Top 10 Things One Must Carry to a Foreign Country

How amazing is it to travel to a foreign land and explore the cultural and traditional wonders of different places? If you are anything like me, you wouldn’t sleep at night on the prospect of going on an adventure the very next day. My sleep vanishes because of the excitement but some people lose their sleep over the anxiety of going to a new place imagining a hundred things that can go wrong.

Top 10 Things One Must Carry to a Foreign Country

Want to stress less and enjoy more? If yes, plan it out. Planning will help you organize things and keep all the tension away. To help you with it, here is a list of 10 things that you must carry to a foreign place to ensure a trip filled with delight and satisfaction.

  1. The Correct Luggage Bag

It is important that you pack light – especially if you are traveling alone but more important is to pack using the right luggage bag. Choose a luggage bag that is versatile, strong, sturdy, and lightweight. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to roam around with broken handles or zippers. It is better to choose luggage bags with wheels or wheeled backpacks.

A carry-on is an absolute necessity. It will come in handy more than you can imagine. It will save you loads of time while having to use documents and essentials every now and then and also, it would be with you the whole time, keeping all the crucial stuff at one secure place.

  1. The Right Clothes

Taking clothes along is an obvious necessity but a must have is the right ones. Choose your clothes according to the place you are going to and not where you currently are. Keep a tab on the weather conditions of the country you are visiting, if it’s cool at the night, make sure you have warm nightwear or raincoats if it is rainy where you are going.

Never assume but check out the ongoing conditions to have a better understanding. Also, while you are at it, keep an eye on the local news to be aware of the place you are traveling to.

  1. Books, Guides, and Magazines

Books are the best way to keep you from getting bored. Long waiting hours? Read a book. Coped up in your hotel room due to that unexpected rain shower? Read a book. Feeling lazy? Read a book.

Any sort of book or magazine would do as long as you enjoy it. Traveling guides and local books are also a great option. Guides will present you with an array of possibilities, and might just help you appreciate the place more while local books will help you appreciate the culture of the land you are bent on exploring.

  1. Chargers, Adapters, and all Other Gadgets

There is almost no way you can imagine traveling without your mobile phones, kindle, laptops, or iPads. What is therefore even more necessary? Adapters and chargers that will help you keep these devices alive. It is very much possible that the country you are traveling to might has different charging points than what is usual at home. Having adapters will help you in such messy situations.

Other things you might not want to forget are – your headphones, cameras, memory card and other such devices.

  1. Multi-purpose Shoes and Flip-flops

To carry 4-5 pairs of shoes to have a variety is the worst decision you could make while traveling. Shoes are heavy, they take space, and honestly, you don’t need so many. Select your best waterproof, comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes. They will help you survive those long walks and let’s face it, they work almost everywhere. Carry a formal pair only when you know that you will be attending an event of such sorts.

And don’t forget that trusty pair of flip-flops. They will help you move around comfortably, while in hotel showers maybe or during a casual day checking out the local shops and markets.

  1. Travel Food and Snacks

Having a couple of chocolates, nuts, or snack bars would help you get through your long backpack rides, cycling excursions, or other adventurous expedition. It is quite easy to skip breakfast or forget lunch when you are out enjoying. These little treats will come in handy in such circumstances.

They will be specifically helpful when you easily exert yourself or are scheduled to go on long bus rides or so. They can help you gain the required energy, or just keep you from being cranky.

  1. Toiletry Bag

This bag right here is your chance of being comfortable wherever you go. With all your lotions, drops, brushes, sanitizers, deodorants, wipes (loads of them), facewash, lip balms, personal hygiene products, shades and glasses, mirror, hand towels, scissors, flashlights, sewing kit (can be really handy at times), and Swiss Army knife at one place, this bag is your little heaven.

Pack it carefully for you will definitely need those wipes to freshen up your face while on road, or that knife set to open that stubborn can, or the sunscreen to protect you from the harsh sunburns.

  1. Medicines and First Aid Kit

Medicines are the must-have, especially if you tend to fall ill easily. A customized first-aid kit can not only help you but also people traveling with you. You may need a band-aid after scrapping your knee on that prickly bush, or a couple of Advil to fight last night’s hangover, or a sleeping pill to help you sleep in unknown surroundings.

Keep bandages, cotton, any personal prescriptions, allergy medicines, multi-vitamins, drops, repellents, and other medicines you might take on a regular basis.

  1. Cash and Credit Cards

Money is one thing that will help you survive in a foreign land. I know stating the obvious isn’t helping but be sure to have enough money, local cash is preferable. Have a money belt or a leg wallet to keep your money (And other important documents like passport and papers) safe.

Your credit cards will come to your rescue especially when you run out of cash and just cannot let go of that so awesome, so expensive souvenir. Inform your bank about your traveling plans, make sure all your credit cards are in sync with International cash withdrawal protocols (they can be different according to your banks and policies).

  1. Travel Documents

This is the most obvious and most important aspect of your journey to some foreign land. Your identity is your everything and you must have a proof of it on you at all the times. Having an organizer, or document folder will keep your documents safe and in order.

From your passport, visa, plane tickets, ID Cards, reservations, emergency contact information, to important addresses. You should not just have the original but a copy of all these documents in case you lose something. You wouldn’t want to take any chance especially when security is a major issue almost in every country.

Besides all the essentials stated above, you might want to keep an eye on travel advisories of your country, local news of the place you are traveling to, and a visit to their official website. Be comfortable, be secure when you travel and don’t forget to enjoy. Bon voyage!

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