Top 10 Weird Facts About Dreams

Have you ever given a thought to the weird dreams you have? Well then, I have a news flash. Your brain is wired in a way so as to block the most damaging and the weirdest dreams of all. Isn’t it strange? But hold your horses as I have many more strange facts in store. Your pets are capable of dreaming as well. Dreams mostly convey negative emotions, and the common ones are anxiety, anger, sadness and fear. Sounds familiar? It may sound crazy that you can have as many as four to seven dreams in a single night. And that might occur within a couple of hours of your sleep! This reveals that we spend about 6 years of our life dreaming. Dreams discriminate between the male and the female. A man is more likely to see other men (they constitute 70 percent of the characters) in his dreams, whereas a woman dreams about an equal number of men and women. Now tighten your seat belts and get ready to know some more awesome and weird stuff about your dreamland!

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  1. Blind people can dream

There are people who are blind by birth and the people who become blind at a later stage in life. The former can’t see any images whatsoever in their dreams, however their senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion remain intact. They can feel movement too, which makes their dream all the more exciting and intense. But the people who have previously had the power of vision can see images in their dreams.

  1. Dreams can lead to sleepwalking

Sleepwalkers are characterized by an extreme form of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep disorder. It is both rare and dangerous. REM sleep is supposed to give us the maximum amount of rest. Sure a sleepwalker has his share of adventures at night apart from simply tripping down the stairs. He can drive a car sleepwalking or walk out of his window to death. He can also murder someone in his sleep. Not so fun now right?2013-12-27-shutterstock_168376433_Dreams_Cloud_Paralysis

  1. Dreams can awaken your creativity

Do you know that Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’ was conceived in a dream and he forgot most of its content? Even so, the lines he could still pen went on to become one of the greatest poems ever written in the entire length and breadth of English literature. Newton and Graham Bell have also been inspired in their dreams. Therefore, the brain’s activity during one’s sleep is not to be undermined.

  1. Sleep paralysis

The sufferer dreams of an evil presence in the room he is in. Therefore, he is paralyzed and unable to move even when he does wake up. He doesn’t realize it’s a dream, hence it’s a very serious condition. This can occur during one’s REM sleep, which is characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. On an average, an adult’s REM sleep is about 20 to 25 percent of his entire sleep (i.e. it ranges somewhat between 90 and 120 minutes). The nightmares heighten the activity of the amygdala present in our brain. It’s the part responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ response, the one that lets a mother push a car to rescue her baby stuck beneath it.nightmare

  1. Dreams can foretell

It sounds like an overstatement but there has been instances where people could actually foresee their future in their dreams. Shocking huh? It can’t be explained unless we label it as a ‘happy coincidence.’ Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, dreamt that he was going to be assassinated. Victims of 9/11 share their dreams which apparently had warned them of the Twin Tower disaster beforehand. The American author Mark Twain is said to have dreamt of his brother’s passing away. Dreams prophesying the catastrophe which hit the Titanic are also wildly popular. So deja vu is real after all!

  1. Dreams can lead you to some invention

As History stands evidence, dreams are believed to have caused some of the biggest inventions by mankind ever – the likes of which are: Google by Larry Page, alternating current generator by Tesla, DNA’s double helix spiral form by James Watson, the sewing machine by Elias Howe, the periodic table by Dimitri Mendeleyev, hair products by Madame C.J. Walker and so on and so forth.dreams-pouring-out-of-sleeping-head

  1. Color

You may have dreams in black and white or dreams abounding with colors. But chances are, if you are in the habit of watching a black and white television, your dreams will not be so colorful. Similarly, being exposed to color media media can have a hand in you having a colored dream.

  1. You can’t read or tell the time while you’re dreaming

It’s true and not so absurd as you may think. You can try it out the next time you happen to dream but I bet the hands of the clock will tell a completely different time. Or else, the hands of the clock will not be moving at all.dream

  1. You’ll only see those faces you know while dreaming

There are numerous people we meet, some we may even forget with time. But the people you see in your dreams are the ones you know in your real life – or have at least seen them in your life though you may not remember them usually! Strange!

  1. Sleeping beauty ‘syndrome’

The sickness allows a person to sleep for days on end. No matter how hard you try, you can’t wake them up. The cause is yet unknown and so is the cure. The sleeping beauty ‘syndrome’ goes away once a person attains the age of about 13 years.


We take our dreams for granted more often than not. But there are some people who practice what is called lucid dreaming. By virtue of this kind of conscious dreaming, a person can control his/her dreams. He can choose his actions, decide where to go and guide how the dream will turn out eventually. Isn’t it fascinating? Moreover, the person can fly, pass through walls, travel to different dimensions (even in time) – and this while dreaming all along! Dimethyltryptamine is an illegal but equally powerful drug which induces hallucinations. But how does this chemical actually work? Dimethyltryptamine is produced by the human brain when dreaming. It’s quite worthy to note that daydreaming occurs when the dreams you get at night are prolonged. It is a continuation of the dreams you have had when sleeping. Also, the level of testosterone in a man shoots up in a dream. Another bizarre phenomenon widely regarded is that if you are snoring, you can’t possibly be dreaming. However, no evidence to support it has been found. To ward off both nightmares and the spirits inhabiting them, dream catchers are extremely popular in America.

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