Top 10 Things About Guys Girls Don’t Get

Most of the girls feel that even though guys say “girls are complicated,” it’s guys who need to have a manual with instructions. Well, each individual has their own characteristics so not all of the traits that a guy possess can be generalized; But, is understanding guys really that hard? I beg to differ! So, here’s a list of things about guys that girls don’t get. However, not all the guys own these qualities, because every rule has an exception, right?

10. Their love for video games:

As girls, we all have seen the obsession that guys have with video games. I have also seen how girls get annoyed when a guy spends his time playing video games and it is considered a waste of time. C’mon girls! Just think about it! What’s not to like about a place where you can be anything and anyone you want, where you have powers you’ve always wanted and you can become a superhero by saving the world? Video games are the best escape for boys from their mundane lives. They feel empowered because saving your team by scoring the winning goal at countdown can make you feel invincible. Who could deny a power like that?

9. They act differently around their dudes:

Everyone has different comfort zones around people, but when it comes to guys, they take it to another level. Boys have different personalities around different people and do not like to mess up the image they have created. That is why as girls, we often see boys being sweet, nice, and considerate when they spend time with us; but when we see them with their dudes, they become kind of different- dark-humored, sarcastic, tougher, and cocky. It’s not because they’re being fake with us, it’s just the way it has always been. They were always that way around their friends so it has become their comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean that they are not genuinely nice and sweet.

8. They prefer precise conversations:

Boys prefer to have conversations in the most precise way, especially while texting. This is one of their characteristics which is the leading cause of frustration among most of the female population. Sometimes when girls write a huge paragraph and they get “Okay” as the response, it causes an uproar, but it’s just the way guys are. Even while trying to express that they have understood the point you were trying to make in that huge paragraph. If their purpose is being successfully served by a four-alphabet word, then why should they say anything else?

7. They are very competitive:

Whenever girls talk about their other male friends around guys, they tend to get jealous. Girls don’t understand why do boys have to be jealous. Well, it’s because of the same reason that girls get jealous when boys talk about other girls (This act is performed by experts. Please do not try this at home!) They feel a sense of inferiority when they hear about the skills that someone else possesses. It makes them feel like the other person is somehow better than them, though they’ll never accept it. They are ALWAYS competitive.

6. They don’t know how to communicate emotions:

Girls often have one major question- “Why doesn’t he just tell me however he is feeling?” We can either blame it on the society or dare to blame the parents for such upbringing of their sons. Even as kids, boys are told not to cry or be sad as it is considered a sign of weakness. Though when they express their ‘weak’ emotions in form of anger, then it is accepted. This kind of teaching and mentality molds their mind into expressing every emotion as anger. It might sound absurd but in reality, they do not know how to express their emotions in any other way. No one has ever taught them or allowed them the expression of emotions through communication. The way they see it, talking about feelings makes a person vulnerable and they can’t afford that. They have to be strong or at least pretend to be.

5. They don’t hold grudges:

Like many other girls, I have always wondered how are some boys still friends with people who have done something wrong to them at one point, then slowly I observed that it’s like a natural trait for them. When it comes to guys, they are very quick to forgive and forget. They do not hold grudges. They will either not forgive the person and throw them out of their lives, or they would forgive them and forget whatever happened. It’s all in or all out for them.

4. They love to be pampered:

It is a well-known fact that we love being pampered and the boys oblige to it perfectly but have we ever considered that maybe boys like being pampered too? Well, they do. They appreciate someone around whom they can unleash their inner child, they love an evening of movie marathon which is not full of chick-flicks, and they love to spend the day playing video games on the couch. It doesn’t take much to pamper a guy, just find out their interests, and initiate a conversation about it. They would love to talk about it. Boys always buy flowers for girls, but do girls even know what’s their favorite flower? Well, it’s time to ask and buy them some flowers!

3. They have to fix everything on their own:

Something that is incomprehensible for most girls is, why do guys have to fix everything on their own? Why can’t they just take help from someone else? It’s quite simple. They are strong and independent men who don’t need anyone’s help. Asking for help is like accepting your defeat. No guy wants to feel defeated, so they have to fix everything on their own. If the broken sink has to be repaired then they will fix it, they just need some time, around six months or something.

2. They are bad at remembering dates:

Girls are mostly upset with guys because they don’t remember the date of their anniversary, birthday, and other important things. They’re most annoyed by how they have the sports dates memorized perfectly like ask them when their team won the finale and they would tell you the exact date along with time. Well, that’s just because those dates are always refreshed in their minds. How? Guys often discuss game events or something related to it when they hang out together. It helps them in restoring that information precisely. It definitely doesn’t mean that a game is more important than their other life events. (Thank me later, guys!)

1. They keep things simple:

Even if they are bad at expressing their feelings, boys are quite concise in expressing and understanding thoughts through words. If a guy tells a girl that he’s busy for a few days, then the girl starts jumping to the worst conclusions- Did I do something wrong? Is he trying to avoid me? Is he seeing someone else? Whereas what he really meant is that he’s busy with work or anything else, with no relevance to the girl. The same thing happens when a girl says “I’m fine” even when she is not. He believes her and then she complains that he doesn’t care about her feelings. Girl, don’t you see it? He does care, but he thinks that if something was wrong then you would have told him instead of hiding it. It’s really that simple with boys!

The moral of the story is that you cannot understand a person unless you try to see things from their perspective. To all the guys who think that girls are complicated, and all the girls who think that it’s hard to understand guys- all you need is to spend some time with each other to get it all right.

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