.

9. Cowboy Trail, Canada

cowboy trail

One of the best recreational road trips is the Cowboy Trail in Alberta, Canada. Stretching over 700 km, this route gives you the opportunity to go on horseback trail rides and ranch vacations. Beginning at Mayerthorpe and going all the way down to Cardston in Alberta, the route has many attractions to harness your inner cowboy. You will be overwhelmed with the scenery of the rugged mountains and the wilderness.

What Not To Miss-
Get your own custom cowboy boots in Calgary.
Kananaskis Country
Banff National Park

8. Great Ocean Road, Australia

great ocean road

This 158-mile long route will definitely be etched in your minds long after you’ve reached your destination. Stretching along the southern coast of Australia, it gives you the view of limestone stacks which have been eroded over thousands of years by the retreating coastline. You can see the famed Twelve Apostles- the twelve stacks of limestone cliffs in the sea (now eight). You can also see the wildlife around you- koala bears, kangaroos, emus, and penguins.

What Not To Miss-

Twelve Apostles
Whale Lookout Points

7. Romantic Road, Germany

romantic road

This ‘theme route’ in the streets of Bavaria, Germany is often called Germany’s favorite holiday route. The 350-km route spans through picturesque towns, cobblestoned villages, castles, forests, vineyards and more. This trail attracts over two million visitors every year. It gives visitors the traditional feel of Bavaria, especially when you pass by the gothic cathedrals, baroque palaces, and castles which were built in the 19th century by Ludwig II.

What not to miss-

Have the healthiest beer in the vineyards along Romantic Road.
Travel by a coach, for scoring extra brownie points in the romantic department.
See pageants and festivals in the summer and late autumn.

6. Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand

arthur's pass

This drive through the Arthur’s Pass National Park in New Zealand is one of the most scenic routes in the world. Called the ‘backbone’ of the South Island, it passes through high mountains and steep gorges. This township in the Southern Alps makes for a beautiful road trip which can also be explored by walk or train. The TranzAlpine Express which winds through Arthur’s Pass is considered as one of the world’s greatest train journeys.

What not to miss-

Devil’s Punchbowl Galls
Avalanche Peak
Bealey Valley

5. Pan American Highway, North America

pan american highway

The Pan-American Highway is not just one road. The entire highway consists of a wide network of roads which stretches for more than 40,000 km. Titled the ‘Longest Road in the World’, the Pan-American Highway stretches over 14 countries and also has links to many other countries. It is considered the longest motorable road in the world.

What not to miss-

Summit of Death– the most challenging part of the route, situated at 3,335 metres above ground level.

Darien Gap- the only missing link of the Pan-American highway, this 160 km stretch is the only break in the middle of the highway. It is considered an enormous challenge to cross this Gap, due to its difficult terrain through the rainforest.

4. Causeway Coastal Route, UK

causeway coastal route

Rated as one of the top five best road trips in the world, the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland in the UK is not one to miss. Stretching from Belfast to Derry, this 195-km long route passes through the Gobbins, the nine Glens of Antrim, Causeway Coast, and Binevenagh. The route winds through many picturesque locations, ranging from castles, steep cliffs, to a coastal backdrop. It also provides many activities along the road, like kayaking, cycling, surfboarding, zip-lining, paddle-boarding or coasteering. You can also explore Rathlin Island, which is northern Ireland’s only inhabited off-shore island.

What not to miss-

Rathlin Island
Nine Glens of Antrim
Glenarm Castle

3. Cape Point Route, South Africa

The coast road to the Cape of Good Hope

Cape Point Route in Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most remarkable road trips that you will take. The route winds from Hout Bay and through Table Mountain National Park- a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The route gives you an opportunity to view the Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, which was earlier considered the most south-western point in the African continent. You can also see the actual southernmost point in Africa- Cape Agulhas where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet.

What not to miss-

Seeing the endangered African penguins in Table Mountain National Park.
Great White Sharks in False Bay.
Wine tasting in Steenberg.

2. Grand Pacific Drive, Australia

grand pacific drive

The Grand Pacific Drive in Australia is one of the most promoted road trips in the world. The 140km long route winds through seaside villages, the Royal National Park and the famed 665 metre Sea Cliff bridge. It passes through the vibrant city of Wollongong, which offers many beaches along the route. You then pass through the coastal towns Shellharbour and Kiama. The picturesque drive offers many attractions along the route.

What not to miss-

Killalea State Park
Kiama Blowhole
Sea Cliff Bridge

1. Garden Route, South Africa

garden route

The Garden Route in South Africa attracts millions of visitors every year. The natural beauty along the road makes it one of the best road trips in the world. Despite being only 300km long, the beaches, lagoons, hills, indigenous forests and the remarkable Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma ranges along the route provide an unforgettable experience. It winds through the Wilderness, a stretch full of dense forests where you can spot a yellowwood tree which is 600 years old.

What not to miss-

Garden Route National Park
Knysna Lagoon
Outeniqua Transport Museum


While planned trips with a destination are not bad at all, you can always embark on an unknown adventure while driving down some of the best roads in the world. Throw out the planned itinerary of your trip and just surprise yourself!

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