Top 10 Widespread Real Horror Incidents

Be it Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho or the story of Hannibal Lecter, we have seen some barbaric psychopaths in the movies. But, the real world is often more terrifying than the stories depicted in the movies. There have been incidents in real life, that are enough to take your night’s sleep away.

We have listed some of the horror incidents that will send a shiver down your spine. The list is based on some ghost apparitions that have been experienced by hundreds of people, and some shivering stories which caught the eyes of the news organizations and were reported.  So hang on, and read through the top 10 widespread real horror incidents.

10.The White Lady of Philippines

Lady wearing a white robe or a white cloth is the most common type of ghost that can be found anywhere in the world. But, this account of the Philippines civilians is considered a true story, because most of the people driving through that specific area at night have seen the apparition.


People who have seen the apparition report that at night, on the Balete Drive, a road in the Philippines, a woman can be seen with long black hair, completely dressed in White. Her face cannot be seen most of the times, but some unfortunate people who have seen her face say that her bloodied face can be seen if one’s car’s headlights are off. Locals say not to drive through the road at night, and even if someone does, their backseat should be full of passengers. Apparently, the apparition is said to board the backseat of a driver who dares to cross the Balete Drive at night. Scary, isn’t it?

9.The Death of Elisa Lam

The Death of Elisa Lam is shrouded in mystery, and the propositions of what may have happened to her scare us all. The death of Elisa Lam caught the police radar after 2 days of her disappearance. On January 31, 2013, a woman named Elisa Lam was seen walking randomly in the lobby of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. She was having a trip through West Coast while writing her blog, and she had contact with her mother until the call stopped on 31st January. Later, on February 19th, Police after extensive searching found her body in the Hotel Tank on the terrace. Her body was mutilated and nude.


In the same month, the Police released the raw footage of the elevator, where Elisa Lam is found talking with invisible someone, and behaving strangely. The police have still not solved the case.

Many locals presume that it was a demonic possession, the demon being the famous serial killer named Richard Ramirez who also died in the hotel.

After this incident at the Cecil Hotel, the people who have boarded the hotel has reported disruptions in the water system of the Hotel. The shower produced black water sometimes, sometimes even the tap water tasted awful.

8.Resurrection Mary

If you ever visit Illinois, beware of Archer Lane at night. Since the 1930’s, there has been this woman with a white dress and blonde hair, who has been seen hitchhiking while traveling northeast on Archer Lane. Often it has been seen that young men fight with each other for picking the woman up in their car. If someone picks the woman up in their car, she vanishes when the car comes near the Resurrection cemetery which is further northeast on the same Archer Lane.


Since the 30’s, this incident has been reported by hundreds of people. Even, in the 1970’s, a taxi driver has reported to the police, about a woman who vanished without giving him the fare.

7.The Flying Dutchman

Seen the movie Pirates of the Carribean? The movie features the Dutchman but, in a subtle context. The flying Dutchman is a true story and has been reported by many sailors since the 1700’s and is considered a bad omen. In Fact, the story is so believed around the world, that, whenever sailors spot the flying Dutchman they instantly cancel their voyage.


The story is that, in 1641, Captain van der Decken swore, that he would circle the Cape of Good Hope even if it would take him till doomsday. While circling the Cape of Good Hope, his ship vanished, and never made it to the shore. From then, the Flying Dutchman has been seen often coming towards the shore on stormy nights. The flying Dutchman was also seen by King George V of England in 1881. One of his sailors saw the boat, and King George caught a glimpse of it. Later that day, the sailor who actually saw the ship died. Over the last three centuries, the Flying Dutchman has been spotted by many and it has become a legacy.

6.The Exorcism in Indianapolis

In 2014, the local paper of Indianapolis named ‘Indianapolis star’ published a major report on the exorcism of three possessed children of Ammons family. As the report said, the children would sometimes climb the wall, speak in unnatural voices to the investigators. It seems to be coming out straight from the scripts of a movie. But, no, this is a true story, and police prepared an 800-page report on this case.


The chilling interviews with the children revealed the true sense of the demons residing inside them. The video footage caught one of the children crawling on the wall and speaking in demonic voices.

5.Utah Suicide-Murder

In the September of 2014, a Utah teen returned home just to realize that her parents and three of her siblings are dead. There was a to-do list besides their dead bodies, and it seemed like they were preparing to go somewhere for a vacation. The to-do list had instructions like “Feed the fishes”, “Find someone to watch over the house”. Firstly, it appeared like a murder-suicide to the police, but they couldn’t find out any motive, why the parents will kill themselves and three of their four children. For a year, Police couldn’t find anything, and then in the summer of 2014, after extensively interviewing the family members, they released a statement that the parents believed of an apocalypse. They thought that an apocalypse is near and everybody will eventually die. Further investigations proved that the mother had a connection with Dan Lafferty, who was a convicted murderer, and killed his sister in law upon a revelation from god. Even, the parents went to the prison to meet him. The police believe that the family killed themselves upon the order of God, or it may have been influenced by Dan Lafferty.


4.Abraham Lincoln

The President of the United States is often seen in the White House. History says that Abraham Lincoln saw his own death in a dream, where he was wandering into a funeral at the White House, and when he asked a man about who has died, the man replied, that the president has died, and has been killed by an assassin.


Up till today, Lincoln’s ghost has been spotted many times in the White House, by some of the most noted world leaders of all time. Even, Winston Churchill saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln near the fireplace, while he was bathing, and was nude. Lincoln’s ghost has also been seen by the First Lady Grace Coolidge.

3.Clifton Hall, Nottinghamshire

This Clifton Hall in Nottinghamshire is a 17 room apartment that has been tracked back to be built in the 11th century. The hall was in the hands of the Clifton family from the 13th century to 1958. After that, it was transformed into a school, and then another school, and another school. After this, it was transformed into a luxury residence, which also failed due to some reason. Recently, it was a private residence of a mister Anwar Rashid, who stayed there for 8 months, before fleeing the Clifton Hall. They have experienced phenomenon’s that are beyond natural. The first night they were in the Clifton hall, someone was knocking on their door, and asking “Is anyone there?”.


Later, the wife Nabila, saw her eldest daughter watching television in the hall room. When she called for her daughter she didn’t answer. Suspicious, she went to her room and saw that her daughter was fast asleep. Then, who was the girl downstairs watching TV? Experiencing these type of phenomena for 8 months, they fled the Clifton Hall. Though the account of Anwar Rashid is the most recent, these sightings and rumors go way back to 19th century.

Today, the Clifton Hall is laying around, and nobody has bought it. So, if you have a £2.75 million, you can easily buy this house.

2.The Watcher

A rather shivering incident indeed, the watcher is a very common story in the U.S and has been adopted in many movies. As newspapers reported, a couple moved into their new home which they bought for $1.3 Million and started receiving creepy threats from someone who referred to himself as the “Watcher”. Numerous letters were reported, all of it claiming, that the house has been in the possession of “the watchers” family for decades, and it’s now his turn to watch over the home. The watcher knew everything about the family’s day to day activities, and even the dress they were wearing.


The family had several children, and the watcher even was watching the children playing in the basements, and one of the letters said, that if the children knew what was on the walls. The tone of the letters was unsettling and terrifying.

The Broaddus family left the home after few months and filed a lawsuit against the previous owners.

1.Anna Boleyn

Anna Boleyn was the mother of Queen Elizabeth and the wife of King Henry the VIII. She had three years of Queen consort, after which Henry got tired of her and left her. She was accused of things like adultery, incest, and Witchcraft, and she was given the highest punishment, Execution. She was executed on 1536. Her head was held high as the executioner executed her.


Since then, her apparition has been spotted at many places all over London. She was spotted at Marwell Hall, Salle Church, Blickling Hall and most importantly the Tower of London and Hever Castle. Most often she is seen as a beautiful woman, but some of the unlucky souls have seen her carrying her head around in her arm. The apparition has been seen by thousands all over England and is one of the most famous ghost stories of all time. It is so famous in England, that even, on Halloween there is a special costume dedicated to her.

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  • Re: Elisa Lam. Her body was not mutilated when it was found. Also, Richard Ramirez didn’t die in the hotel, he died in prison on June 7th 2013, five months after Elisa Lam died.

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