Top 10 Ways to Deal with Insecurities

‘Am I too fat?’, ‘Is she prettier than me?’, ‘Is he more popular?’, ‘Do I fit in?’, ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Will I be rejected?’ ‘What if I stammer out of fear in the interview?’ ‘What if I forget the answers during the exam?’ are the questions that revolve in the minds of people haunted by insecurity and inhibition. Self-doubt, self consciousness, diffidence, meekness, uncertainty and insecurity is what causes people to turn down many golden opportunities.

Here is a list of 10 ways to deal with insecurity:

10. Learn to forgive

Be magnanimous and have a heart of gold. Insecurities tend to spread because many of us hold grudges and drift on evil paths to seek revenge rather than forgiving and forgetting. Keeping in mind the faults of the others inhibits our growth and makes us feel apprehensive. It stops our footsteps towards success and leaves us pondering over the actions of the others. Thus, we must learn to let go people and their flaws and follies.

9. Take inspiration from others success

Don’t let the success of other people haunt you. Instead learn from their methods of achieving their goals. Constant harping will only give a rise to the feelings of insecurity and bury you under the thoughts of incompetency and inefficiency. Scrutinize the attitudes, behaviours and techniques of successful people and utilize them for your own benefit, instead of feeling inferior and incapable.

8. Work hard towards your goals and its achievements

Be ambitious, have a goal in life and work your fingers to the bone for its achievement. The key to success is dedication and toil. Being driven is the best way to keep the pests of insecurity from crawling towards you. When you have a goal, you are away from any kinds of distractions and hesitancy and focused towards your own achievements.

Colin Powell says, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Thus proving that by putting your best foot forward, you leave the evils of insecurity far behind and focus on your own achievements and success.

7. Do not get intimidated by others success

As mentioned above, success comes to those who shed their blood and sweat for it. People progress and prosper after burning the midnight oil. Thus, each person’s success is a result of his/her hard work. Take inspiration from it, instead of getting crippled under it. Don’t let the success of others pressurize you or twist your arm. Take it as a learning opportunity and grow from it instead of getting threatened by it. “Lead by inspiration, not by intimidation”, quotes Rebecca Aguilar, who hits the fact that fear only curbs growth, to achieve and succeed you must focus on being inspired.

6. Get rid of Satan’s mind

Refrain your mind from drifting towards vicious, diabolical and wicked ways of pulling people down from their ladder to success. Planning, plotting and hatching for measures to destroy and disrepute others is nothing but the methods of Satan. Be a cherub- accept others success and learn from it. Shed those demonical horns of Mephistopheles and embrace the halo of an angel.

5. Disfigure that fictitious image of perfection

’36-24-36 is the perfect figure’, ‘ A Government job is the perfect job’, ‘ An Engineer is a perfect life partner’, why do we create these false images of perfection? Train yourself into accepting imperfection and embrace it. Nobody is perfect.

Leonard Cohem says, “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”, indicating the fact that it is imperfection that makes way for beauty. Thus, do not blindly chase the ‘so-called-image-of-perfection’, rather do the assigned task in the best way possible and you’ll soon repa the fruits of success.

4. Optimism all the way

Replace the  question marks with the exclamation marks:

  • ‘Can I do it?‘ ✖

‘I can do it!‘  ✔

  • ‘Will I succeed?‘ ✖

‘I will succeed!‘   ✔

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you” -Mary Lou Retton. Optimism opens the doors to determination, motivation and success. Moreover, your positive vibe draws people towards you. It enables us to shed the fears of insecurity and incapability. Furthermore, it is also essential that you keep a safe distance from people whose presence activates insecurity and surround yourself with supportive people who believe in your dreams. Mama Zara quotes,”Negativity distracts me from my goals. So i simply don’t entertain it. I occasionally laugh at it as well”. Thus indicating that pessimism or negativity are the keys of insecurity and we should unfriend it A.S.A.P!

3. Curb that ‘J’ factor

Jealousy is the evil that lurks within the heart and swims to the mind like a green venom and corrupts one’s thoughts and actions. Jealousy plays a pivotal role in the birth of insecurity. This inability to withstand others growth or success results in resorting to nasty and fiendish measures that makes others hard work appear futile. This method gives people satisfaction from harming others and provides momentary content, but is extremely futile in the long run. Thus, it is essential to choke these feelings of jealousy before they overpower logic and reasoning.

2. Keep comparison with others at bay

Do not compare yourselves with others. Comparison sometimes causes us to feel inferior, inefficient and incapable. It hinders our self-confidence and self-esteem, forcing us to question our potential. Remind yourself that your biggest competition is person you look at in the mirror. Thrive to be better, stronger, smarter and braver than you were yesterday and push yourself towards success. Draw your inspiration from successful people, but do not compare yourself to them. Everyone works according to their capabilities. Remember, the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

1. Love thyself

Believe in yourself, welcome imperfections, motivate yourself, acknowledge your strengths, reject your vices and spread positivity. Self-acceptance is the best way to keep insecurities at bay. Indulge in self-talk and motivate yourself by accepting that you are capable, efficient and better than what you and others think. A positive self-talk is a healthy way to promote self-love, shed inhibitions and embrace our flawed self.

Moreover, train yourself to let go of anything that causes anxiety and sorrow. Break the barriers caused by fear. Boost yourself with confidence. Drain yourself from hatred, negativity and wickedness. Actions speaks louder than words, prove your worth by your actions and achievements. Thus, when you decide to love yourself, insecurity decides to hate you.

Love, respect, accept and motivate yourself and watch insecurity run on all fours miles away from you. Thus, follow the easy tips mentioned above to deal with insecurity.

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