Top 10 Similarities between Kids and Old People

“Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”, these last lines of Shakespeare’s ‘All the world’s a stage’ correctly summed life as one grows old. Indeed there are uncanny similarities between old people and kids. Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourself.One section is just about to being their journey of life, kids and the other is about to finish theirs, old people. They are similar in more ways than one could fathom. For one, they both have their worries at a minimal level.

10. They want it; they have it.

It does not matter what they have laid eyes on, if it pleases them they want it. For example, if a kid sees a new toy in the toy store, he has to have it in his collection. If the wish is not fulfilled, well, get ready for a tantrum. As the age progresses the way of persuading and throwing tantrum changes. Consider for example, an elderly wants to eat ice-cream, though not good for their health, they will persuade one by saying, ” Consider this as my last wish”. The oldest blackmailing trick in the book.

Both these people are very persuasive once they know what they want and the cherry on the cake is , if they know your weakness, they never fail to use it for their benefit at all.

9. Extra nutrients.

Kids and old people are on that stage of life where their body requires outside help. With toddlers it is the growing body and with elderly it is the withering body. They both have no teeth or as for oldies fake teeth in their mouths. these two belong to the age group that requires lots of multivitamins and food that is age specific, for example, no spicy foods for them. What seems like an easy task when read is in reality the most difficult one. They are know to throw tantrums and would find any and every strange excuse and reason not to eat healthy food or drink protein drinks. Take in account their favorite excuse, ” I don’t like the color”. Hilarious is it not!!

8. The Curious Cats.

these two age groups have questions about everything under the sun. And with their great memory power (note the sarcasm!), they tend to ask the same questions again and again. More time than once the questions are rhetorical in nature but they expect an answer. Comparing them to a nut would give a seemingly accurate picture of the hard to crack nut cases. They need to know about everything in detail with all the illustrations, examples, experiments and demonstrations one could come to think of. Moreover, telling them once would not suffice, keep reminding them on a daily basis or they might just ask you for an answer again!

7. Persuasive workers.

No matter if their body allows them or not, if they decide to land-a-hand in your work, you can never say no. And if they don’t like the way you work or have formed a perspective over it, it is almost impossible to make them listen to any different ideas. It goes without saying that they have amazing persuasion qualities and it is difficult to change their perceptive over things. If they want they can persuade anyone to think like them. One should never expect an objective answer from their side. If you want to change any idea they have about something your reasoning better be as interesting and believable as possible.

perceptive of an old man

6. The boon to not remember.

One should never trust them to remember a thing, even when they promise they would. These two age groups are fairly famous for forgetting about everything if not reminded on a daily basis. They have a fairly limited attention span and even more limited memory. It is normally seen that one has to repeat a certain thing quite number of times in a day on regular basis if they wish any kid or an aged person to remember about it. It is a challenge in itself to be patient and repeat same things over and over again until they learn. One have to at times devise innovative ideas to make their task easy,like making flow charts or diagrams of the things they want the kid or oldie to remember.

5. Attention seekers.

These two age groups are known to be attention seekers. This quality of theirs could either irritate you to no end or one could find it adorable. They just want to know that they are loved and to know this very harmless fact they could go to any length and play many antics. Like, unnecessary coughing in elders to non-stop crying in toddlers, they are full of antics they know will work to gram your attention.

attention graber

4. Known to be clingy and prone to falling.

Being clingy and wanting to be around the person they love the most is a quality both harmless and to worry about. They are used to having things going their way. They want any and all special treatment they could get with their age. Like, their preferences being your priority in any small or big change you seem to make in your life.

Continuous surveillance is a must if one is around a kid or aged because they will either fall and get hurt or get lost and be difficult to spot. Kids are always full of energy and running around, this being the reason they bounce off all and any imaginable and unimaginable place in any room or playground. And old people need surveillance because of standing in a position for too long while moving.

3. Patience testers.

If you want to know how much patience, say, your future partner has or how nice and understanding a person is, leave them in the company of a kid or aged person for a long time. Their is no break from being understanding and nice when with them. If you ever so slightly raise your voice with them or ignore their views, be ready for their tantrums. Crying, normally in case of kids and uncalled and rash behavior in case of old people. They can go from lovely to be your worst nightmare in a matter of seconds. From asking the most mundane question to being completely irrational, they know all the tricks to test your patience.

2. Say what they mean.

They have no brain/heart-to-mouth filter, literally. Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy but with these age groups around it is at times disastrous. If one wants to create an awkward situation or to put someone in dilemma about continuing the conversation, just ask either a kid or aged person to say something. In ninety percent of the cases they are bound to say something to make things awkward. And one never needs to ask about their say in any matter, they would tell it themselves, better they they’ll announce it to the whole room. They never realize what  they are saying or to whom they are saying something.

powerpuff girls

1. The adorable cuties.

No matter how hard they irritate you or any negative quality, they will always be the ones with a pure heart. They always portray how they are inside to the outside, nothing is made-up or fake in their case. They like you? They’ll tell you. It is hard not to love someone who has so many pure shades. They are as clear as a crystal and never say something the don’t mean.


Cute a bear and adorable as a puppy, a kid or a old person sure are similar in more ways than ever thought. With sans teeth, pure hearts, loving eyes and a habit to see good in all. They may irritate us at times and may also test our patience but they are very important for our lives to be beautiful. They are the ultimate beauties of God bestowed on us.

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