Top 10 Delicious Cake Flavour Ideas

Has the baking bug bitten you yet? No? Or maybe the hunger pangs have been at your stomach to feed them the unusually awesome cake flavours your taste buds have not yet had their luck upon. Do you know that cakes are much beyond the conventional vanilla, pineapple, chocolate and date flavours? In fact, you can pretty much bake a cake with just about any flavour of your own choice. Now please do not try bacon flavoured cake with cheese chilli toppings. Why? Because that would give all Italian and Mexican food joints a tough competition. So, speaking of the sweet tooth you ought to please, here are 10 unusually delicious cake flavour ideas your taste buds would thank you for.

10. The Rabbit’s delight: Carrot cake with Passion Fruit Curd



I am pretty sure you’d have heard of the carrot cakes in the winters. Actually, my friend cheats on them on her diet with the excuse that carrots are healthy. Bake a carrot sponge and top it with Passion Fruit Curd. Remember though that cakes with Passion Fruit curd should not be left out in hot temperatures as the passion fruit may turn sour and spoil all your broth (cake literally). That said, the carrot cake with a tangy passion fruit twist is sure to make your stomach want more.

9. Tanginess Reloaded: Lemon Pound Cake with Strawberry curd and white chocolate

lemon pound cake


Who bakes a lemon pound cake? I do. In fact, on every trip Abroad, I make sure I raid a Starbucks outlet for their delicious Lemon Pound Cake (sad that Starbucks India has sparse selection of cakes and cookies). Make sure you do not turn a miser with the sugar and pour the lemon juice only when the cake is fully baked. And then? You’d have the right amount of tanginess to eat. Frost it with Strawberry Yoghurt and preferably add white chocolate chips or just plain cream cheese to accentuate the flavour manifolds.

8. The Bloody Gluttony: Beetroot Cake with Mint flavoured Cream Cheese



Whoever hated beetroot in their soup, raise your hands honey? Well then, I am sorry but this Red Velvet lookalike is out of bounds for you, however much you want to have your bite. Beetroot loses the strong flavour and tastes subtly sweet if your batter is done well. Bake your beetroot sponge, let it cool for half an hour and add some mint flavour cream cheese for your topping. Some Cream Cheese and mint Beetroot anyone? Or perhaps some sinful pleasure?

7. Spice it up : Spice cake with Rose Petal Frosting and peanut butter



I love this cake for how it smells from the over, and more for the aroma once the cake is done. Bake a cinnamon spice cake (you may want to add the apple flavour) and sprinkle cinnamon on the golden brown surface while still warm. Make some Rose Petal frosting with rose petal essence (please, no trying to grind the natural rose petals), just about a drop in the whole bowl of icing. Layer the cake on the inside with crunchy peanut butter to give that crunch in your bite and once set, frost with the rose petal frosting. Serve chilled. There’s something about the aroma which will want you to eat some more and still keep some for tomorrow.

6. The Ape’s Love: Banana and Peach cake with Dark Chocolate and walnuts

banana cake


So, banana and peach are both the undercut flavours and I must be insane to talk of them together for a cake? Well honey, I might have been, but bake a banana cake with honey and cinnamon and layer with peach slices and you’d know the awesomeness I am talking about. Frost with dark chocolate and walnuts heated together. That is going to be sinful, but this sin you’d love committing again!

5. Richness overloaded: Almond Cake with Dark Chocolate, Kiwis and sprinkles

almond and kiwi cake


Bake an almond cake and be sure that you’ve put a lot of crunchy almonds that I can bite on too. On the inside layer with dark chocolate. Yes, almond and chocolate. Oh my god, I am so sure that there would be no cake left for frosting! For frosting, use cream cheese and slices of Kiwis with multi coloured sprinkles. Some rainbow delight to the eyes? I am sure it would be some great temptation to your taste buds too.

4. For Love of Coconuts : Bitter Chocolate cake with Raspberry curd and coconut flakes



Bake your chocolate sponge as usual, just go light on the sugar! Yes, bitter cakes have been doing the rounds for some time now (Such a relief for diabetics). Layer with thick white chocolate on the inside. For your frosting use raspberry curd or beat cream until fluffy and use fresh raspberries and frost the cake overall. Next, flake the coconut flesh and let it stick to your frosting. While your guests keep guessing what flavour the cake really is, you can rejoice on how a plain Jane chocolate cake saved your day.

3. Bitter- Sweet Love : Tiramisu Cake with Coffee and Banana Frosting

tiramisu cake


If there is one ice cream I have loved best, it ought to be Tiramisu! That said, have you tried your hand at baking the Tiramisu cake yet? Based on coffee flavoured liquer, this cake is sure to set to please all those with a sweet tooth but not so much. Bake your Tiramisu cake at home and top it best with coffee and cream with Banana slices dipped in honey or caramel. The bitter sweet haven of baking would then be ready to please your starvation. Or wait? Just send that cake to me in exchange of good wishes forever!

2. Cooling sensation : Strawberry and Mint cake with Tiramisu Cream



So have we tasted heaven yet? No? Maybe we can right away. With the right amount of pink strawberries and the slight hint of cooling peppermint, can your cake ever be short of being heavenly? Bake your strawberry and mint cake (use strawberry essence as fresh strawberries may prevent your cake from rising unless you are a seasoned baker) and layer with fresh strawberries and maybe some peppermint based chewy candies. Frost with Tiramisu cream and top with chocolate wafers. Are you ready for the heavenly experience?

1. The Tipsy Bite : Champagne cake with Peach and Popcorn Frosting



So have you tried the champagne cake yet?  You just have to. No excuses.  The champagne cake bakes fluffy and yum, just be sure to beat the egg whites right. Do not overdo the champagne for the tipsy part (No one gets high on champagne!). Use peach puree for the butter cream frosting and sprinkle unsalted caramelized popcorns on the outside of the butter cream. Make sure the pop corn sticks well to the butter cream and cool in the refrigerator. The popcorn and peach frosting gives a crunchy and fruity twist to make up the champagne cake cocktail. Baking it sometime soon? Save my piece for me please?

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