Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies 2014

*Sneeze* *sniff* *Sneeze* Do we not despise times like these? The times when we are ill, or unwell or simply not well enough, but do you realize who plays the blessing in disguise in those times of distress? Oh yes! You must be a genius to guess that (Just fooling you), it is the pharmaceutical companies that provide to you drugs that bring you in best of health more often than not. Most good things come at a price, so do these medicines (sometimes a hefty price too), but as far as it’s a blessing like this- who minds? Not me at least, and neither you. So here is a list of ten pharmaceuticals you can trust your life with (quite literally) for vaccinations, medicines, drugs and nutritional supplements too. They’ve built the trust they deserve and they are ever growing into the biggest powerhouses of not just drugs and lifesaving mechanism but also as a model of business. So to the companies you’ve resorted to one time or the other, and god forbid the illness, but to those you can trust in case sickness strikes.

10. Abbott Laboratories:

Revenue: US$ 21.8 Billions


You know what Abbot means? It’s the man who heads an abbey of monks or priests. The name says it all. The laboratories were first based out of the United States and were established in 1888 and ever since their goal has been to care and to traverse the distance between science and care too. With approximately 90,000 employees working determinedly out of over 130 countries, this American Global health care products and Pharmaceuticals Company is an ever growing enterprise of not just business but trust and life. Their claim to fame was their development of the first blood screening test for HIV in 1985. With that, and a steep growth onwards, there is no looking back for them. Neither for you while buying their drugs, Yeah?

9. Eli Lilly

Revenue: US$ 23.1 Billions


As much as the name sounds like that of a fashion company, it’s not. Pharmaceuticals are fashionable? I hope not but with the lifestyle scenario we are leading towards, who knows? Another American Global Pharmaceutical company first based out of Puerto Rico and having expanded to over seventeen countries since 1876 they supply drugs to over 125 countries (That is huge). They provide for medication that is life changing and they are bulk producers of polio vaccines, insulin and penicillin. Also, they are the largest company you’d know for manufacture and supply of psychiatric medication. Some Psychic connection to the sufferers?

8.Astra Zeneca

Revenue: US$ 25.7 Billions


Astra Zeneca is a pharmaceutical company rooting from a British-Swedish origin. The headquarters are well settled in London, United Kingdom. Astra Zeneca has established its market with the trustworthy drugs they have been manufacturing and they aim at improving the general health of mankind. Noble motive it is. They’ve been constantly evolving their skill and presenting to the consumer innovative medicines for the most serious and most frequently observed diseases in the world including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory diseases as well as infection and inflammation. They’re sure to have healed you sometime. Remember?

7. Merck and Co

Revenue: US$ 44.0 Billions


An American Pharmaceutical Company that develops treatments and researched of new and innovative therapies to aid the prevention of diseases and thereby improve the health of individuals across the world. They have had humanitarian goals and have often been known for their assistance program for those who cannot afford their medication. So here’s what you need to be the seventh largest pharmaceutical company in the world (besides market capitalization and revenue), it is a heart , one that cares.


Revenue: US$ 44.6 Billions


A multinational Pharmaceutical company you’ve seen resting 4th on the list of pharmaceutical companies when sorted by prescription sales, Sanofi has its headquarter in Paris, France. It is dedicated to development and research and though the expertise is in prescription sales they also manufacture over the counter drugs for mostly diabetes, oncology, thrombosis and vaccine, central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine. Some variety, eh?

5. Glaxo Smith Kline

Revenue: US$ 45.4 Billions


This British Multinational Healthcare company is one I’m sure you’ve used products of or heard of or at least seen retail counters of at drugstores and airports. They’re a consumer centric biologics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals health care company. It is fourth largest in the world and that is steep growth considering it was established in the year 2000. Major products include medication for hepatitis, diphtheria, heart and circulatory diseases, skin problems, asthma, cancer and depression. While they also manufacture nutritional and dental products they believe in delivering quality to their consumer. They make you feel better, and live longer


Revenue: US$ 51.6 Billions


I am sure you are pretty surprised at the position of this American Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, but believe you me that they’ve deserved all the credit they’ve received. In terms of revenue and customer satisfaction they’ve outranked their competitors by a huge margin. Founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer (You know where the name came from?) and Charles Erhalt (First name brothers?), it started its journey as a manufacturer of fine chemicals. How it became a Pharmaceutical company is another story altogether but discovering Terramycin explains it. They’ve got something to offer in oncology, another for inflammation, another for immunology, metabolic, cardiovascular diseases and so on and so forth. They’ve been around and made a difference in terms of preventing and treating diseases. Don’t believe me? Believe the experts who say that they’ve made it possible to challenge diseases like Alzheimer. You still are surprised? I am not.

3. Roche

Revenue: US$ 52.1 Billions


Firstly started as a company responsible for manufacturing numerous vitamins in libraries, they became the first company to manufacture synthetic Vitamin C in 1934. This company is based out of Basel, Switzerland and was founded in 1896, initially under the brand name Redoxon. They believe in providing for people a better life, and thereby their medicines and drugs are of premium quality. They are all evolving in nature towards their approach to discovery of new treatments and the company is well known to have run its business perhaps most ethically among others. It leads the production and synthesis of cancer drugs while other areas of expertise include viral infections, inflammatory and metabolic disorder and also central nervous system disorders. So they tell you that working ethically can still help you achieve success.

2. Novartis

Revenue: US$ 57.9 Billions


Based out of Switzerland, Novartis AG is a multinational pharmaceutical company that was ranked second on parameters of sales with US$ 57.906 billion to its credit (who said life comes cheap? Where do these companies get their money from then?) You’d be surprised to know that it was formed as recent as 1996 as a merged adventure of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Working in over 140 countries, they’ve been devoted to discover and develop drugs that heal faster and better. They’ve outranked most companies in terms of preventive drugs but what they best handle manufacturing include veterinary medicines, consumer health products, vaccines and eye care products (I vouch by them, I repeat! I swear by them.) So you know where those eye infections go? As money to Novartis.

1. Johnson & Johnson

Revenue: US$ 71.3 Billions



Alright, I might be wrong but I’d believe I’m not when I say that just about everyone on earth has used their products at one time or another. Contact lenses? Drugs? Earbuds? Nothing? Alright then maybe return to childhood and get the baby powder back- atleast you’ve used some of their baby products then. This US based multinational company is perhaps the largest and more  in terms of fame and reputation (Even if that was the only parameter). For those who don’t still know, established in 1886 , this company is where your Neutrogena, clean and clear and Band aid comes from. But there is much beyond just those, they’ve got a dedicated unit for medicines in the fields of orthopaedics, diabetic care, vision care, cardiovascular care, aestheric, infection, diagnostics to name a few. Some major drugs you might buy under their label are dacogen, Risperdal, Bapineuzumab and Topamax. So you know you can be brand conscious while buying medicines too now?

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