Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Differently

Christmas does perhaps mean so much more, if only you don’t wish to buy happiness from the store! The town is painted in red, white and green. So much for jingling bells and holly leaves, but well, this time, maybe it time for you to be Santa than wait for Santa.

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Imagine a life where there’s no change! Boring? Then why’d you rather have a Christmas with no change when there’s every possibility of spending this Christmas differently. Here’s how you’d make Christmas mean a lot more!



10. Spend time at an orphanage teaching Christmas Carols

You know what it is about the spirit of Christmas? It is about rejoicing in the joy and sharing and spreading happiness. How about sharing it with orphans or young kids in an orphanage too? Spend this Christmas teaching Christmas Carols to the young kids at the Orphanage and I bet at the end of the day you’d have to your credit the most melodious Christmas Choir ever! Their voices will resonate of happiness, and well that’s what the jingling of the bells was about, wasn’t it?

9. Star your tree with good deeds

Now, celebrating the birthday of Christ without actually going by his teachings is much a waste of time. That’s more like wearing warm clothes because it’s December, you may be in Australia though! So well, it’s time to do some good deeds and how do you reward yourself to motivate your actions? Perhaps set up your Christmas tree days in advance but without the decorations and it’s only when you do a good deed that you add a star to your tree! Who doesn’t like a starry and glittery Christmas tree for Christmas, and that when it’s shining in your acts of goodness!

8.Spend the day at an old age home

Do you realize that you’ve foregone all love and respect for the very people who instilled in you the meaning of Christmas. While the essence of Christmas is best seen in Childhood, you’d never really have experienced childhood if not for parents and the older generation. How about paying due respect to those who deserve. While it’s a great idea to visit your parents in their home, it’s even better that you spend your day serving the old at an old age home. Their blessings would secure you much beyond everything else.

7. Watch a film with loved ones

It may not be the entirely interesting or unique lot of things to do, but there’s no one who would not like a winter evening cuddled in a blanket lazing around watching a movie. While I’d personally love to watch classics or films that I can never have enough of (and Home Alone is my favourite) but you may as well visit the theatre with your loved ones and spend time watching a film together. You know why it’s a nice thing to do? You’d entertain yourselves and later have a common topic to discuss over tea and cake with your loved ones.

6.Forgive someone and let go of grudges

So Christmas is about giving but it is as much about forgiving. Don’t you want to share a smile this Christmas. Remember that friend you spent the best Christmas nights with but you just don’t seem to talk anymore. There may be relatives who’ve wronged you back in history, and well, the differences run well into the future. So this Christmas, maybe forgive a person and let go of all grudges you’ve held so long. Write to them and get back a friend for life.

5. Read the bible with friends and family

How often do we sit down with friends and family and spend time together? Not too often. And how much do we gossip in that little time we have? More that we speak in a month! So well, this Christmas, maybe the discussions could be something other than gossip. You can all read out verses from the bible and discuss your understanding of them. And maybe that way the children in the house will know their Bible better!

4. Tell people that you love them

Christmas is the best time to wine and dine and to speak your heart. Spread happiness with words more than gifts by telling ten people that you love them and how your life would never be the same without them. Attach a photograph of the two of you together and tell them that you’re special. Imagine a Christmas where each one of us do this, wouldn’t it be so special to be told that we are special?

3. Host a Feast for the Underprivileged

Christmas is about dining and feasting on plum cakes and turkey! You’d have been gorging on the feasts already but is it not a great idea to spend this Christmas hosting a feast for those who cannot afford their own Christmas feasts! While monetary considerations may be primary, you may as well chose to host a feast for the differently abled in charity homes or at leprosy houses. The smile you’d gift would be far beyond what money would buy for them.

2. Provide shelter and clothes for the poor

Christmas is chilly and you love how it’s white and blue outside your window pane. Maybe it’s beautiful to see, but to us who live in centrally heated houses with fireplaces and fur coats. To think of those who live homeless and unclothed? Not entirely a good season or is it? So maybe, this Christmas provide an old man or woman shelter for a night or if that is too farfetched an action, distribute warm clothes in poor people. What you were planning to discard maybe their relief from the chill for many winters to come.

1. Play Secret Santa to someone who doesn’t know you

While the Secret Santa game is long trending and I’m sure you’d be a secret Santa to so many around and they’d all guess your generosity but how about being the secret Santa to someone who has no idea who you are or atleast they don’t know you personally to guess that it would be you. You could finish the work for a new colleague at office and keep it on his desk or simply sponsor a child’s education in a state school. You could send books as gifts to random addresses or perhaps leave an envelope with Christmas greetings and a small amount of cash for the homeless guy you see sleeping on the bench. Or maybe, just leave loaves of home baked Christmas cakes as parcels with greetings at charity homes. So well, they’d love to know who you are, but they’d love even more their secret Santa like the happiness they got for Christmas.

“Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted, care for the ill, love your enemies, and do unto others as you would have done unto you.”
― Steve Maraboli

A different Christmas may infact be a Merrier Christmas. Step out of the Store and make Christmas mean a little more! Merry Christmas!

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