Top 10 Ways To Deal With Irritating People

We have all had that one suicidal moment around these certain breed of people who know just exactly how to get on all your seven million nerves and annoy the bejeezus out of you. In other simplified words, they are super irritating and it makes you suicidal. Be it the way they chew their food, or the way they talk- everything they do is harmful for your health because even their existence makes you want to kill yourself.

Do not fret about it. We have all gone through that people and came out alive. So worry not, because thankfully, here are top 10 tips and ways on how to deal with irritating people.

You can thank me later.

10.Tip Number Ten: Music

We always hear that music is the gateway to the soul. Well, it is also a gate to block a particular annoying soul. Plug in your earphones to your favourite tunes, ignore the world, and ignore the irritation. Problem solved.

But if they are as dense as the Amazonian forest was twenty years ago, and ask you if you would like to share your music with the hopes that you would happily offer them one side of the earphones, then be blunt and say ‘no’, because Joey Doesn’t Share Music.


9. Tip Number Nine: Be a robot

This is a personal favourite when it comes to dealing with people. When the said irritating person is trying to talk to you, be the most unresponsive individual you know. Don’t talk, or keep your replies to a bare minimum, perhaps stick to one word answers. For an added effect, avoid eye contact at all costs.

We tend to make eye contact when we’re interested. But do not, I repeat, do not make eye contact because you know, we are not interested. Do this right and you might just make the yappity mess leave.


8. Tip Number Eight: Avoidance

The best way to not get irritated is to not be around the source of the deathlike irritation. Ergo, avoidance is your answer. If you know where the source of your irritation usually hangs out or places where he or she will likely be there- do not, I repeat, do not go there. You are better off in your own area where the air of annoyance cannot touch you. Stay clear of those places. Uncharted territories are scary for a reason.


7. Tip Number Seven: Run

Say the annoying creature happened to come to where YOU hang out instead of where he or she usually hangs out, and neither did the robot hack nor the music hack work, then what do you do?

Answer- you run. You could be a polite gentleman or lady and offer an appropriate excuse and run away before the person can make your day an annoying one OR you could just be barbaric and run like hungry dogs are chasing you and you’re the last piece of meat in the world.

Either way works.


6. Tip Number Six: Ignore

Maybe everything you try is futile and you actually literally want to die. Don’t die. Just play dead. Kidding. Just ignore. If they are chewing loudly, let them. Act like they are not. If they are talking excessively, zone out and tune them out. Even if they are taking bites out of your plate, and you are shooting them poisoned daggers in your mind, just try and ignore. Whatever they are doing, pretend like they do not exist for the time being and just somehow go through it, as excruiating as it may be. Sometimes in life, you just gotta do what you gotta do.


5. Tip Number Five: Dummy Earphone

Okay, this one I use very often. It is similar to the music hack, with just a little added twist to it. It goes something like this- suppose you don’t have your phone, or your battery died, or there is no music on your phone and the annoying person just won’t stop talking. There is something you could do with just a pair of earphones.

You plug them in giving the impression that you’re listening to music, or even talking to someone over the phone (you could actually talk to someone, or just pretend to talk if the situation is that grave and you need a breather); this way, the person might just stop talking and mind his own business.

Be careful though. He or she might just ask to listen along, in that case say ‘no’. Cause like I said- Joey Doesn’t Share Music.


4. Tip Number Four: Intervention

So nothing worked. You are so close to hating the person and moreover you are surprised what makes you deal with them till now. Don’t fret. You could try talking to them and tell them that they’re annoying and give reasons as to why they are. Just be blunt and take it all out.

Kind of like staging an intervention. Remember that episode in How I Met Your Mother where everyone kept staging interventions? Kind of like that.


3. Tip Number Three: Try To Understand

Maybe there is a deep reason why that person is annoying. What if that person never had any friends which why he or she gets excited and smothers anyone who tries to talk to him or her? Try and understand. Maybe you’ll find something that you didn’t before and that will help you get comfortable and slightly reduce the annoyance out of your system.

Or not. Sometimes people can be really shallow.


2. Tip Number Two: Point It Out

If all else fails, and there is nothing you can do about their excessive talking, disgusting eating habits, or their existence; maybe there might be something they could do about it. Much like tip number four, talk but help the person with the things that annoy you. It will make you closer and help in fostering a lifelong friendship. You never know.

Have a heart to heart and point out the things you don’t like and which annoys you. If they care enough, they will try and fix it.

And in the event of that they don’t do anything about it, we have our tip number one.


1. Tip Number One Tip: Cut Them Out

You tried avoiding, you tried pretending, you tried running and you tried talking to them about it but nothing worked. It just leaves us with one other option apart from death, cut them out.

Cut them out of your life, you do not need that kind of walking talking irritation creator in your life. You don’t need that negativity in your life. It might be hard. And you might feel rude, but it saves you the trouble of hating them because they annoy you so much.

Cut them out and breathe. Out of sight, out of mind.

And that is how you deal with irritating people. You’re welcome.


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