Top 10 Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. It is very important to take care not only of your outer body but to also maintain mental peace. Life is beautiful, and we definitely don’t want to decelerate ourselves because of health problems. We need to remember to not take our health for granted and take precautions from time to time. People, at times, start follwoing to many tight regimes in order to achive a healthy life. It is very imporant to keep simple and achievable goals and to be happy about what steps you are taking. Creating a good balance between everything is essential.

Below is a list of 10 things that improve your life. If you feel there is something you follow and would like to tell the world please feel free to comment. Also, tell us how these changes have impacted your life.

1. Live a life of purpose

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of this life is? Want to live a long and healthy life? It is easy–give more meaning to your life! In a study conducted by Harvard in 2017, adults who have a deep sense of purpose in life had a longer and healthier life. Other studies have also proven that a high sense of purpose correlates to reduced risk of disability, stroke, sleep issues and other health problems. And always remember what John F. Kennedy said,” effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”.

2. Think positive

Many people do not realize what a massive impact positive thinking has on their lives. Psychologists have proven that one of the major factors of depression is negative thinking. Pessimistic thoughts make you feel uneasy and low. Positive thoughts are can help combat depression. Studies have proven that postmenopausal women who are optimistic live longer than those who are not. Positive thoughts will also help you recover from illness faster, increase your immunity and help cope with stress and hardship. To start cultivating positive thought you must stay in a good environment with positive and encouraging people. Start framing sentences in a more positive way to help your brain understand it better.

3. Exercise and meditate

Exercise and meditation are important aspects of a healthy life. Exercising is not only for fat, obese people to get fit but also, for fit people to stay fit. Exercising on a daily basis increases lifespan, lowers risk of diseases, increases bone density and decreases weight. Always remember, exercising does not mean going to a gym and forcing your self to do things you don’t like, it can be done through sports as well! Adding variations will be fun and keep you motivated.  Moreover, doing activities with your partner and family members will keep you going. Meditation, like exercising is very important but, involves less physical activity. It helps calm down your mind. It helps release the stress of the day and gives you inner peace. Meditating for even 10 minutes a day has positive effects on your life.

4. Be a picky eater

Be a picky eater like many kids are. But choose healthy vegetables and fruits! Fruits have many health benefits and offer many more benefits as compared to pills for the same vitamins and nutrients. If you consume many fruits in one go the do so with some fats like some dressing, butter or olive oil to reduce glycemic load. Vegetables, also, contain many vitamins and minerals. Consume a wide variety of vegetable for a large diversity of good gut bacteria to improve your immunity. Also, remember to add fibres as food for the good gut bacteria. To make food more interesting, pick different coloured ones, this also ensures different kinds of nutrients going in.

5. Drink plenty of water

70% of the human body is comprised of water. Knew that, didn’t you? The problem here is, most of us know this fact and also how important it is for us to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. But even then, most of us drink very little water and give excuses for not having time and just forgetting! Hopefully, this will remind you to drink water. Water is needed for the proper functioning of our body, removing wastes and carrying nutrients and oxygen. Also, water helps lose those extra pounds! Since we lose water daily through urine, precipitation, and breathing, it is important to replenish it. It is very easy to increase your intake by making sure that you have small sips of water every hour or so.

6. Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is very very important for your mind and body. People have a very hectic life, it has become very important for everyone to have at least 7-8 hours of non-negotiable sleep. Sleeping helps you get rid of fatigue and restore energy. It helps improve memory as while sleeping the brain strengthens memories and revises the skills practised throughout the day. In a study conducted in 2010, it was shown that women who slept more than 5 and less than 8 hours a day, lived a long life. If you exercise regularly, a good sleep is a must, without which the workout is of no use. Other than these sleep is also known to lower stress, improve attention, improve grades and spur creativity.

7. Reduce stress-learn to say no

There are many times when people do things they would not have done under normal circumstances. Reasons for this could be negative group influence, peer pressure or just an innocent attempt to look cool. More often then not, these activities stress us out and sometimes have even serious consequences like low self-esteem and depression. Don’t do something just because your friends or colleagues are doing something. Everyone has their own limits, and it is important to know yours to live a happy and healthy life. Also, lack of sleep causes premature ageing, I am sure you don’t want that!

8. Get some alone time

Everyone is so busy with their work and social life that the concept of “me time” is almost disappearing. The fear of missing out has increased so much that people want to do everything possible. Me time is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This will not only benefit you but also those around you. It will help you analyze your situation in a better way, take charge and lower your stress, making you more patient, energetic and optimistic. Look at your calendar every week and book a non-negotiable me time. It is pretty easy, switch off your smartphone, breathe, calm down and just sit quietly for a while.

9. Love yourself

How much do love yourself? Do you think about yourself first? Do you compliment yourself on something?  It is important to love yourself the way you are. Believe in your abilities and don’t think you can’t achieve anything. Learn to love your body fat or not fat, abs or no abs, stretch marks or no stretch marks. You are perfect for yourself. It is very difficult to inculcate this, and body image issues can be very difficult to get over. There are various online and offline courses that will help you with this. They will help you work on things, make you confident and change your thoughts for the better. Enjoy what life has to offer.

10. Start something new

You can start by volunteering or start a new hobby. They will make you feel happy and also teach you new things. Volunteering will make you feel like you are giving something back to your community, while a new hobby will help you learn a new skill and make you meet new people. Helping others is a great way to boost your happiness, and new hobbies give you a new perspective of looking at life. So get up and do something you like and learning something you like.


Probably the most important tip is to breathe…Take a deep breath and relax.

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