Top 10 Winter Skincare Tips

“The days are getting colder, have a warm heart.” (And a healthy, moisturized skin).
I love winters, but the only drawback is that my skin tends to get really dry, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Dry skin is very common in winter weather because the humidity levels in the atmosphere drop. The air outside becomes cold and dry, which causes the water and moisture in our skin to evaporate more quickly which makes the skin tight and dry. The skin also begins to look flaky. At times, woolen clothes can also irritate and dry the skin in winters.
It is during winters that our skin needs utmost care and pampering. To make sure your skin doesn’t suffer this winter, we bring you simple and effective winter skincare tips. Follow these and you’ll surely have a happy and healthy winter skin!

10. Avoid Hot Water Baths

It’s a natural for us to bathe in hot water in winters. There’s nothing worse you can do to your body. Bathing with hot water opens up the pores of the body. This results in loss of moisture. The skin will dry out faster if you shower with hot water during winter season. While hot water showers help relax your muscles, they tend to dry out your skin. Warm water makes blood rush to your skin, while cool water makes blood rush to your organs, improving blood circulation. Also, take shorter showers. The ideal way to shower in winters is to alternate the temperature of the water between hot and cold to improve blood circulation and keep the skin healthy.


9. Keep Yourself Covered

When heading outside during winters, keep your face, body and hair properly covered and protected from the cold winter winds. If you mostly stay indoors, don’t rely on heaters, as they tend to dry the skin further; wear layers to say warm. Or you can also use humidifiers indoors to keep the air around you moist. Make sure you do not wear wool directly onto your skin. Wear cotton beneath any woolen layers. Next time you step out, don’t just bundle up; make sure every inch of your skin is properly covered.


8. Drink Water, Eat Healthy

We don’t really pay attention to drinking a sufficient amount of water during winters. We don’t feel thirsty often. Thirsty or not, it is essential to drink adequate amount of water during winters and keep yourself properly hydrated. Your skin won’t be healthy if your body is dehydrated from the inside. If the body is healthy, the glow will be visible on your skin. On an average, you should consume about 9-13 cups of water in a day. Consume foods that contain water in them. Stock up on apples, bananas, oranges and carrots.


7. Use Sunscreen

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A lot of us ease out on wearing sunscreens during winters. But you know what? You absolutely need the sun protection during winters. Despite what the thermometer says, the sun’s rays are just as strong and damaging. The UVA rays of the sun are extremely harmful and can result in wrinkles and risk of skin cancer. Hold your sunscreen dear every winter and make sure you wear a generous amount of it on all the exposed parts of the skin before you step out of your house. Winter skin is more sensitive to the sun rays and requires extra care.


6. Exfoliate!

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It is important to include exfoliation in your winter skincare routine. Exfoliation helps replenish the skin and improve the effectiveness of moisturizers. Our skin cells tend to dehydrate and die out faster during winters. It is essential to remove the dead cells to make way for new and healthy cells. Exfoliation also helps clean up the skin, to maximize the impact of the moisturizers that one needs. Make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week to achieve positive results. Exfoliation basically includes scrubbing, to remove dead skin cells. Use scrubs with natural ingredients like fruit seeds, nut shells, salt or sugar to get the best results.

5. Hot Oil Hair Massage

Hot oil massages – something that our mothers and grandmothers swear by! Heat some coconut oil and apply it gently on your scalp. Massage it in and cover the hair with a hot towel. The steam from the towel will help the oil soak into the scalp and provide necessary moisture to it. Let the oil stay overnight, rinse off the oil next morning. To keep hair healthy and shiny during winters, wash them less often and avoid using excessively hot water on your scalp as it will only dry and damage it further.


4. Take Care of Your Hands and Feet!

Our hands and feet are the most exposed parts of our skin. Keep hands and feet properly covered. Avoid washing them often and keep them properly moisturized. When you wash your feet, apply a good, replenishing foot cream and wear socks to lock in the moisture and make your feet soft and supple. Invest in a good hand cream for your hands and apply it generously. Keep it handy and reapply it after regular intervals whenever you feel your hands are getting dry. When you step out, wear gloves and socks to keep your hands and feet covered.


3. Body Massage

Massage your body right after a shower with a good oil/body lotion. I invest my faith in coconut oil and it has never let me down. Once you’re done with your shower, apply body oil generously to your body and pat dry with a towel. Do not wipe harshly as it may irritate the skin and cause rashes (If you’ve got sensitive skin). Body oils soothe and tighten the skin and even reduce stretch marks. Your skin will feel silky smooth and moisturized the entire day when you massage body oil right after a shower.

2. Your Lips need Love (and moisture)

Chapped and dry lips is one of the commonest problems during winters. When brushing your teeth, rub your tooth brush on your lips as well. This will help exfoliate the lips and make them smoother. Avoid biting your lips and apply petroleum jelly at regular intervals. Another home remedy that works like magic is ghee. Ghee helps keep your lips soft and pink. If you tend to apply lipsticks often, make sure you remove them before going to bed and apply lip balms that contain natural ingredients or petroleum jelly.


1. Moisturize!

Winter skin care is all about moisturizing the skin properly. All you need to keep your skin happy during winters is a good amount of moisturizing to replenish all the moisture that it tends to lose and ease the dryness and irritation. Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps seal the dampness into the skin. Use a moisturizer liberally after you shower. Choose the ideal moisturizer according to your skin type and always test if it suits your skin before investing in it.

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