Top 10 Ways Singles can Pass Time this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is the most romantic day of the year. Thousands and thousands of couples across the globe celebrate this day to commemorate their love, and so it tends to become a bane for those who are single and unattached, when the 14th of February rolls around. But this doesn’t mean that singles can’t reclaim this holiday to benefit their interests. Instead of moping around, they have a ton of fun and interesting things that they can do, that could change this bane into a boon. To help all those single people out there in this endeavour, here are 10 ways they can put a unique spin on the famed “day of love”-



Being single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Round up your other single friends and have a party! Just tidy up your house, order some party food and beverages, and you’re good to go! Hosting a party is a great way for you to get your mind off what you lack on Valentine’s Day, and also help others who share your dilemma, by inviting your single friends to celebrate with you. You can dance out to the latest tunes, and even play some party games. An interesting party game you could plan, would be “The Secret Valentine” game, akin to the “Secret Santa” game. Prior to the party, have all the guests pick from a shuffled lot of their names, and select someone to give a small valentine gift to, at random. This game is sure to generate some much needed goodwill and cheer, in addition to ensuring that no one leaves without feeling super special even in the absence of that ‘special someone’.



If you want to get away from all the paraphernalia of Valentines Day altogether, taking a one or two day trip may be perfect for you. If a day out is all you’re looking for, book yourself on a city sightseeing tour and rediscover your city by playing tourist, visit a museum or popular historical monument, spend time reading or catching some afternoon sun at a renowned park or café. You could even make nature your valentine by trekking and biking, and taking in some wonderful scenery. However, if a longer break is what you need, this is the perfect time to take it. Be it some winter comfort in the snowy mountains, or going to the sandy beaches for some summer fun; get your bags packed, book a flight to your vacation paradise of choice. Spend a few days away from all the expectations and romance of Valentines Day, and create some lovely memories of your own.



It’s a bit clichéd to find love in another person isn’t it? It might be better to switch things up a little, and fall in love with new ‘things’! Find a new hobby to devote your time to, so you can spend this day more constructively. Examine your interests and do a little research to find your ideal hobby. If you’ve always been musically inclined but never had the time to pick up a musical instrument, or take up singing, now’s the time to take your first lesson! Learn to knit a sweater, bake some treats, paint a masterpiece, take up a new sport that has always interested you, finish that book you always meant to start; and do all those things you’ve been too scared to do, or have had no time for. Be bold this Valentines Day, and vow to accomplish your goals, and develop skills you can love for the rest of your life!


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If you’re feeling a little lonely and need some tender-loving-care, be the one to give it to yourself! Take Valentines Day as a ‘me day’. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh by getting a massage, taking in a sauna or getting a facial at the spa; take advantage of all the great Valentines discounts on all your favourite clothing, shoe, accessory or sporting goods stores and have yourself a shopping extravaganza; take a relaxing bath; lounge around at home in your comfiest clothes, eating comfort food and vegging out. Another great way to show your self some love is by making a list of things you love about yourself, or of things you’re proud of yourself for. It boosts your self esteem on a day where you are prone to feeling a bit low without a partner to share it with. Be the love of your own life this valentines day!



The greeting cards will have you believe that Valentines Day is simply to give love to your significant other. But you can give your own spin to the ‘day of love’, by spreading some love to those in need. Spend your time away from moping about your love life, and participating in another life. Volunteer at a school to teach the underprivileged, spend time at an old age home, give food to the homeless, or participate in a cleanliness drive. There are lots of places where help and an open heart is severely needed, and you could be the one to put a smile on a crying face. Heal some hearts this Valentines Day!



If you find yourself without a boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentines Day, give your love to some furry friends! Spending some quality cuddle and play time with pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc, helps improve your mood drastically, and provides a welcome distraction. This is a fact backed by science. “Our preliminary results indicate that levels of serotonin, a hormone in humans that helps fight depression, rise dramatically after interaction with live animals, specifically dogs,” said Rebecca Johnson, MU professor of nursing and veterinary medicine. Serotonin, Prolactin and Oxytocin are known as “feel good hormones”, and all three of these see a marked increase when we interact with adorable little animals. If you have a pet of your own, you can take them to the park for a playdate, or even take a road trip with them! Go help out at the local animal shelter, or spend some time with your friend’s pet if you don’t have one of your own. Partake in some unconditional love that’s good for your mood, and your health!



As boring as it sounds, it’s a foolproof distraction. We often put off chores for a later day because of the large amount time and effort they usually take. But on a day when you’re actively searching for something to do, catching up on chores is a productive option. Re-organise your closets, clear out your storeroom, clean up your desk, re-arrange your bookcase/video shelf, put photos away into albums etc. This has multiple benefits. Not only are you able to get some long overdue odd jobs out of the way, you’re also able to de-clutter your space. De-cluttering your surroundings helps you create a more positive and productive atmosphere, helps you focus and centre yourself better. Checking off a list of things to do gives a great sense of accomplishment, which is a great feeling to have!



Everyone loves a good movie. This Valentines Day, lose yourself in a different world by watching your favourite films back to back! They could be of any genre-a good romantic comedy as a pick-me-up, a dystopian fantasy for you to get your imagination running or a dramatic thriller to get your mind juices flowing-movies are the best forms of entertainment. So dress up in your pyjamas, grab some junk food, and flip through some beloved flicks! You can go through this marathon alone, or invite some friends over to join you, either way, you’re good to go!



Gift yourself some serious health points this Valentines Day by getting in a good workout. Avoid stress eating and piling on the pounds, and shed some winter weight instead! You can engage in many types of physical activity-aerobics, swimming, yoga, going to the gym, biking, running, dancing, walking, etc. Exercise is beneficial for obvious reasons. Fitness and health concerns are primary motives for exercising, but what you may not know, is that exercise also helps you fight the grumps. The key psychological benefits of physical activity, are that they increase self esteem and reduce stress. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins act like morphine in your body, by eliminating your perception of pain, and leaving you with a feeling of euphoria. Physicality equals positivity galore!



Not the most in-vogue suggestion, but it’s guaranteed to give good results. Don’t have a significant other to shower your affection on? Divert it your family. Not only will they accept it, they’ll appreciate it much more than you think. Our busy schedules hardly allow us to pay attention to the ones that love us the most. It’s easy for us to take our mothers and fathers for granted, but on this day of love, it’s important for us to focus our energies on family. Cook a dinner as a family, talk and catch up on both old times and new, take time to appreciate your loved ones. This will fill you with a sense of purpose, warmth and positivity.

Remember, you are bigger and more important than just a day on the calendar. Try these tips out for a happy, fun filled Valentine’s Day, as a proud single person!


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