Top 10 Things to Do on a Chilly Winter Night

Chilly winter nights remind me of hot chocolate and Christmas time. You too? They can be lovely and bright but when too many in a row, they are boring and you have nothing to do. More so when Christmas or New Year is not around the corner and the whites of the snow make your life just about as monotonous as the cold wave outside. Never mind. Chilly winter nights can bring with them loads of laughter, merry and family time too. There’s so much more to do on that chilly winter night than simply looking out of the window and praying for the sun to shine.

chilly winter night

10. Read a book

Waiting for the sun to shine? Feel good about the wait reading Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’. You’ll know your wait is not going to last that long atleast, unless you live in those parts of the world which see little or no sunshine ever. Reading a book is perhaps the best thing to do every time you have nothing to do. You pass time, gain knowledge and get lost in a fictional world of characters. The perks of better vocabulary are the bonus part again. Book suggestions anyone?

9. Play Board Games

The best way to not get bored is to get the board and play through the boredom. Board games may have not seen air for so long now, but once you get at it again, you’d never want to stop. The age old Snakes and Ladders is a probable choice but I’d best recommend long hours of Crossword and Monopoly. Nobody gets bored of Monopoly (Who hates making money after all?). Or maybe simply invest in Pictionary and live the fun of guessing again. No board games? Dumb charades will entertain you to no end.

8. Cuddle in your bed

There’s nothing to love more in winters than your bed and the fluffy comforter to keep you warm. I’d suggest sleep amidst cushions and pillows to keep you warm but you may want to spend time cuddling with the special one, or perhaps with kids and family while you discuss life and your experiences. You can just as well plug in your earphones and catch up on the latest web series you are watching. Just, the comfort of your bed is unparalleled in winters, there is absolutely no heaven but this.

7. Sing, Dance and Make Merry

Most obviously, Wine and Dine have to be the most popular choices to spend time (the wine is sure helping you keep warm too!). Indoors while it snows outside? Play your favourite music and sing along, have fun with karaoke or simply dance and make merry. Being indoors was never as much fun as it can be now, all you need is some good music and better company.

6. Bake a Spice cake

I love winters, I love Christmas and I love cakes. So what do you do when you’ve nothing to do on a chilly winter night? Bake a spice cake! Spice cakes are not just yummy and sinful devouring but healthier alternatives to frosting laden sweet cakes. Plus they keep you warm on winter nights with all the spices intact. Bake the cake, sprinkle cinnamon and take delight in the some sinful binge eating. Spices are healthy alright, why not bake another one already?

5. Feed the Homeless

A rather noble deed to do that one chilly winter night. Winters are perhaps the most bitter times for the homeless. I know you can’t take them in, but feeding them stomach full of meat and gravy will sure help keep them warmer through the night than a starving self. The intention matter, broth or meat steak is your choice. You may as well go out on a drive and give old woollen clothes or comforters to those you see homeless and shivering. What better than warming a heart one chilly winter night?

4. A night of Ghost Stories

Remember those old night stays with cousins where you’d all go under the blanket with a torch and narrate haunting ghost stories? When if not now would be the best time to return to that craziness which was once the source of greatest fun? Sit around with family and narrate ghost stories, haunted beliefs and make scary voices. It is not forbidden to make chilly winter nights seem like Halloween. Or is it?

3. Barbeque and bonfire

Chilly winter nights call for bonfires and time to spend together in the delight of the flames. How about organizing a barbeque dinner in the backyard with bonfire and your favourite barbecued delicacies? You can add to the fun with games like truth and dare or simply sit together with friends and chat while you gorge onto the extra calories to keep yourself warm. Just by the way, pictures clicked in the light of the bonfire are magical!

2. Stay in and watch a film

Perhaps the most conventional idea and hence the most commonly done too. Stay in at home, light the living room fire place and let the couch be your makeshift bed, dining table and what not. Sit with a bowl of pop corns and M&M’s and munch on while you watch your favourite movies. I love to watch movies like Home Alone on nights like these. Not saying you shouldn’t catch up on the Games Of Thrones episodes, but going along with classics has a delight of its own.

1. Spend Family Time

So, do you realize that the winter is doing you a favour? You can stay indoors and spend time with family. Isn’t that the most uncommon thing to do these days. Trust me, you’d realize that you are all nice people and love each other’s company and you’d yearn for more chilly night like these where you could sit and chat with the family. It is always lovely to spend winter nights with grandparents and listen to their age old tales and experiences. The old world charm et all? That night will sure then be a memory for a lifetime.

So are we done yet? How about making homemade cookies and decorations for Christmas (If it is yet to come?). Chilly winter nights are not too bad after all, not when you spin a memory to keep.

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