Top 10 Ultimate Breakup Cliches List

One of the hardest things in today’s lifestyle is breaking up with someone. We live in 21st century, in which, love has become a strange thing. Relationships of people don’t even last for more than a few weeks, which is the reason, it is being said that finding True Love has become extremely difficult nowadays. Despite this fact, wherever we see, whatever we confront in front of us, we find couples walking down the lane, holding each other’s hands. After all in one way or the other, Love is in the air. As humanity still exists in people, breaking up with someone is learnt to be a hard process to go through, especially when the other person is extremely emotional and is not just ready to accept the fact that you are breaking up with them.

As the number of committed people has increased nowadays due to the increase in the amount of young love, so has the number of break ups increased, due to which, innovative methods of breaking up need to be find as old breaking up cliches have been used by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

A few of these breakup cliches and their literal meanings are referred below.

10. You are going to make someone really happy!!


Quite a common cliché, it is also used by people avoiding a proposal. Although it seems a polite way of rejection, but to those, who know the “Dating Language”, this dialogue usually means, “You are as boring as hell, and can’t make a good partner. From now on, I am going to avoid you, so better try staying away from me.” Now, did it seem polite in any manner?

9. We should start seeing other people


Oh Sure, we are going to see other people and vow them, but it has already begun. I am already seeing someone else. This is the literal meaning of this sentence. A pretty common way of breaking up with someone, this dialogue is usually told a bit late than its meaning, as the speaker has already started dating someone else, and even has developed a feeling for him/her by now. The biggest irony in this is when the new person being dated is a friend of the old date.

8. I need some Space


Ha! So you got broken up by this cliché? Don’t feel bad. All he wants is to delete you from his friend list from all the social networking sites and blogs. And you still want to have a conversation with him? If so, avoid this feeling, as the next time you are going to message him, you are probably going to get a reply mentioning, “Who is this?” as he has already deleted your number. Feeling bad? Just don’t! If he is avoiding you, why must you try following him? Just delete his number too and move on! The world is full of people that are not like your ex.

7. I need to focus on my Career!


Ah Wow! A career conscious guy. Yes for sure, as if married people don’t have a career. This is for sure, a cliché that has got old now. Why do people even think that while in a relationship, you won’t be able to concentrate on your personal stuff? I myself went through a couple relationships, and believe me, during the time of relationship, my academic performance improved instead of falling. Married people are also committed, but still excel in their respective fields. If you have talent and dedication, you can manage your time accordingly.

6. I like you, but unfortunately not in love with you


Then who is in love with me? Your security guard? When this cliché is being used on you, remember that the guy doesn’t even like you. He is just saying it for the sake of humanity, and for a reason that you don’t feel bad. But what is the use of breaking up and not even telling the truth? So it would be better, if the truth has been told. At least the other person won’t feel as if she has been betrayed or something. She deserves to know a reason for her and your own good. Keeping things to yourself is not going to help anyone in any manner.

5. I am not ready for a Serious Relationship


This seldom means as it says. Quite often, it means that I am not ready for a serious relationship WITH YOU, but I am available for the same WITH OTHERS. So it would be better if I go find someone else, who is more of my league, than staying with you and thinking how to survive you for the rest of the time.

4. There is no future of us!


As we approach the number one cliché, the ways of breaking up start getting rude and weird, and selfish too. So, you can foresee the future? I just don’t understand how people say this with such a confidence, and moreover, why do they even worry about what is going to happen in the coming time. Why not just live and enjoy the present? Even the hoardings nowadays say that “Worry about your present, the future will make way for itself.” This proves that this is a cliché and is meant just for breaking up without a solid reason.

3. I am not good enough for you!


This cliché has various versions. This same cliché also go by “You are too good for me” or even “I don’t deserve you”. Tell me one thing, how can you judge it yourself that whether you deserve someone or something. It all is due to your fate or the things you do, and believe me, you can’t judge it yourself. And if you are not good enough for her, then you must be happy that you achieved better. Still, it is a common cliché for breakup, and it means I really crave for someone else.

2. Let’s be good friends


That is a selfish way of breaking up, which is going to be harsh on you. Clearly the person breaking up has someone else in mind, and wants you to be away. Even if he approaches you at a later point of time, it would be better if you stay away from him at that instant, as it would hurt you at an even later point of time. Although I disbelieve this fact, but it is actually believable and true, that being friends after being in a relationship for some time with someone is pretty much difficult. You would always have a small grudge in some odd corner of your heart that would not come out in a good manner. So, it would be better staying away from him for some time.

1. It’s not you, it’s me!!


It is surely you!! The best is always saved for the last, and in this case, the most ironic is saved for the last. This is the most common cliché used for breaking up, and it is even effective most of the times. But it is a fake. If this is being used on you, just understand the fact that it is surely you. He is not satisfied by the relationship, and doesn’t even want to put efforts to improve the relationship. Simply, don’t go on the words of this cliché. This cliché is meant just for making you feel good, but actually is going to freak you out!

If we have to come to a conclusion then it can be said for sure that patching up and breaking up is all a part of life. If we bar ourselves from these things, our life would become extremely monotonous and boring. Getting serious and depressed over all these things would also do your own bad. So, remain happy and enjoy your life, and don’t forget to MOVE ON!



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