Top 10 Safest Countries for Women

Women are taking on the world and a very recent evidence of this is the Rio Olympics. This is only one side of the story but. The other is the ugly one. Heinous crimes like loots and sexual assault against women paint the ugly picture. In many countries of the world, women find themselves restrained by these obstacles which ultimately lead to hesitation in doing all the wonders they can. But beating hindrances like these women, nowadays, do step outside of their homes. Certain countries of the world have made sure that every female setting foot out of the house feels secure and safe.

Here is a list of the top ten safest nations of the world.

Safe countries for women


A beautiful nation that maybe one of the few Asian nations to be safe for women to live and travel to. Singapore is indeed a very safe place for women and the reason for this could be the strict laws and their implementation. Singapore holds women in high regard and has taken all the steps it can to ensure their safety. Many single moms, often from nations of orthodox cultural views, settle and make their living in Singapore. It is another nation which is favoured by women for all-girls trips.


Finland, the North European country which is also a part of the Scandinavian trio is one of the safest countries of the world. A very important factor for a country to be safe for women is the societal position of women in the said nation. In Finland, women are treated with immense amount of respect and have all the rights any man in the nation has, if not more. In fact, Finland was the first nation in the European continent to give women equal status and a right to vote. This is one of the very reasons women feel safe in Finland. Finland is a host to a number of solo female travellers over the year. Finnish women are given a fair chance at education and are often seen holding important positions at business and politics.


Canada is another country that can be a perfect place for women, security wise. In the last two decades, nonviolent crimes have been curbed expertly by the law enforcing bodies which has ultimately resulted in the crime rate stooping very low. Also, Canada offers great job opportunities for women and is one of the nations with the lowest gender pay gap ensuring financial security to women. Single women often choose to live in Canada because of the high level of financial security and the low crime rate.


The land of the rising sun, staying true to its name has been progressing ever since. The status of women in the Japanese society is far better than many countries in the continent of Asia. Japan has a high population of women and the rate of crime is comparatively low. The nation recognizes rights of women and endorses equality of genders. Single women hailing from different nations are increasingly making Japan their home because of the very slim chances of crimes.


Australia welcomes a number of tourists every year and quite a few of them are solo female travellers. This is not only because of the attractive monuments but also because it is a very safe country, especially for women. The people of Australia are hospitable and warm and definitely helpful. The literacy rate in the nation is also high resulting in low crime rates, especially crimes against women are low.


A very peculiar thing about Switzerland is that the country is divided into 26 states known as cantons and each and every canton has its own laws and ordinances. A reason why women, especially single women select Switzerland is because the nation is recognized for its well- administered governance. Safety-wise it is an excellent option for women as the crime rate has been very low since a lot of time. Also, there is hardly any unemployment which guarantees financial security.

4.New Zealand

The little country lying to the south-west of the Pacific is one nation every human being should definitely visit at least once in their life time. New Zealand receives tourists from all around the world and rightly so because of its exquisiteness with regard to nature. The country is blessed with a seamless location and even so because of the amazing weather year long. New Zealand has been known to be a host to habitants from all around the world as the nation is a pristine option for someone with a small family and a warm lifestyle. The country is home to a number of women who want start their lives over or even those who want to settle for retirement. The law of the land is strict and women-friendly, safeguarding their rights and ensuring their safety.


Austria, widely referred to as ‘the land of music’ is another nation with scenic beauty and serenity which waits to enthrall its visitors. The nation is rightly counted not only in the list of the safest nations but also is one of the best countries to live in. Austria is a small European nation with a low population. Interestingly, the reason for it being one of the safest countries for women is its low population. The nation is also known for the warmth and welcoming nature of its inhabitants. Female travellers often take long halts at Austria because of the hospitality of the locals and their eagerness to show the travellers around in their land.


The serene country of Denmark is undoubtedly one of the safest countries in the world. Not only is the crime rate very low but Denmark also ensures that its inhabitants have complete financial and medical security. People belonging to countries from around the world are often seen settling down in Denmark and making the country their retirement home. Also, the country has a high literacy rate and a strict law system making it a safe country for women. Women do not feel hesitant to roam the streets at night and are often seen doing so. Denmark is another option completely loved by female travellers, not only because it’s safe, but also because of its mesmerising beauty.


Iceland is a nation that lies between two oceans and is a home to a number of active and dormant volcanoes. Fascinatingly, the nature of its inhabitants is exactly opposite to its active-volcano state. The country is the most peaceful country in the entire world and has the highest Global Peace Index (GPI). The country is thinly populated and is like a great big family living together. Icelanders hate violence and almost never engage in any. The country is the safest for women because of this very reason and has naturally become a favourite of solo women travellers.

These nations are a must-visit if you are travelling alone or deciding to settle in a foreign country.

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