Top 10 Uses of Rose Flower that you don’t know

An old adage states: “Take time to smell the roses.” It propagates the idea of enjoying the various aspects of life, especially when a person is overly stressed or overburdened. Roses are believed to possess a variety of properties ranging from various health benefits to mental calmness. Just as the phrase suggests the constant need to dig for happiness and calmness in the smallest and pettiest of things, in the same way, rose, as a flower is stuffed with characteristics which satiate the backer of the phrase.  Each and every part of the rose flower is embedded with some natural and innate properties that rejuvenate the human body in multiple ways.

Here are ten uses of rose flower that needs to grab extra attention for the betterment of every individual.

1. Abetement of weight loss:

Rose petals aid in weight loss in a natural way. The compounds present in the rose petals accelerate the metabolism because of the amount water content in it. This helps in flushing the toxins from the body, thereby effecting the body weight which gradually and consequently decreases.


2. Goodness of taste:

Roses have a cogent taste and flavor very similar to that of strawberries. The taste may vary from sour to sweet depending upon the variety and type of the rose flower. Some varieties of rose have a sour flavor that amuses the taste buds with yogurt, which is a savor for many people.


3. Helps you deal with stress and depression:

Roses are believed to have the quality of gladdening and uplifting the mood because of its aroma, fragrance and odor. It has properties that calms and eases the mind of extreme stress and anxiety. It has the virtue of relieving one from insomnia and cure issues related to lack of sleep thereby resulting in a calm mind. Lately, rose tea has been providing a lot of relief to people complaining about improper sleep and insomnia.


4. Benefits of rose oil:

The oil extracted from the rose flowers have proved to be benignant enough.  The oil is known for its possession of antiseptic qualities. Rose is considered to be naturally antibacterial and its oil is used in treating acne and acne effected skin. It also has cleansing properties which provides one with a clean and clear face because of its antibacterial properties.


5. Say goodbye to  spasms:

Rose tea has been used for a very long time to treat the spasms that are caused as a symptom of menstruation, commonly known as the painful cramp. Rose tea generally eases the extreme pain or the menstrual cramp in women. Besides that it is believed that the tea also affects the psychological conditioning of women during the time of menstruation. A lot of research has been done on the same, which resulted in the fact that rose tea deceived the menstrual pain and also reduced the extreme anxiety.


6. Infused minerals:

There is a variety of and numerous minerals that are invested in the rose flower. Rose is considered to be rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin K. Wide range of minerals are present in the rose hip which contributes to larger health benefits. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system.


7. Regulation of blood sugar and proper circulation:

Rose hip helps maintain and regulate the blood sugar level of the body. Because of the presence of a significant amount of iron present in the rose hip, it helps in the rapid creation of the red blood cells. This subsequently prevents anemia, thereby keeping the body well oxygenated , hence increasing the metabolism of the body.


8. Rich in the C vitamin:

Rose has been believed to possess all the enriching properties that are required for a well developed , healthy body and its functioning. Rose has been traditionally used to treat scurvy as it is rich in minerals. especially vitamin C.  A particular variety of wild rose is believed to be rich in vitamin C even more that the citrus fruits. It also becomes an important fact to note that rose helps in the prevention of osteoporosis in women. The copious amount of vitamin C  helps in the production of Collagen which in turn reduces the risk of Osteoporosis in women.


9. Fights inflammation:

The oil of rose helps in reducing the pain caused by swelling or other inflated parts. It provides a soothing affect to the swollen parts and the areas fortified by the red spots on the skin. It also helps in treating sun burns. Rose water is especially used for the treatment of the latter. It is also used as a moisturizing agent because of the wonder working natural oils present in it.


Traditional to Modern:

People have been using roses for various purposes and varied forms. Rose has been used as a soothing and calming agent in every form, from mood to health. It not only revives the mood of the person, when gifted with utmost love but also adds to the goodness and wellness of health of the person. Rose has almost all the properties that can lead to a hail and healthy life. It helps the individual the external dilemma, but also fight the inner conflicts

Rose has almost all the properties that can lead to a hail and healthy life. It helps the individual the external dilemma, but also fight the inner conflicts of being. Rose, as a flower has all the ideal qualities and is available in various forms and also easily accessible world wide. Despite its qualities of an ideal plant, there are cautionary issues which needs to be kept in mind before its usage. Allergies, headaches, nausea are some of the common symptoms that persist and have been reported after its consumption in the different forms that are available. Any (rose)product, causing any inappropriate symptom,  which can lead to uneasiness should be terminated immediately.  Rose has been used traditionally for numerous reasons and is being continued to be used for uncountable reasons. It becomes extremely important for every individual to be aware of the wonder working properties of rose as because it is within the reach of people world wide.

The above-mentioned uses of rose are foremost. It becomes extremely important to make people aware of the goodness that the lap of nature is filled with.

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