Top 10 Ways to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Work

The topical episode of sexual assault at workplace, which has cringed the nation has been committed by Mr. Pachauri of TERI University. Victim was initially diffident to express her distress and desolation however after much support from her loved ones she took a valiant step to unveil the dark face of one of the esteemed university’s chairman Mr. R.K Pachauri.

Being a working professional myself, I know the challenges we experience in our corporate world. This nuisance is not specific to any gender; it can happen to a male as well as to a female. Many of the times , people from our workplace  try to assault us .Below are such ten important ways to deal with sexual harassment.

  1. Learn to say a “NO”

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Corporate culture is constrained with harassment; be it mental or physical. Whenever somebody tries to harass you, try to say no the very first time. If you show disgust and anger that very time it is probable, that particular individual will back off as he will apprehend your intentions clearly.

  1. Inform your co-workers


While we work in any association we incline to make networks. Whenever you are in stress or worried about something related with workplace, make sure your co-worker is aware of it. If somebody has made you uncomfortable, you should speak immediately with your co-worker. Initially it will be bit awkward however l lately this will help you in dealing with the situation Acknowledge to somebody who is dependable and can help you relief the mental stress. This will make us feel better and help us in concentrating on our work. It might happen in some cases where the colleague helps you to get out of the problem by genuine advice or some other alternate solution.

  1. Keep phone and email records


It is very important to keep records of all such communications. Whenever the concern bothers you verbally or physically, make sure you capture that instance. Use either mobile camera or phone recorder but ensure to record as evidence. Also, try to meet near CCTV’s so that any sort of misconduct is captured. Let’s cite a common example when your boss comes to you and explains you the daily tasks. There are instances when he crosses the border line and makes you uncomfortable. It is advisable that you say no to him and intimate him that you did not like his behavior. You can also email him or simply text about his behavior. Now you have a record of the same and later show it to prove the charges true.

  1. Inform your family

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Role of parents has been important since the beginning of our lives. We must make certain, we let know our parents or loved ones whenever we are amidst any issue or problem. Family is someone who will stand by your side in whatever situation you are stuck into. Please ensure that your family is aware of all the stress you are going through. It will make you feel strengthened and in case of any misfortune your family can combat back for you. Therefore it is imperative to enlighten your family of any assault(mental or physical).

  1. Be aware of the right people to approach to

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There are always departments in the office that look specifically into sexual harassment cases. Initially you can walk to HR people and later HR people will connect you to the concern department. Make sure you are aware of such department in your organisation. Once you know it, then you can easily approach them and connect as per the convenience. These divisions are swift and handle the situation with paramount attention keeping the identity of the victim confidential. Stringent action is taken against the assailant and he/she is penalized or might be expelled from the company as per the company norms and policies.

  1. Keep a pepper spray


At times these muggings turn out to be terrible and murky. It is essential for us to cart pepper spray or any other means to halt the assailant. Pepper spray is easily accessible these days and can be used in case of any misfortune. Pepper spray is the best means of self-defense and only harms the attacker and makes him helpless for few moments. The aforementioned should be straight sprayed in the eyes for the maximum effect. We can utilize that turnaround time and run to a safer place and seek help.

  1. Be loud and vocal


First of all we need to confiscate this impression from our head that that being assaulted is a disgrace. It is not .Aggressor should be shameful and not the victim. It is our responsibility to be loud in such state of affairs. In most of the assault cases the victim is usually the one who is shy and vulnerable. For that reason it is important that we are loud and vocal in all such cases. There might be chances that the conclusion sometimes is not in favour of you. Don’t be disappointed as you can go the next level and your grievance would be addressed for sure.

  1. Women Protection Cell


Women protection cells are available in every state. These cells specifically look into crime against females. They deal with various aspects of women’s right violations. Be it any kind of crime; molestation, assault or rape they are the right folks to approach. There are many methods we can get in communication with them. Be it an email, social media or emergency numbers; you can contact them and they will succor for sure.

  1. Get medical done on priority

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Yes it is obligatory for you to get your medical done after sexual assault. Once you have documented proof you can easily approach the concerned for justice and reparation. If you do not have an adequate proof, then it becomes problematic to substantiate the culprit as guilty. The minute we have plentiful evidence we can hunt the assailant and make sure he is chastised severely.

  1. Police

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There is a conception in our cognizance for people in uniform. We generally are apprehensive while going to a police station or dialing 100 number. We don’t bother the police out of fear of the repercussions of the assault. We believe that, by mentioning the crime to the police our career would be jeopardized. This is not always accurate. We need to eradicate this perception from our conscience and comprehend the fact that police is available for our protection and safekeeping .Hence; it is our social accountability to notify the forces about our perpetrator.

It is important to tackle such situation and speak up .Once we attack the assailant he will never dare to repeat the offense again.

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